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acute intense severe utmost high maximum sovereign top ultimate uttermost consummate highest maximal supreme calm dull mild moderate inferior least low lowest unimportant close limited near unusual excessive harsh remarkable egregious exaggerated radical irrational exceptional unreasonable outrageous extraordinary dire utter drastic sheer absolute gross desperate stern downright extravagant fabulous fanatical flagrant immoderate improper imprudent inordinate intemperate nonsensical out-and-out preposterous rabid rigid strict thorough unbending uncommon uncompromising unconventional unseemly zealous overkill out of proportion good ordinary nice easy reasonable regular normal familiar common uncertain sensible logical pleasing usual terminal last final farthest outermost far-off furthermost outmost most distant remotest first starting opening beginning introductory initial depth height excess zenith consummation climax crown pole culmination end nadir apex boundary crest apogee ceiling peak pinnacle acme extremity edge termination bitter end inordinancy nth degree base start bottom minimum interior inside commencement abysmal bottomless boundless complete deep endless extreme illimitable incalculable infinite profound unending unfathomable vast advanced avant-garde breakthrough cutting-edge excellent foremost forward higher late leading leading-edge liberal precocious progressive state-of-the-art behind after agonizing disturbing excruciating fierce harrowing racking struggling tearing tormenting tortuous torturing vehement violent pleasant almighty awful enormous great loud terrible weak lowly lay powerless insignificant deathly deadly lethal mortal mortiferous noxious pestilent pestilential strengthening life-giving benign blossoming blooming healthy healthful harmless lively animated alto baritone bass booming contralto dark full-toned grave hard low-pitched low-toned resonant rich sonorous strong vivid quiet light open shallow happy soft poor pale flighty artless aboveboard unintelligent trivial superficial frivolous cheerful stupid ignorant cwtch Extreme they she zie sie him her them ver xem hir zir anyone one you You cwtch admired cherished honored loved prized respected beloved favorite adored best-loved choice darling dear dearest desired especial esteemed favored intimate liked main number one personal pet pleasant popular precious revered sweetheart treasured wished-for loathed public disliked hated unpopular more preferred adopted approved culled decided upon elected endorsed fancied handpicked named picked sanctioned selected set apart settled upon singled out taken well-liked undesirable rejected ill-favored most popular accepted attractive caught on celebrated crowd-pleasing faddish famous fashionable in demand in favor in the mainstream in vogue leading likable lovable noted notorious now okay pleasing praised preferred prevailing prominent promoted right stuff run-after selling social societal sought sought-after stylish suitable the rage thing trendy well-received uncommon different obscure unfashionable unusual unknown inconspicuous old-fashioned most preferred cwtch ante up sign up advocate buy consent donate endorse enroll give grant ink offer pledge promise register second set sign support chip in come through do one's part make a deal pitch in put up signature break deny disapprove discourage keep neglect oppose protest refuse reject renege take withhold disagree underwrite sanction assent back accede acquiesce favor boost okay obey countenance autograph ditto bless undersign approve yes cosign get behind go along with hold with put John Hancock on rubber-stamp hurt hinder condemn disallow veto prevent object dissent accept admit allow be game for cave in comply concede concur cooperate cry uncle enter into fold give the go-ahead give the green light let permit play ball roll over and play dead subscribe throw in the towel yield hold decline repel denounce demur resist forbid obstruct impede repudiate dispute accommodate adapt adjust agree bow to come across come around conform cut a deal give in give out go along jibe pass reconcile say uncle shake on submit unfit differ disorder disarrange dissuade acquiesced acceded accepted accommodated adapted adjusted agreed allowed approved bought bowed to came across came around caved in complied concurred conformed consented cried uncle dittoed gave in gave out jibed okayed passed played ball reconciled said uncle shook on submitted subscribed went along yed yielded unsuited unfitted declined disagreed opposed differed objected disordered prevented hindered disarranged disallowed disputed protested dissented disapproved vetoed dissuaded resisted rejected denied refused acquiescing acceding accepting accommodating adapting adjusting agreeing allowing approving bowing to buying caving in coming across coming around complying concurring conforming consenting crying uncle cutting a deal dittoing giving in giving out going along jibing okaying passing playing ball reconciling saying uncle setting shaking on submitting subscribing yeing yielding unsuiting unfitting declining disagreeing opposing differing objecting disordering preventing hindering disarranging disallowing disputing protesting dissenting disapproving vetoing dissuading resisting rejecting denying refusing acknowledge be of the same mind bury the hatchet buy into check clinch the deal come to terms engage give blessing give carte blanche give green light pass on recognize see eye to eye settle side with take one up on contend contradict acknowledged admitted bought into buried the hatchet came to terms checked clinched the deal conceded engaged gave blessing gave carte blanche gave green light gave the go-ahead granted made a deal passed on permitted recognized saw eye to eye settled signed took one up on was of the same mind went along with contended contradicted repudiated Subscribe cwtch
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