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Firefighters save unresponsive dog from fire and resuscitate her

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Firefighters saved an unresponsive dog from a fire and resuscitated her.


santa monica dog santa monica firefighters california house fire dog saved from fire engineman ladderman smoke jumper fireman firefighter Fire Fighter bonerjams Firefighter deliver free recover salvage defend emancipate extricate liberate ransom redeem spring unchain bail out come to rescue get off the hook get out of hock give a break pull out of fire save one's neck set free unshackle confine hold limit lose restrain abandon endanger harm hurt leave open make vulnerable squander throw away waste manage keep collect maintain spare conserve store amass hoard skimp squirrel retrench cache stash gather treasure stockpile deposit scrimp reserve salt away sock away be frugal be thrifty cut corners feather nest hide away lay aside lay away make ends meet pile up pinch pennies put by roll back save for rainy day stow away tighten belt let go distribute spend divide neglect give scatter use ignore disperse preserve shield sustain safeguard screen keep up take care of keep safe look after lay open destroy bank heap hill invest mass mound pile save speculate straighten disburse banked besides aside from bar barring beside but except excepting excluding exclusive of in addition to other than outside of over and above without accumulate bury conceal cover ditch duck ensconce park plant put away put in the hole secrete squirrel away stash away forget tell reveal open lay bare uncover aggregate array assemble cluster compile congregate congress convene converge convoke corral flock flock together get hold of group muster rally rendezvous round up scare up meed compensate dispense spread separate share disseminate dissemble collecting bonerjams Save insensitive passive cold cool frigid unemotional unfeeling responsive aloof above apart casual chilly cold fish detached distant forbidding hard-boiled hard-hearted haughty incurious indifferent laid back lone wolf loner offish on ice putting on airs reserved secluded solitary standoffish stuck up supercilious thick-skinned 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tyke bowwow fido flea bag man's best friend tail-wagger shadow plague haunt pursue track trail tail tag trouble bedog let go leave alone run away accompanied associate with attend chaperon come along conduct consort convoy date dog draft drag escort follow go along guard guide hang around with hang out keep company lead look after shlep along show about show around spook squire stick to string along tag along tailgate take out usher withdraw lose leave abandon neglect desert ignore disregard accompanies accompany aggravate be at be on the back of bother bug bum drive up the wall exasperate gall get get on one's nerves get to give a hard time grate hack irk irritate nag needle nettle peeve pester pick on pique provoke tease vex wig relieve make happy please help improve alleviate soften mollify gladden appease soothe calm delight aid aggravated aggravates Dog bonerjams Dogs against in distinction to out of possession of taken away beginning at coming out of deriving out of originating at starting with minus defective diminished from lacking less negative subtracted without plus native aboriginal autochthonous belonging endemic homegrown homemade indigenous inland internal local municipal national original primary primeval primitive regional related vernacular outside foreign alien about concerning like regarding since after afterward ago already because considering for hence later now past subsequently therefore whereas From bonerjams blaze bonfire heat inferno campfire charring coals combustion conflagration devouring element embers flames flare glow hearth holocaust incandescence luminosity oxidation phlogiston pyre scintillation scorching searing sparks tinder warmth flame and smoke hot spot rapid oxidation sea of flames up in smoke apathy dullness lethargy spiritlessness bombardment attack explosion bombing salvo cannonade hail fusillade volley round shelling crossfire sniping cannonading bombarding light force radiance eagerness intensity energy ginger gusto dash zing brio zip pep liveliness sparkle passion fervor snap enthusiasm heartiness luster life ardor punch fervency vim spirit zeal verve drive excitement exhilaration splendor élan virtuosity impetuosity starch vivacity red heat white heat calenture discouragement coldness coolness indifference calmness calm lifelessness idleness laziness inactivity ignite kindle enkindle put a match to set ablaze set aflame set alight set fire to set on fire start a fire touch off dull bore put out extinguish hire shoot explode discharge hurl launch shell eject fling toss loose cast pitch heave let off pull trigger set off keep hold rouse inspire inflame enliven intensify incite inspirit quicken irritate exalt inform galvanize electrify heighten animate provoke stir thrill impassion intoxicate enthuse depress please discourage delight retard deter weaken slow soothe dissuade oust expel drop terminate sack boot can kick out lay off pink slip give marching orders give one notice give pink slip give the sack hand walking papers let one go give bum's rush employ activate arouse cheer embolden encourage energize excite fire gladden hearten impel instigate invigorate liven make alive move revive revivify spark spur stimulate urge vitalize vivify kill disenchant halt stop deaden suppress delay dishearten tire avidity devotion earnestness feeling fierceness jazz keenness oomph pep talk turn on vehemence weakness zest frigidity cleaver hatchet poll tomahawk ax\u002Faxe bounce cancel cut back dispense with eliminate get rid of give a pink slip give the boot remove throw out axed axes Fire bonerjams FIRE along with also as a consequence as well as furthermore including moreover together with additionally and plus again along as well besides conjointly further in conjunction with in like manner likewise more more than that on top of over and above still to boot too withal added aggrandized amassed another augmented bounteous deeper else enhanced exceeding expanded extended extra farther 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And's energize invigorate rejuvenate restore resurrect revitalize arouse awaken enkindle enliven renovate save breathe new life into bring back to life bring to come to life perform CPR wake up destroy bore heal alleviate ameliorate attend bring around compose conciliate convalesce doctor dress fix free get well harmonize improve knit make healthy make sound make well make whole medicate meliorate mend minister to patch up physic put on feet again reanimate rebuild reconcile regenerate rehabilitate remedy renew repair resuscitate revive revivify salve set settle soothe treat halt finish neglect kill upset hurt break worsen weaken ignore harm unsettle worry ruin injure damage healed rallied assemble bestir bond together bring to order bring together call to arms challenge charge collect come about come to order come together convene counterattack encourage fire gather get together inspirit kindle marshal mobilize muster organize reassemble redouble reform refresh regroup round up rouse summon surge urge wake waken whet wreak havoc lose stop distribute separate divide discourage dampen dull disenchant regress scatter dissuade disperse calm disorganize rally rallying re-create begin again brace bring up to date continue exhilarate extend fix up freshen furbish gentrify give a new look to go over modernize overhaul prolong reaffirm reawaken recommence recondition recreate reestablish refit refurbish reinvigorate remodel reopen repeat replace replenish restate restock resume retread revamp spruce stimulate transform maintain leave alone shorten him hir them ver xem you zir your his its vis xyr their our her bonerjams Her H.E.R. HER Kriss Kringle Saint Nicholas Saint Nick Father Christmas Santa Claus Santa bonerjams santa Monica engineman ladderman smoke jumper fireman firefighter Fire Fighter bonerjams Firefighter Bear Flag State Cal El Dorado Gold Coast Gold Rush State Golden Bear State Golden Poppy State Golden State La La Land Sunkist State california bonerjams California apartment box building condo condominium dwelling home mansion residence shack abode bullpen castle cave co-op coop crib cubbyhole den diggings digs domicile dump edifice flat flophouse habitation homestead joint kennel layout lean-to pad pigpen pigsty rack residency roof roost setup shanty turf commorancy crash pad hole in the wall home plate pied-à-terre office household lineage clan tribe kindred dynasty race kin folks line tradition folk stock family tree menage ménage company firm corporation partnership outfit organization concern legislature parliament council congress commons legislative body address base casa flop habitat haunt headquarters hearth hole house lodging quarters sanctuary seat annex accommodate board contain entertain furnish harbor hold put up quarter receive rent shelter supply take in welcome stop bar turn out turn away prevent obstruct limit impede hinder frustrate block disarrange reject accommodated accommodates accommodations boardinghouse hotel housing motel room and board rooming house ZIP code box number direction living quarters location number place of business place of residence street whereabouts House bonerjams freed released rescued conserved cured defended guarded healed maintained preserved protected reclaimed safeguarded salvaged secure safe unthreatened insecure unprotected ruined spent squandered wasted retained kept stored untouched unused invested deposited accumulated amassed hoarded unspent blessed adored among the angels consecrated divine enthroned exalted glorified hallowed holy inviolable redeemed resurrected revered rewarded sacred sacrosanct saved spiritual unprofane unhappy unblessed disapproved cursed unlucky damned condemned at hand clutched held on file reserved watched over withheld dishonored broken abandoned forgotten confined contained detained had held back included owned possessed received remembered restrained secured sustained treasured let go lost outgoing unemployed disengaged refused extroverted gathered bonerjams Saved
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