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Figment [Switch/PS4/XOne/PC] Plague Trailer

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Figment is a musical action-adventure set deep in the recesses of the human mind, a mix of challenging puzzles and satisfying combat.Figment's latest trailer takes the form of a music video and showcases The Plague Song - both in-game, and as performed by composer Niels Højgaard Sørensen in the studio.


Figment Switch Nintendo NS PS4 playstation PC Xbox Xbox One XOne XBOne Microsoft music action adventure puzzle fiction lie bubble fancy fantasy chimera fable dream truth fact bogy delusion fabrication fata morgana figment fool's paradise hallucination ignis fatuus illusion mirage monster monstrosity pipe dream rainbow snare specter virtual reality apparition blunder casuistry chicanery daydream deception deceptiveness eidolon error fallacy false impression ghost head trip lapse misapprehension mistake optical illusion oversight phantasm phantom self-deception shade speciousness spuriousness trickery trip vision allegory apologue bestiary bunk crock fairy story fairy tale falsehood fib fish story hogwash invention legend myth old chestnut old saw one for the birds parable romance tale tall story untruth white lie whopper yarn artifact concoction deceit fake forgery jazz jive line opus smoke song and dance work canard cover-up dishonesty dissimulation distortion equivocation erroneousness fakery fallaciousness falseness falsity feigning fibbery fraud half truth mendacity misstatement perjury pretense prevarication sham story tall tale untruism untruthfulness big eyes conception envisagement envisioning eyes for fondness hankering idea imagination imaginativeness inclination itch nightmare notion partiality penchant picture pie in the sky predilection preference relish reverie romancing sweet tooth yearning yen Figment curse ravage rash hydra advantage good luck blight pest Cancer scourge bane pain bother evil trial torment blast problem boon health joy aid help haunt hound worry chafe gnaw tease ride vex irk harry gall fret cheer anathema aversion detestation horror nuisance plague shame agonize annoy beset burden crucify distress grieve harass harrow lacerate martyr oppress pester press rack smite strike torture trouble try wound adversity anguish calamity cross crux depression difficulty disease disorder grief hardship illness infirmity misery misfortune ordeal plight sickness sorrow suffering tribulation woe T-off abrade agitate ask for it badger be at be on the back of bedevil beleaguer bore break bug burn up displease disturb egg on exasperate fire up get heat up henpeck hit where one lives madden make waves miff nag needle nettle nudge peeve perturb provoke push button rile ruffle tick off turn off work on bait bully eat give the business goad hassle heckle importune insist on affliction bête noir despair destruction disaster downfall fatal attraction poison ruin ruination undoing venom abomination afflict Plague PLAGUE motor home doublewide clip promo abode address apartment asylum boarding house bungalow cabin castle cave co-op commorancy condo condominium cottage crash pad diggings digs domicile dormitory dump dwelling farm fireside flat habitation hangout haunt hearth hideout hole in the wall home plate homestead hospital house hut joint living quarters manor mansion nest orphanage pad palace parking place place residence resort roof rooming house roost shanty shelter trailer turf villa where the hat is camp trailer camper caravan house trailer mobile home recreational vehicle climber creeper trail car home grapevine shift reversal swap stagnation inactivity convert veer replace turn divert deviate deflect trade shunt keep stay 180 degree turn U-turn change change in direction changeabout double doubleback overturning policy change repeal retraction reverse switch turnabout turnaround volte-face about-face accommodation adaptation adjustment amendment conversion correction difference diversification exchange fixing flip-flop metamorphosis mid-course correction modification mutation reformation remodeling reshaping revision switch-over transformation transmutation variance variation angle bearing direction facet feature gimmick hand outlook perspective phase point of view position prospect regard scene side situation slant twist view vista bash bat biff blast blow bop clobber slam slug smack smash sock strap wallop whip whop adjuster dial knob on/off power switch toggle tuner addition advance break compression contraction development distortion diversity innovation modulation novelty permutation reconstruction refinement revolution surrogate tempering transition turnover variety vicissitude alteration aspect belt button switches Switch Xbox [tm] video game Nintendo nintendo PS4 ps4 Ps4 xbox playstation four sony game system one microsoft nintento wii xbone games xbox one best player player ps vita lego video game console brain dead self absorbed overrated fanboy ps4 fanboy sucky Xbox [tm] video game PLAYSTATION PlayStation Playstation Playstations weed ecstacy meth ice sherm marijuana percosets piff crystal heroine acid lsd cocaine speed canibis pills crack pot ganja herb playstation video game system palaystation psone sony ecstasy drugs love hearts ketamine ps1 ps2 ps3 ps4 friends console video games fifth gen awesome psx playstation 2 playstation 3 playstation portable psp nintendo nintendo 64 n64 gamecube sega dreamcast microsoft xbox Xbox [tm] video game XBox x-box XBOX X-box x box xbox Xbox One xbox one sole single alone lone odd only unique mixed united usual normal common none a person all any of any person anyone anyone at all each and every one everybody everyone masses one public whole world anybody anybody at all a couple a few defined divers express individual many marked numerous particular precise regular several singular some special specific specified sundry upwards of various each other every last one every one one and all one another abandoned deserted forsaken isolated lonely lonesome onliest secluded separate separated solitary solo stag unaccompanied ally associate become one bond catch combine conjoin conjugate contract couple drop anchor espouse get hitched get married join knit land lead to altar link match mate merge pledge plight one's troth promise relate settle down take vows tie tie the knot unify unite walk down aisle wed yoke certain each marry One Ones ones xone xbone Xbone microsoft Microsoft soul rap rock melody piece tune hymn modern song bop jazz fusion air strain swing folk opera bebop silence bob burden chorale main section motif music recurrent verse response ritornelle theme undersong arrangement article cantata chart concerto dissertation drama essay exercise exposition fiction getup literary work manuscript novel number opus paper play poetry rhapsody romance score setup short story stanza study symphony thesis verse work writing babel bedlam boisterousness brouhaha buzz clamor clangor clash clatter commotion confusion crash disquiet hoo-ha hubbub hullabaloo hurly-burly jangle outcry pandemonium percussion racket row shout sound stridency tintamarre tintinnabulation tumult uproar art interpretation manifestation mark painting revelation sculpture speech aria assonance carillon chant chime concord consonance descant diapason euphony inflection lay lyric measure melodiousness musicality refrain resonance run tunefulness unison cadence cadency feet lilt mora pattern rhyme structure chorus composition din medium meter life force deal plan energy scene vim dash racket trip hoopla stir vigor power flurry bustle stunt bit spirit going rush game motion bag haste hopper apathy calm quiet repose peace rest move step act effort blow doing stroke thrust feat defeat case claim suit cause fight combat fray battle truce accomplishment achievement action deed execution exploit operation performance thing undertaking activeness animation enterprise exercise exertion hustle labor liveliness movement activity auspices channel efficiency influence instrument instrumentality intercession intervention means mechanism mediation medium organ vehicle work ball beguilement cheer delight diversion enjoyment entertainment field day fun fun and games gladdening gratification grins high time hilarity laughs laughter merriment merry go round mirth picnic play pleasing pleasure regalement whoopee ardor bounce brio briskness buoyancy dynamism ebullience elation enthusiasm esprit excitement exhilaration fervor gaiety high spirits oomph passion pep sparkle sprightliness verve vibrancy vitality vivacity zap zeal zest zing zip élan assault attack barrage blitzkreig bloodshed bombing brush campaign carnage clash conflict contention crusade encounter engagement fighting havoc hostility onset onslaught press ravage scrimmage significant contact skirmish sortie strife struggle war warfare agency amusement Action feat trip scene peril hazard chance safety plan fact surety truth adventure circumstance contingency fate fluke fortuity fortune happening luck occasion occurrence turn accident advantage bad luck break cast casualty coincidence destination destiny doom even chance future gamble good luck hap haphazard heads or tails hit in the cards kismet lot lottery luck out lucky break misfortune odds outcome peradventure providence risk stroke of luck throw of the dice toss-up turn of the cards way the cookie crumbles wheel of fortune attempt be bold brave endanger endeavor go ahead make bold pluck up presume run the risk speculate stake take a chance take heart try try one's hand undertake venture accomplishment act action ballgame big idea bit byplay cause commission crusade enterprise exploit follow through game happenin' performance quest reality securing stunt thing tour de force winning advent affair appearance business calamity case catastrophe celebration ceremony conjuncture crisis deed development emergency episode experience function holiday incident juncture marvel matter milestone miracle mishap mistake pass phase phenomenon predicament proceeding shift situation story tide transaction triumph wonder activity ado agitation animation bother buzz commotion confusion discomposure disturbance dither drama elation emotion excitation feeling ferment fever flurry frenzy furor fuss heat hubbub hullabaloo hurry hysteria impulse instigation intoxication kicks melodrama motivation motive movement passion perturbation provocation rage stimulation stimulus stir thrill titillation to-do trepidation tumult turmoil urge warmth wildness dare event excitement mystify disturb stump perplex flummox rattle nonplus bemuse amaze stumble floor beat stir pose snow addle foil obscure throw put off befog buffalo get to calm aid help lose ponder brood cudgel muse study marvel ignore explain forget neglect clarify unravel anagram double meaning double-entendre doubt doubtfulness dubiety dubiousness enigma equivocacy equivocality equivocation incertitude inconclusiveness indefiniteness indeterminateness obscurity polysemousness polysemy puzzle tergiversation uncertainty unclearness vagueness astound befuddle bewilder confound confuse daze disconcert dumbfound elude embarrass faze get mix up muddle stick stun baffle bilk con deceive defraud delude dupe flimflam hoax hoodwink hornswoggle swindle trick ball up bother disorient distract fluster inebriate intoxicate make punchy shake stupefy throw off daydream gather wool moon overwhelm paralyze pipe dream mess with one's head upset ambiguity bamboozle Puzzle
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