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Faulty tornado siren causes confusion

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Faulty tornado siren causes confusion


broken cracked damaged defective deficient erroneous false flawed imprecise inaccurate inadequate incomplete insufficient invalid leaky malfunctioning unreliable adulterated amiss awry bad below par blamable blemished botched debased distorted fallacious fallible frail impaired imperfect inexact injured lame lemon maimed malformed marred out of order rank sick tainted unfit unretentive unsound warped weak wrong accurate adequate ample complete correct enough faultless fixed flawless honest perfect reliable right sufficient true unbroken valid working sound strong confused crooked erring faulty foul glitched up haywire improper inappropriate incorrect mistaken unfair unlawful unsuitable untoward good proper suitable abominable atrocious awful bad news beastly blah bottom out bummer careless cheap cheesy crappy cruddy crummy diddly dissatisfactory downer dreadful garbage godawful grody gross grungy icky inferior junky lousy not good off poor raunchy rough sad slipshod stinking substandard synthetic the pits unacceptable unsatisfactory undecayed just upright sophisticated happy great superior profitable benevolent beneficial advantageous worthy virtuous reputable wonderful pleasing lucky fortunate badder baddest busted coming unstuck disabled down exhausted fallen apart feeble gone gone to pieces gone to pot in disrepair in need of repair in the shop inoperable kaput not functioning on the blink on the fritz on the shelf out out of commission out of kilter out of whack ruined run-down screwed up shot spent wracked wrecked kept uplifted whole saved flowing satisfied continuous connected repaired counterintuitive absurd capricious contradictory erratic illogical implausible nonsensical preposterous reasonless senseless sophistic unreasonable untenable tenable objective legitimate understandable equitable analytical reasonable intuitive la chancla Faulty cyclone storm twister whirlwind wind funnel typhoon act of God accident earthquake force majeure freak accident hurricane inevitable accident marvel natural disaster phenomenon supernatural event tornado unavoidable casualty unforeseen event vis major wonder gale blast blow burst chinook mistral monsoon outbreak outburst squall tempest windstorm line storm tropical cyclone tropical storm blizzard cloudburst disturbance downpour gust precip precipitation raining cats and dogs snowstorm peace clearness calm quiet bluster chaos convulsion ferment furor tumult upheaval uproar wildness harmony order la chancla Tornado bell horn signal warning whistle beauty temptress charmer vamp enchantress femme fatale sex symbol goddess sexpot alarm Mayday SOS alert blast buzzer call caution clock cry drum flap flash forewarning gong high sign nod scramble scream shout sign siren squeal tip tip off tocsin trumpet wink yell security quietness peace confidence assurance repose composure calmness alarum call to arms warning signal admonition alerts vesper buzz carillon chime clapper curfew ding-dong dinger peal ringer tintinnabulum toll bells la chancla Siren element explanation matter motivation motive origin principle purpose root source account agency aim antecedent author basis beginning causation consideration creator determinant doer end foundation genesis ground grounds incitement inducement instigation leaven mainspring maker object occasion producer spring stimulation prime mover discouragement effect result conclusion finish neglect thoughtlessness consequence development fruit issue outcome outgrowth product faith goal ideal plan objective movement attempt conviction creed intention enterprise principles begin create induce produce precipitate provoke generate make hatch breed secure engender muster revert incite motivate compel introduce elicit let evoke kindle kickoff originate open brainstorm break in break the ice bring to pass come out with cook up dream up make up work up lead to be at the bottom of fire up get things rolling give rise to result in sow the seeds start the ball rolling think up keep cover close stop halt discourage repress hide obstruct impede hinder block deter delay prevent ruin destroy whys and wherefores causes details explanations bewilderment disorientation distraction embarrassment turbulence turmoil abashment agitation befuddlement bemusement chagrin commotion demoralization discomfiture dither flap fluster lather perplexity perturbation pother puzzlement stew tumult blurring confounding discomfiting disturbing dumbfounding embarrassing mixup mystification obscuring perplexing stirring up unsettling upsetting calm peace calmness happiness clarity composure method order organization orientation sense system complication upheaval disarray chaos anarchy difficulty complexity consternation trouble dislocation mistake wilderness mystification shambles clutter racket jumble tangle row intricacy labyrinth haze fog stupefaction daze ferment surprise stir astonishment riot mess muddle imbroglio fracas ado untidiness discomposure pandemonium uproar disorganization bustle hodge-podge emotional upset understanding agreement neatness ease harmony expectation clearness tidiness contentment tranquility simplicity Pandora's box can of worms confusion evil ill snake in the grass distress mortification shame pleasure bother excitement flurry hubbub to-do travail help aid amazement admiration awe confoundment marvel one for the books shock something else stopper stunner wonder wonderment preparation cool indifference coolness disorder disregard hostility misrule mob rule nihilism nongovernment rebellion reign of terror revolution unrest rule lawfulness astoundment dumbfoundment dullness la chancla Confusion
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