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Featured was Dr. Willie Parker, an outspoken advocate for abortion who notably changed his mind in f

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Featured was Dr. Willie Parker, an outspoken advocate for abortion who notably changed his mind in favor of providing abortions and moved to the South to provide abortions to women with limited care.By: tombender - Photojournalist TBender Photo has been capturing live news events with his own distinctive flair for 31 years. His eye for producing poignant images during fleeting moments of live news events is a daunting task, which he masters with split-second precision. As a result, his skilled work reaches the viewer not only visually, but emotionally as well. Preferring to use only available natural light, TBender Photo maintains a purist approach to his art. From the thrill of a space shuttle launch, to tender human moments.HeraldTribune.comPublished on: March 9, 2017Source: http://www.tout.com/m/um58y0


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