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FBI acting director McCabe is Duke graduate

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FBI acting director McCabe is Duke graduate


FBI adjutant alternate assistant delegated deputy interim surrogate temporary ad interim pro tem pro tempore provisional permanent seeming enactment depiction imitation portrayal impersonation dramatics assuming rendition mimicry theatre improvisation pretending performance imitating pretense histrionics mime portraying characterization posing enacting stooging stagecraft pantomime putting posturing theatricals feigning hamming playing play acting showing off acting brief short-lived drama dramaturgy stage theater achievement execution personation personification representation stop disallowance block neglect failure veto hindrance pose role caretaker improvised intervening makeshift stopgap thrown-together finished continual melodramatics theatrical Acting ACT Act administrator chief executive head leader organizer player principal producer supervisor boss chair controller exec governor kingpin overseer skipper big person executive officer head honcho helmer key player person upstairs top dog top person employee follower worker administrant chairperson director manager officer CEO president ambassador authority bureaucrat captain commander consul custodian dean front office head person inspector judge mayor minister official premier prez superintendent adviser\u002Fadvisor Dutch uncle aide attorney backseat driver buttinski clubhouse lawyer coach confidant consultant counsel counselor doctor expert friend guide helper instructor kibitzer lawyer mentor monitor partner priest quarterback referee righthand person second-guesser teacher tutor advisers Dutch uncles aides attorneys authorities backseat drivers buttinskuses clubhouse lawyers coaches confidants consultants counselors counsels directors doctors experts friends guides helpers instructors judges kibitzers lawyers mentors monitors partners priests quarterbacks referees righthand persons second-guessers teachers tutors advisor adviser righthand man tipster tout foe enemy student pupil advisors directored Director directoritis McCabe McCabed / McCabe McCabed Paddy McCabe Erin McCabe aristocrat archduchess archduke count countess duchess emperor empress gentleman gentlewoman lady lord patrician peer prince princess royalty blue blood silk stocking noble king monarch czar majesty queen mogul kaiser baron royal sovereign potentate dame tycoon baroness overlord magnate sultan shah sultana rani mikado rex caliph khan caesar dynast rajah czarina maharani maharajah pasha oligarch contessa crowned head gerent imperator subject commoner ruler commander liege captain nobleman superior bishop leader dad don governor nobility old man seigneur parliamentarian viscount earl marquis commandant man upstairs servant inferior follower valet knight magnifico grandee baronet slug hit mix buffet scrap sock slap strike cuff clout wallop spar whack exchange blows unbox lose fail box duke boxes buffets clouts cuffs dukes hits mixes scraps slaps slugs socks spars strikes wallops whacks unboxes loses fails noblemen archdukes aristocrats baronets barons counts earls emperors gentlemen grandees knights lords magnificos marquises nobles patricians peers princes valets viscounts commoners Duke alum alumnus doctor grad recipient Ph.D. baccalaureate bachelor collegian diplomate holder licentiate master product former student undergraduate earn finish get out win certify be commissioned confer degree get a degree give sheepskin grant diploma take a degree rank sort group proportion class range measure regulate order arrange calibrate mark off measure out mix up scatter disperse disorganize disorder expert ace adept artist artiste authority buff connoisseur doyen graduate guru hot shot old hand old pro phenomenon pro professional proficient shark virtuoso whiz wizard novice apprentice rookie amateur ignoramus experts aces adepts artistes artists authorities buffs connoisseurs doyens graduates gurus hot shots old hands old pros phenomena professionals proficients pros sharks virtuosos whizes wizards novices apprentices rookies amateurs ignoramuses gradational bit-by-bit by degrees continuous creeping even gentle moderate piecemeal progressive regular slow steady step-by-step successive unhurried gradual abrupt irregular uneven sudden infrequent intermittent discontinuous adapt adjust align appraise assess average beat blend bound caliper check check out choose compute delimit demarcate determine dope out estimate evaluate eye figure fit gauge gradate grade level limit line look over mark mark out mete pace off peg plumb portion quantify rate read reckon rhyme rule scale shade size size up sound square stroke survey tailor take account time value weigh separate divide neglect ignore guess measures adapts adjusts aligns appraises assesses averages beats binds blends calibrates calipers checks checks out chooses computes delimits demarcates determines dopes out estimates evaluates evens eyes figures fits gauges gradates grades levels limits lines looks over marks marks out metes pegs plumbs portions quantifies ranks rates reads reckons regulates rhymes rules scales shades sizes sounds squares strokes surveys tailors takes account times values weighs separates divides neglects disorganizes disorders ignores guesses G.R.A.D.U.A.T.E
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  Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe Under Investigation   acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe talks James Comey - Senate Select Committee   WATCH: Acting FBI Director Can't Comment On President Trump and James Comey Conversations (FNN)   WATCH: Acting FBI Director Can't Comment On President Trump and James Comey Conversations   Acting FBI director testifies before Senate   Is McCabe independent enough to take the place of Comey?   BOOM! Acting FBI Director McCabe just got the WORST NEWS of his LIFE – BUH BYE!   Dobbs on whether McCabe should recuse himself over ties to the Clintons   Meet the acting FBI Director   [Start at 1:38:51] Comey's Acting FBI director McCabe "I believe we have the adequate resources" to continue FBI's Trump Russia Investigation   Andrew McCabe named FBI acting director   Senate Intelligence Committee questions Acting FBI Director McCabe   New Acting FBI Director Contradicts White House on Comey   Acting FBI Director Exposes Trump Reason For Firing Comey As A Lie   Acting FBI chief McCabe speaks on former director James Comey   Grassley has concerns over acting FBI director   Acting FBI Chief Counters White House on Comey firing   McCabe: Comey has broad support within FBI   McCabe: Comey has broad support within FBI   Acting FBI Director Questioned On Russia Probe   Acting FBI chief: Russia probe will continue   White House and FBI on opposite sides   Acting FBI director McCabe gets GRILLED on James Comey Firing & Trump Russia Connections 5/11/2017   "Director Comey enjoyed broad support within the FBI." (C-SPAN)   RUSSIA PROBE: Dir, of National Intelligence Dan Coats OPENING STATEMENT at Senate Intel Committee   OPENING STATEMENT: Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats Testifies at Senate Intel Committee   WATCH: High-Speed Chase, Police Pursuit of Suspect Wanted for Assault with Deadly Weapon (AK-47)   RUSSIA-TRUMP: Dir. of National Intelligence Dan Coats OPENING STATEMENT at Senate Intel Committee   Dir. of National Intelligence Dan Coats OPENING STATEMENT at Senate Intel Committee (FNN)   Acting FBI director: Comey sacking won’t stop Russia probe   Andrew McCabe Gives Trump a Warning That the FBI is Doing the Right Thing On Russia Investigation   Acting FBI Director says Russia investigation still on   McCabe: FBI will always do the right thing   "You cannot stop the men and women of the FBI from doing the right thing." (C-SPAN)   WATCH LIVE: Acting FBI Director McCabe to Testify in Comey's Place at Senate Intelligence Hearing   LIVE STREAM: FBI director Andrew McCabe Testifies In James Comey's place at Senate hearing   New FBI Acting Director Dodges Questions On Comey, Trump   Acting FBI director contradicts White House on Comey   Acting FBI Director Testifies On Comey Firing, Russia Probe And Looming Global Threats   Rosenstein, McCabe and Coats testify at Senate Intel hearing   Acting FBI chief: Russia probe will continue   Comey Firing Complicates GOP Agenda   Trump rips Sessions over acting FBI director   Acting FBI director gets more questions on Comey   Acting FBI director contradicts White House narrative on Comey firing   What You Should Know About Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe   WATCH: Senator Mark Warner Says James Comey Firing Is "Troubling"   FULL: Worldwide Threats Senate Hearing Featuring Acting FBI Director (FNN)   PART 1: Worldwide Threats Senate Hearing Featuring Acting FBI Director (FNN)   WATCH: Senator Mark Warner Says James Comey Firing Is "Troubling" (FNN)   Acting FBI Director: James Comey Firing Has Not And Will Not Impede Any Investigations | NBC News   James Comey’s Temporary Replacement At The FBI Is Under Investigation   Acting FBI director Andrew McCabe to interview for FBI director job   Senator Heinrich Clashes with Intelligence Chiefs on Trump Russia Probe   Senator McCain Rips into Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats   McCabe Tells Senate Comey Had FBI Support   New FBI Director McCabe Will Testify In Intelligence Hearing   Acting F.B.I. Director Andrew McCabe Testified   Senator King Shames Intelligence chiefs on Trump Russia Answers   Sen. Marco Rubio asks about White House influences into the Russia probe   Sen. Mark Warner "The reports of Trump interference in Russia investigation are "deeply troubling"   FBI director Andrew McCabe says James Comey investigation into Trump Russia goes on #BREAKING   Trump wants to nominate new FBI director before the end of next week   Intel Chiefs get SLAM for not answering questions on trump russia investigation, james comey   New FBI Director Andrew McCabe Compromised By Serious Conflict   News Wrap: S.C. Supreme Court rules same-sex couples deserve domestic abuse protections   Lieberman withdraws from FBI director search   FEMA director: Hurricane Harvey will be significant disaster   FEMA director: Hurricane Harvey will be significant disaster   FEMA director: Hurricane Harvey will be significant disaster   Watch Live: FBI Director Mccabe testifies   Acting FBI Director Sounds Like Top FBI Priority Is Spying On Americans   Acting FBI Director McCabe contradicts WH Statements, suggests the complete opposite.   VIDEO: Acting FBI Director breaks silence after Comey firing   Acting FBI director heads to Capitol Hill days after Comey Fired

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