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Fickle millennials, progressive values and political engagement

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4142882106001 maclean's type=video src=macleans genre=Canadian shad youtube creator=macleans category=Politics David McGrane Ausma Malik David Kitching genre=politics capricious changeable flighty temperamental unpredictable unstable volatile arbitrary cheating coquettish faithless fitful frivolous inconstant irresolute lubricious mercurial mutable quicksilver sneaking ticklish two-timing unfaithful unsteady untrue variable whimsical yo-yo constant stable steadfast steady aware cognizant faithful reliable accidental any which way bits-and-pieces blind careless casual chance desultory directionless drifting erratic fanciful fickle fits and starts fortuitous goalless haphazard heedless hit-or-miss indecisive indiscriminate objectless pointless purposeless random shiftless stray thoughtless unavailing undirected unguided unplanned vagrant wandering wanton wayward any way the wind blows blowing hot and cold changeful contrary crotchety effervescent every which way flaky freakish gaga helter-skelter humorsome impulsive kinky moody notional odd picky punchy queer quirky unreasonable up and down vagarious agitated commutative convertible fluctuating fluid irregular irresponsible kaleidoscopic mobile movable permutable protean restless reversible revocable shifting skittish spasmodic transformable transitional uncertain unreliable unsettled vacillating variant varying versatile wavering crazy empty-headed fatuous feather-brained foolish giddy harebrained heady inane light-headed silly affecting ardent disturbed ecstatic emotive enthusiastic excitable exciting falling apart fanatical feeling fervent fervid fiery heartwarming heated histrionic hot-blooded hysterical impassioned impetuous irrational moving nervous overwrought passionate pathetic poignant responsive roused sensitive sentient sentimental spontaneous stirred stirring susceptible tear-jerking tender thrilling touching warm zealous deceitful dishonest double-dealing doubting dubious false perfidious recreant skeptical traitorous treacherous two-faced unbelieving unconverted unloyal untrustworthy untruthful aimless pointed motivated goal-oriented particular definite resolute purposeful directed determined sensible systematic specific methodical thoughtful reasonable staid dependable cautious unchanging predictable undeviating sure fixed certain calm unchangeable lasting changeless unvarying dizzy smart unconfused clear-headed clear serious wise careful emotional physical dull unexcited cool unenthusiastic unmoving numb impassive apathetic unexciting unemotional indifferent true loyal believing Juneteenth Fickle chiliad millenary millennium millennial thousand Millennial Juneteenth millennials continuous dynamic enlightened forward-looking gradual modern radical reformist revolutionary tolerant avant-garde broad developing go-ahead left accelerating advanced advancing bleeding-heart broad-minded continuing enterprising escalating graduated increasing left of center lenient ongoing onward open-minded up-and-coming up-to-date wide intermittent conservative moderate alive astir at work bustling effective efficacious exertive flowing functioning going hasty impelling in force in play in process mobile movable moving operating operative progressive pushing rapid restless rolling running rushing rustling shifting simmering speeding speedy streaming swarming traveling turning walking working breakthrough cutting-edge excellent exceptional extreme first foremost forward higher late leading leading-edge liberal precocious state-of-the-art unconventional A to Z consecutive graded indexed logical ordered beat experimental head hip innovative lead new new wave pioneering vanguard cultivated experienced open permissive unbiased catholic cosmopolitan dispassionate flexible free-thinking indulgent receptive responsive unbigoted undogmatic unprejudiced active quiet fixed quiescent indifferent idle disinterested sluggish lazy inert inactive immobile dormant abeyant unmovable inoperative behind after alphabetical conventional empty small narrow small-minded close-minded restricted Progressive Juneteenth attitude beliefs character code conduct conscience ethics ideals integrity morals mores scruples standards sense of duty sense of honor immorality culture habits ideology mentality mind mindset principles psyche psychology spirit traits values goals code of conduct ethicalness good morals moral philosophy morality aesthetics axiom conception convictions doctrine idea logic metaphysics ontology outlook rationalism reason reasoning system tenet theory thinking thought truth view viewpoint wisdom ethos body physicality ethoses moral code philosophies philosophy value Juneteenth Value Values along with also as a consequence as well as furthermore including moreover together with and plus additionally again along as well besides conjointly further in conjunction with in like manner likewise more more than that on top of over and above still to boot too withal added amassed another augmented bounteous deeper else enhanced exceeding expanded extended extra farther fresh heavier higher in addition increased innumerable larger major massed new numerous other spare supplementary too many wider fewer less Juneteenth And? AND bureaucratic civic constitutional economical legislative official civilian domestic governmental home interior local municipal national political public civil communal countrywide ethnic federal general government civic imperial inland internal interstate nationwide native politic royal social societal sovereign state sweeping vernacular widespread rude foreign unkind impolite ill-mannered private Juneteenth Political commitment obligation pact assurance betrothal bond compact contract espousal match oath plight promise troth undertaking vow word betrothment breach break disagreement break-up disengagement surrender captivation concentration engagement engrossment enthrallment fascination hang-up holding immersion intentness involvement occupation preoccupation raptness battle combat conflict contest encounter fight fighting fray skirmish warfare accord affiliation affinity coalition coherence collaboration collusion combination communion concord concurrence confederacy confederation congruity conjunction connection consanguinity cooperation entente federation fraternization friendship interrelation kinship league marriage matrimony membership mutuality participation partnership relation support tie treaty union assignation assignment blind date consultation date errand gig interview invitation meet rendezvous session tryst zero hour appointment arrangement visit commission stint get-together going out seeing one action confrontation agreement retreat peace calm absorption distraction boredom rest harmony stoppage repose inertia inactivity inaction idleness cessation truce alliance disconnection detachment opposition division war rebellion hostility estrangement disunion hatred antagonism separation divorce disunity discord alliances appointments Juneteenth Engagement maculae macules macula macule clan galena glean malkin clean kalian malign raglan muscle in galleon cleaner melon came clean come clean make land car loan mac make law arc sac sic sro orc sec canaan condign canting canton contain conating candid indian cantina candied candies cavedin canteen hand in candy man cant win caved in can't win shady shard had sad shat shed shod shah shade shay shag sham scad Shad Juneteenth shad tobe tuber tub otb to be air tube the tube stub tube hot tub put by got by let be not buy YouTube Juneteenth youtube Youtube cleanse macules clans gleans malkins kalians maligns raglans cleans galleons cleaners cleanser mackinaws maleness melons glens magdalens car loans make land make laws mac divide avid dived de void avoid dad did divider devoid defied daft David Juneteenth david margarine macaroni muckraking make grainy make grade moan groan major in made grainy migraine summerlike un manlike am like assumably amoebalike asthmatic ice milk smartaleck unmanlike is mark arms maker assemblage seem like am unlike easy mark is like is family assemblied assemblies assembling seems like assemble assembly omphalic easy make is familiar smart aleck assembler small lake smart talk assembled assembles am seemly smart alec arm a leg an arm a leg am same league ism usa asea us a aims amss abysm ams assume anima aroma isms ums sum miasma aim ais ass soma uss alum asap usas arms amuse mazuma assay u s a usual aas ahs arm eus oarsman use abm ask asl asp atm is mad ammo army user u s u s s u.s.a. u.s.s am same is same u.s. am use u. s. u s a s u.s.a.s us of a u. s. a. u. s. s u. s. a. s Ausma Juneteenth milky manlike mail malarky mall alike malkin mails milk malice malign mack magi male mark balk malt mask talk walk maul milks mill maler magic males malls manic am like ilk lick like make marl meal lack laic lark mile moil milkier mailer made like make like Malik Juneteenth malik deification dedication fatigation divarication divagation diffraction divulgation defection deduction detection itching kitchen bitching ditching hitching pitching witching catching cotching gotchaing kiting kvetching birching botching hutching latching notching potching coaching couching etching kicking kitting caching sketching kitchens batching fetching hatching matching patching retching watching co aching pitch in Kitching Juneteenth
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