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Eyebrow inspiration: low-key Lanthimos directs Kidman

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(22 May 2017) Eyebrow inspiration: low-key Lanthimos directs KidmanYou can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/you... Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork


AP Archive 4097548 2a0a577725ab3a6f1e78116a9851b1d9 France Killing Presser (CR) France Western Europe Yorgos Lanthimos Nicole Kidman countenance face front mien temple top frons back rear brow fiber fur grass haircut hairstyle mane sideburn strand wig wool beard bristle cilium coiffure cowlick cut down eyelash feeler filament fluff fringe lock mop moustache quill ruff shock thatch tress tuft vibrissa villus whiskers frizzies split ends hair eyebrow Eyebrows No eyebrows Eyebrowing eyebrows inspirational Inspiration Inspiraling Inspirement inspired Inspirate inspiration below depressed flat little small bottom crouched deep inferior junior level lowering minor prostrate shallow squat stunted subsided sunken beneath bottommost decumbent ground-level lesser low-hanging low-lying low-set nether not high profound rock-bottom squatty subjacent under unelevated big enormous huge immense important large raised above cheerful decent elevated gay happy healthy high honest honorable increased moral prominent respectable rich strong tall upright well cheap deficient inadequate insignificant meager moderate modest nominal paltry poor reasonable sparse cut depleted scant shoddy slashed trifling cut-rate economical inexpensive low-grade marked down puny second-rate substandard uncostly worthless adequate enough excellent excessive expensive full great liberal outrageous significant substantial sufficient superior unlimited unreasonable valuable wealthy worthy rough base blue common degraded depraved gross mean menial offensive raw scurvy abject coarse contemptible crass crumby dastardly despicable disgraceful dishonorable disreputable ignoble ill-bred inelegant miserable nasty obscene off-color rude scrubby scruffy servile sordid unbecoming uncouth undignified unrefined unworthy vile woebegone woeful wretched clean good kind nice noble polite sophisticated humble obscure plain plebeian simple baseborn lowborn lowly meek unpretentious unwashed complex complicated decorated difficult embellished intricate ornate unclear bad down dejected disheartened downcast dragged low-down moody crestfallen despondent down and out downhearted down in the dumps down in the mouth fed up forlorn gloomy glum in the pits morose sad singing the blues spiritless unhappy joyous reduced weak ailing debilitated dizzy dying exhausted faint frail ill indisposed sick sinking feeble poorly sickly stricken unwell clear invigorated restored quiet soft gentle hushed muffled muted subdued whispered loud Philistine barbarian barbaric bawdy boorish brutish churlish crude dirty earthy filthy foul foul-mouthed gruff immodest impolite improper impure incult indelicate loutish low lowbred raffish raunchy ribald roughneck scatological smutty tacky tasteless uncivil uncivilized uncultivated uncultured unpolished vulgar vulgarian chaste cultured pleasing polished refined deplorable fawning groveling hangdog humiliated outcast pitiable submissive commendable exalted magnificent proud anemic ashen bloodless etiolated languid lifeless listless livid lusterless pale pallid wan flushed apologetic conscience-stricken contrite disconsolate guilty regretful remorseful upset heartened satisfied badder undecayed true just right profitable benevolent beneficial advantageous virtuous reputable beastly abominable animal barbarous bestial brutal brute carnal cruel disgusting feral ferine gluttonous inhuman irrational loathsome monstrous piggish prurient repulsive sadistic swinish unclean inoffensive basic crucial decisive fundamental indispensable leading main major pivotal primary principal vital chief material additional auxiliary extra inessential insignificant lesser minor nonessential secondary subordinate trivial unimportant unnecessary latchkey opener passkey screw skeleton lock question blueprint clue code core guide indicator means passport password sign ticket brand cipher crux cue earmark explanation fulcrum hinge index interpretation lead lever marker nexus nucleus pivot pointer root symptom translation exterior exteriority outside access admittance approach avenue connection contact course door entrance entree entry entrée ingress introduction key open arms open door passage path road route way conclusion egress outlet answer Band-Aid acknowledgment antiphon back talk backcap close comeback comment cooler counterclaim crack defense disclosure echo elucidation feedback guff justification lip observation parting shot pay dirt plea quick fix rebuttal refutation rejoinder remark repartee report resolution response result retort return rhetorical question riposte solution statement thank-you note the ticket topper vindication wisecrack problem quiet request silence trouble answers Band-aids acknowledgments antiphons back talks backcaps closes comebacks comments coolers counterclaims cracks defenses disclosures echoes elucidations explanations feedbacks guffs interpretations justifications keys lips observations parting shots pay dirts pleas quick fixes rebuttals refutations rejoinders remarks repartees reports resolutions responses results retorts returns rhetorical questions ripostes signs solutions statements thank-you notes the tickets toppers wisecracks troubles problems questions requests silences base authority backbone basis chief constituent essence essential evidence foundation groundwork heart important part infrastructure origin primary element principle source underpinning surface trivia annex branch top basal capital central elemental inherent intrinsic necessary primitive radical substratal underlying peripheral axial cardinal center centric centroidal dominant equidistant focal foremost important inmost inner interior intermediate master mean median mid middle middlemost midmost midway nuclear omphalic outstanding overriding paramount predominant prime ruling salient significant umbilical unsubstantial extreme inferior outer advise conduct control guide handle keep lead operate run supervise administer boss dispose dominate govern influence ordain quarterback regulate rule shepherd superintend be in the driver's seat call the shots carry on control the affairs of have the say head up preside over run the show run things take the reins abandon give up leave let go neglect obey serve follow mismanage submit surrender yield diverge misdirect misguide mislead deliver tell warn inform instruct command address order read bid enjoin charge dictate lecture give directions give orders head set intend target show focus cast aim turn see train steer present mean incline beam level route point slant indicate escort lay sight fix pilot move in point the way sight on zero in take overlook ignore mark mail label inscribe designate superscribe try devote give apply throw bend settle endeavor strive buckle down forget unsettle Directional Direct Directions directions direct kidman Nicole Kidman The Nicole Kidman annals chronicles clippings documents excerpts extracts files papers registers roll scrolls writings annal(s) account archive chronicle journal memorial record register catalog\u002Fcatalogue brief bulletin calendar cartulary charts classification compendium directory docket draft enumeration gazette gazetteer hit list index inventory list prospectus roster schedule slate specification syllabus synopsis table catalogs archives briefs bulletins calendars cartularies classifications compendiums directories dockets drafts enumerations gazetteers gazettes hit lists indexes inventories lists prospectuses records rolls rosters schedules slates specifications syllabuses synopses tables catalogue catalog magazine catalogues depository arsenal bank bunker cache collection depot gallery museum repertory repository safe safe-deposit box store storehouse tomb vault warehouse The Archive Archived The Archives Archives. Archive Frances assassination bloodshed carnage homicide manslaughter massacre slaughter slaying execution extermination offing bump off bumping off capital punishment birth annihilation bloodbath bloodletting butchery fighting gore killing murder onslaught peace foul play hit rubout decimation slaughterhouse blitz blood blood and guts blood bath butchering crime havoc hecatomb holocaust liquidation mass murder rapine search and destroy shambles taking out warfare wasting conquest acquisition annexation appropriation big win clean sweep conquering coup defeating discomfiture grand slam invasion occupation overthrow rout routing score splash subdual subjection subjugation success takeover triumph vanquishment win surrender failure forfeit loss yielding deadliest baleful baneful bloodthirsty bloody cannibalistic carcinogenic cruel dangerous death-dealing deathly deleterious destroying destructive fatal grim harmful homicidal injurious internecine lethal malignant mortal mortiferous murderous noxious pernicious pestiferous pestilent pestilential poisonous ruthless savage suicidal toxic unrelenting venomous violent virulent life-giving nonpoisonous gentle nice benign calm lively invigorating healthful energizing animating harmless wholesome healthy helpful kind abound annoy assail beset crowd defile fill infect invade overspread overwhelm pester plague swarm teem worry flock harass harry pack penetrate pollute infest presser The Presser Presser Dick Pressers Pencil Presser bed presser Presser Pit CRS CR++ westerly westward facing west westbound westernly westernmost easterly eastern cowboy picture cowboy movie horse opera oater shoot-'em-up spaghetti western western western movie cowboy story western story Western Western A Westernize westerners Europe Yorgo Yorgos gaming Nicole Kidman Nicole
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