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Experts in Mexico unearth Ancient Maya statue depicting an ‘Alien’ figure!

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Experts have unearthed a mysterious statue belonging to the ancient Maya civilization. The curious artifact depicts ‘an alien humanoid’ holding a human head.The statue consists of a snake that seems to surround the figure of a small ‘ALIEN humanoid’ seen in a profile view holding a human head. Notice the strange head and oval-shaped eyes.Source: http://www.ancient-code.com/experts-i...Follow us on:Facebook: http://tinyurl.com/VarbageTwitter: https://twitter.com/varbage~Subscribe!~


Mayan Maya ancient mystery mysterious strange alien extraterrestrial ET reptilian grey alien statue museum of Xiutetelco Puebla Mexico Rafael Julián Montiel Maxtaloyan community obsidian turquoise jade shell Cantona Los Humeros Chignautla artist authority professional ace adept artiste buff connoisseur doyen graduate guru phenomenon pro shark virtuoso whiz wizard hot shot old hand old pro proficient amateur ignoramus rookie apprentice novice brain trust advisors advisory board authorities cabinet council experts high-level advisers inner circle mexico Mutual Mexico ascertain bring to light determine discover dredge up excavate exhibit exhume expose find find out reveal uncover delve disinter ferret hear learn root see show spark spotlight strike uproot catch on hit upon see the light stumble on turn up unbury conceal cover hide lose miss pass by suppress ignore overlook bury came across bump into chance upon happen upon light upon meet notice stumble upon unearth come across comes 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