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Finally had Brent from PFI Speed tune the K-swap Cefiro Drift car. Fixed a huge problem.

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certainly completely decisively definitely permanently lastly assuredly beyond recall beyond shadow of doubt conclusively convincingly determinately done with enduringly for all time for ever for good in conclusion inescapably inexorably irrevocably once and for all past regret settled with conviction doubtfully dubiously questionably already belatedly eventually someday sooner or later subsequently ultimately after all after a while as a sequel at last at length at long last at the eleventh hour at the end at the last moment despite delay in spite of all in the eleventh hour in the long run sometime tardily never at the last minute finally in the nick of time under the wire without a minute to spare absolutely all the way altogether competently comprehensively effectively en masse entirely exclusively exhaustively extensively from A to Z from beginning to end fully hook line and sinker in all in entirety in full in toto on all counts painstakingly perfectly quite solidly thoroughly to the end to the limit to the max to the nth degree totally unabridged unanimously unconditionally undividedly utterly wholly with heart and soul without omission inadequately incompletely partially partly beyond any doubt categorically clearly decidedly doubtless doubtlessly easily explicitly expressly far and away indubitably obviously plainly positively specifically surely undeniably unequivocally unmistakably unquestionably without doubt without fail without question questionable uncertain indefinitely adequately capably cogently dramatically effectually efficaciously energetically excellently expertly forcefully persuasively productively tellingly at the end of the day hereafter in future in the course of time in the end one day when all is said and done intensively in and out inside out up and down FINALLY final final finals Finals final bamboozled betrayed conned culled duped fooled hoodwinked lured played taken trapped victimized informed trusted deceived purchased bought enjoyed held inherited kept retained in hand lost owned maintained received saved confined contained detained included possessed remembered reserved restrained secured sustained treasured withheld held-back extroverted outgoing disengaged let go refused unemployed wasted had HAD Had to Brent against in distinction to out of possession of taken away beginning at coming out of deriving out of originating at starting with minus defective diminished from lacking less negative subtracted without plus native aboriginal autochthonous belonging endemic homegrown homemade indigenous local national original primary primeval primitive regional foreign alien outside about concerning like regarding since after afterward ago already because considering for hence later now past subsequently therefore whereas From From A PFI acceleration agility momentum pace quickness velocity activity alacrity breeze briskness celerity clip dispatch eagerness expedition fleetness gait haste headway hurry hustle legerity lick liveliness precipitancy precipitation promptitude promptness rapidity rapidness readiness rush rustle snap steam swiftness urgency apathy delay hindrance rest slowing slowness sluggishness stoppage advance boost expedite facilitate fly further hasten help promote quicken ride run zoom aid assist barrel belt bomb career flash gallop hightail impel race sail spring tear urge whiz bowl over cover ground cut along gather momentum gear up get a move on get moving get under way go all out go fast go like the wind lose no time make haste open up throttle press on step on it block cease check decrease halt hinder hurt obstruct prevent procrastinate retard slow stop walk dissuade accelerate achieve bring forward come forward conquer continue ahead continue on drive elevate forge ahead gain ground get ahead get green light get there get with it go ahead go forth go forward go great guns go places go to town launch make headway make the scene march move on move onward move up proceed progress propel push ahead push on send forward skyrocket speed step forward storm hold keep back down hesitate recede retreat retrogress take back turn withdraw yield advances accelerates achieves brings forward comes forward conquers continues ahead continues on dispatches drives elevates forges ahead gains ground gets ahead gets green light gets there gets with it goes ahead goes forth goes forward goes great guns goes places goes to town hastens launches makes headway makes the scene marches moves on moves onward moves up proceeds progresses promotes propels pushes ahead pushes on quickens sends forward skyrockets speeds steps forward storms yields withdraws turns keeps holds stops halts takes back decreases retrogresses retreats recedes hesitates retards ceases hinders alacrities alertness avidity cheerfulness enthusiasm fervor gaiety hilarity joyousness sprightliness willingness zeal dullness discouragement unwillingness reluctance disinclination aversion coolness lethargy indifference sadness amphetamine STP analeptic benny crank crystal dexy pep pill stimulant tab upper expeditiousness speediness vivacity Speed composition ditty jingle piece theme air aria carol descant diapason lay measure motif number song strain melodia silence chorus concert harmony accord concord concordance consonance euphony sympathy unison disagreement discord incompatibility accommodate accustom adapt adjust agree attune bend over backwards comply compose conform coordinate correspond don't make waves don't rock the boat fit go by the book go with the flow harmonize integrate make consistent modify play the game proportion reconcile settle shape up suit tailor tailor-make tune disarrange disorder unfit decline deny differ disagree fight mismatch oppose refuse reject upset bar block frustrate hinder impede limit obstruct prevent stop turn away turn out accommodates accords accustoms adapts adjusts agrees attunes bends over backwards complies composes conforms coordinates corresponds don't makes waves don't rocks the boat fits goes by the book goes with the flow harmonizes integrates makes consistent modifies plays the game proportions reconciles settles shapes up suits tailor-makes tailors tunes unsuits stops bars turns out turns away declines upsets disagrees opposes mismatches fights differs unfits prevents obstructs limits impedes hinders frustrates blocks rejects denies refuses disorders disarranges acclimatize alter arrange dispose do as Romans do doctor fiddle with fine-tune fix fix up get act together get it together grin and bear it habituate make conform order quadrate rectify redress regulate remodel swim with the tide disorganize disturb confuse disperse mix up ruin scatter worsen derange acclimatizes alters arranges disposes doctors does as Romans does fiddles with fine-tunes fixes fixes up gets acts together gets it together grins and bears it habituates makes conform orders quadrates rectifies redresses regulates remodels swims with the tide confuses disturbs deranges mixes up worsens scatters ruins disperses disorganizes balance compensate counterbalance familiarize make agree chant croon hymn incantation intonation lilt mantra melody psalm shout singing trill warble tuning on the tune Tune every the substitute switch trade bandy bargain barter change give-and-take interchange swop traffic truck keep maintain banter carriage cart discuss exchange spar swap toss haggle conversion flip-flop turnaround bill dollar alternate convert displace invert remove reverse shift supplant switch around transmit transpose remain hold continue persist stay changes about-faces additions adjustments advances breaks compressions contractions conversions corrections developments differences distortions diversification diversities innovations metamorphoses modifications modulations mutations novelties permutations reconstructions refinements remodelings reversals revisions revolutions shifts surrogates switches temperings transformations transitions transmutations turnovers turns variances variations varieties vicissitudes bills agreements uniformities dollars similarities sameness stagnation accommodates adapts adjusts alternates alters commutes converts diminishes diverges diversifies evolves fluctuates makes innovations makes over merges moderates modifies modulates mutates naturalizes re-does reconditions reduces reforms regenerates remakes remodels renovates reorganizes replaces resolves restyles revolutionizes shapes substitutes tamper with tempers transfigures transforms translates transmutes transposes vacillates varies veers warps holds continues keeps leaves alone stays extends expands persists disarranges ruins destroys preserves stagnates remains increases grows cefiro alluvion bank batch bunch bundle clump cluster deposit heap hill lot mass mound mountain parcel pile set shock stack progression tendency aim design direction end gist implication import intention object progress purport scope significance tenor insignificance amble dance flit float flow flutter hover linger meander ride sail slide stray stroll waft wander wash accumulate amass coast flicker flitter gad gallivant gather gravitate malinger mosey muck saunter scud skim tend be carried along draw near go-that-a-way go with the tide kick around run stay disperse dissipate divide scatter spend decide direct guide ankle boogie dawdle drift gander hoof it loiter percolate ramble sashay toddle ambled ankled boogied dawdled drifted gandered loitered meandered moseyed percolated rambled sashayed sauntered strolled toddled wandered went direct ran stayed ambling ankling boogying dawdling drifting gandering loitering meandering moseying percolating rambling sashaying sauntering strolling toddling wandering going direct running staying aptitude bent disposition leaning predilection proclivity proneness propensity antipathy dislike hate disinclination inaptitude incapacity stupidity aptitudes abilities capabilities capacities cleverness competences faculties flair giftednesses gifts intelligence knacks proficiencies savvy smarts stuff talents what it takes skillessnesses inaptitudes stupidities impotence ineptness incapacities ignorance weaknesses lacks ineptitude incompetence inabilities bat around bum bum around cruise knock about roam tour stay put car car car car car Car to car car-car car Car Carring The Cars established hooked immovable locked rigid settled tight anchored attached fast firm hitched located nailed quiet rooted secure set situated stable still immobile immotile made fast solid steadfast stiff tenacious insecure loose movable moving unfixed unstable changeable impermanent irresolute unsteady variable agreed certain defined definite definitive inflexible limited planned precise resolved restricted stated abiding arranged circumscribed confirmed decided enduring level narrow prearranged rigged steady stipulated unbending changeless determinate inalterable in the bag inveterate never-failing set-up sure unblinking unchangeable undeviating unfaltering unflinching unmodifiable unmovable unqualified unwavering imprecise indefinite questionable uncertain unlimited unreliable flexible soft undecided weak going mended rebuilt refitted sorted back together in order in working order put right whole broken in disrepair absolute actual categorical conclusive consummate decisive exact factual fixed genuine infallible positive unambiguous undeniable unequivocal unmitigated unquestionable ambiguous equivocal false imperfect incorrect inexact unsure vague accountable complaisant compliant conditional dependent flawed partial submissive tractable yielding absorbed captivated consumed deep in thought engaged engrossed fascinated gone held immersed intent involved lost preoccupied rapt really into up to here wrapped-up bored disenthralled disinterested uninterested unoccupied existing distracted indifferent adamant determined hang-tough hanging tough hard-nosed inexorable insistent intransigent obdurate pat relentless resolute set in stone standing pat stubborn unbendable uncompromising unrelenting unshakable unswayable lenient willing pliant supple altered adapted adjusted amended converted cooked corrected diversified doctored fitted modified qualified redone reformed remade remodeled renovated reshaped retailored revised spiked transformed turned updated continued kept maintained preserved retained sustained bent bound dedicated disposed inclined leaning predisposed tending unwilling uncaring bent on dead set on determined upon fixed upon intent on out to set on Fixed Fix On the fix is in Fixing to fixing to colossal enormous extensive gargantuan giant gigantic great humongous immense magnificent mammoth massive monstrous monumental towering tremendous vast behemothic bulky cyclopean elephantine gross immeasurable jumbo leviathan lusty mighty mondo monster mountainous outsize oversize planetary prodigious stupendous titanic walloping whopping dwarfed insignificant limited little miniature miniscule minor minute narrow poor short small teeny tiny unimportant dwarf Bunyanesque behemoth brobdingnagian gigantesque ginormous herculean huge hulking humungous large pythonic sizable Herculean almighty backbreaking courageous forceful hard heroic impressive laborious strenuous tough vigorous beast big a whale of a ample awash brimming burly capacious chock-full commodious considerable copious crowded fat full heavy-duty heavyweight hefty husky packed ponderous roomy spacious strapping stuffed substantial supercolossal thundering voluminous whopper impoverished inconsiderable slight thin adolescent baby babyish blah bland dull humble infant infantile juvenile selfish shy unconfident ungenerous ungiving cavernous alveolate broad chambered chasmal concave curved inward deep deep-set echoing gaping resonant reverberant sepulchral socketed sunken wide yawning cramped filled problems No Problem The Problem problemous No problem Problems
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