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[F4A] Possessive Yandere Mermaid Kidnaps And Saves You [Yandere][Kidnapping][Mermaid][Monster Girl][Possessive][L-Bombs][Ambiguously Willing Listener]

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selfish craving grasping acquisitive avaricious controlling desirous dominating grabby hoggish jealous anxious apprehensive attentive begrudging covetous demanding doubting emulous envious envying green-eyed grudging guarded intolerant invidious jaundiced mistrustful monopolizing possessive possessory protective questioning resentful rival skeptical solicitous suspicious vigilant watchful zealous calm content undoubting unworried confident satisfied trusting materialistic banausic carnal earthly-minded earthy greedy material mundane object-oriented profane secular sensual temporal terrestrial unspiritual abstemious mental spiritual thrifty careful conservational conservative covering custodial defensive emergency guardian preservative protecting safeguarding sheltering shielding warm careless inattentive negligent attacking harmful hurtful injurious threatening tenacious adamant bound clinging coherent cohesive determined dogged fast firm forceful inflexible intransigent iron meaning business mulish obdurate obstinate persevering persistent persisting pertinacious purposeful relentless resolute retentive set solid spunky stalwart staunch steadfast stout strong-willed stubborn sturdy sure tight tough true unforgetful unshakable unswerving afraid irresolute kind unreliable weak yielding loose slack surrendering unattached gnome goblin imp leprechaun bogie brownie elf enchanter fay genie gremlin hob nymph pixie puck siren spirit sprite sylph nisse fairy dryad goddess naiad nymphet delilah enchantress jezebel lorelei seductress sorceress temptress kelpie limniad Nereid nix Oceanid ocean nymph river nymph sea nymph water elf water sprite water nymph mermaid capture hijack seize snatch steal coax decoy entice grab impress inveigh lure pirate remove seduce shanghai skyjack waylay body snatch bundle off carry away carry off lay hands on make off with run away with spirit away free give let go liberate release allow abduct dognap kidnap put the snatch on sneeze give up carjack commandeer take hostage hijacked carjacked commandeered kidnapped shanghaied skyjacked stole took hostage ambush annex apprehend appropriate arrest arrogate bag bust catch claw clutch confiscate conquer exact force gain get grasp hook impound incorporate lift nab nail occupy overcome overpower overrun overwhelm pounce secure snag snare subdue take take by storm take captive take over take possession of throttle trap usurp wrench lose offer surrender yield drop forfeit give in clap hands on collar get fingers on grapple grip jerk jump pluck pull rescue win wrest yank push misunderstand receive blackmail burglarize cheat cozen defraud despoil divert embezzle heist hold for ransom hold up housebreak keep loot misappropriate peculate pilfer pillage pinch plagiarize plunder poach purloin ransack rifle rip off run off with sack shoplift snitch stick up strip swindle swipe thieve walk off with withdraw maintain stay protect along with also as a consequence as well as furthermore including moreover together with additionally and plus again along as well besides conjointly further in conjunction with in like manner likewise more more than that on top of over and above still to boot too withal added aggrandized amassed another augmented bounteous deeper else enhanced exceeding expanded extended extra farther fresh heavier higher in addition increased innumerable larger major massed new numerous other spare supplementary too many wider fewer less deliver free recover salvage defend emancipate extricate liberate ransom redeem spring unchain bail out come to rescue get off the hook get out of hock give a break pull out of fire save one's neck set free unshackle confine hold limit lose restrain abandon endanger harm hurt leave open make vulnerable squander throw away waste collect conserve keep maintain manage spare store amass cache deposit gather hoard reserve retrench scrimp skimp squirrel stash stockpile treasure be frugal be thrifty cut corners feather nest hide away lay aside lay away make ends meet pile up pinch pennies put by roll back salt away save for rainy day sock away stow away tighten belt disperse give ignore neglect use distribute divide let go scatter spend preserve shield sustain take care of safeguard screen keep safe keep up look after destroy lay open bank heap hill invest mass mound pile save speculate disburse straighten banked amassed deposited heaped hilled hoarded invested massed mounded piled saved socked away speculated squirreled stashed spent straightened disbursed besides aside from bar barring beside but except excepting excluding exclusive of in addition to other than outside of without accumulate bury conceal cover ditch duck ensconce park plant put away put in the hole secrete squirrel away stash away forget lay bare open reveal tell uncover aggregate array assemble cluster compile congregate congress convene converge convoke corral flock flock together get hold of group muster rally rendezvous round up scare up separate dissemble spread compensate dispense disseminate meed share convert actuate alter conviction assimilate to baptize be born again bend bias brainwash bring around budge cause to adopt change into change of heart convince create anew impel incline lead lead to believe make over move persuade proselyte proselytize reform regenerate see the light sway turn dissuade repress suppress endure persist remain they she zie sie him her them ver xem hir zir anyone one you a person all any of any person anybody anybody at all each and every one everybody everyone masses public whole world active amenable eager enthusiastic happy inclined pleased prepared prone responsible accommodating consenting content deliberate disposed fair feeling forward game predisposed prompt voluntary cheerful compliant desirous energetic favorable go along with in accord with in favor in the mood intentional like-minded obedient reliable tractable unasked unbidden unforced well-disposed willful witting zealous apathetic disinterested indifferent irresponsible unenthusiastic disinclined unprepared unready unwilling disagreeable agreeable acquiescent approving complying concurring congenial grateful in accord responsive sympathetic willing unfriendly unsympathetic discordant distasteful harsh hateful incompatible incongruous mean nasty offensive repugnant unpleasant unsuitable docile easy flexible manageable meek submissive yielding inflexible obstinate stubborn unyielding recalcitrant conciliatory appeasing assuaging calm civil disarming irenic mollifying pacific peaceable placating placatory propitiative quiet antagonistic fighting refusing appeased at ease can't complain comfortable complacent contented fat dumb and happy fulfilled gratified pleased as punch satisfied smug tickled pink discontented unhappy unsatisfied upset not happy depressed discontent dissatisfied needy wanting acquisitive ambitious amorous anxious avid covetous craving desiring grasping greedy hot itchy keen longing lustful passionate prehensile ready stimulated turned on wishful wishing yearning reluctant unambitious unhopeful apt at drop of hat biased fain game for given liable likely minded of a mind to partial subject tending toward indisposed unlikely
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