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Fire Emblem Fates DLC - Xenologue 12 | Museum Melee - Infinite RARE Weapons! [English Walkthrough]

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In Fire Emblem Fates DLC - Abdallah shows how to get infinite RARE Weapons in the map "Museum Melee!" Get a deal on the DLC Map Pack 1 & game:▻ ...


Fire Emblem Fates Fire Emblem Fire Emblem Fates (Video Game) Fire Emblem (Video Game Series) Nintendo Nintendo 3DS Fire Emblem Fates DLC Fire Emblem Fates DLC Walkthrough Fire Emblem Fates DLC Gameplay Fire Emblem Fates Xenologue Fire Emblem Fates English FE Fates Easy RARE Weapons Fire Emblem Fates Museum Melee DLC Infinite Weapons Fire Emblem Fates Infinite Weapons Fire Emblem DLC Fire Emblem Fates Museum Melee Museum Melee Fates DLC blaze bonfire heat inferno campfire combustion conflagration devouring element embers flames flare glow hearth holocaust incandescence luminosity oxidation phlogiston pyre scintillation scorching searing sparks tinder warmth flame and smoke hot spot rapid oxidation sea of flames up in smoke apathy dullness lethargy spiritlessness activate arouse cheer embolden encourage energize enliven exalt excite fire gladden hearten impel incite inform inspire inspirit instigate invigorate kindle liven make alive move quicken revive revivify rouse spark spur 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