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Flacco's Elite 5 Deserted Island Items

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SWEEPSTAKES: In this week's Flacco's Elite 5, Joe shares what he'd bring to a deserted island. Comment with your must-have item for a chance to win two ...


2013 NFL Baltimore Ravens Balitmore Maryland Ravens Sports Football National Football League Team exclusive choice cool crack elect noble pick super top aristocratic gilt-edged greatest out of sight out of this world selected tip-top top drawer top-notch topflight upper-class world-class bad inferior poor second-rate common lower lower-class ordinary worst society celebrity establishment aristocracy prime gentility flower prize crowd fat best gentry pride quality nobility cream beautiful people blue blood high society select upper class upper crust fast lane carriage trade country club set glitterati in-crowd jet-set main line old money optimacy crème de la crème low-life lower class commonality proletariat A list beau monde cream of society cultured class elite haut monde high life in group jet set privileged class smart set the Four Hundred the privileged upper echelon A-one tops noblesse patricians patriciate peerage commoners aloof blue-blooded courtly dignified elegant fine haughty patrician polished refined snobbish stylish well-born well-bred vulgar low-born unfashionable rough unrefined undignified wanting indecorous inelegant unsophisticated ignoble café society famous people glamorous people society people the in-crowd the upper class the well-to-do wealthy people cream of the crop favorite finest first gem model nonpareil paragon Elite lying flat Elites barren derelict desolate empty forlorn isolated lonely neglected uninhabited vacant bare forsaken left relinquished bereft cast off godforsaken left in the lurch left stranded lorn solitary uncouth cheerful filled full happy inhabited pleased populated productive used busy crowded populous abandoned alone cast aside cast away deserted discarded dissipated dropped dumped eliminated forgotten given up jilted left in the cold on the rocks outcast passed up pigeon-holed rejected shunned side-tracked sidelined unoccupied vacated pure innocent supported maintained cherished adopted virtuous restrained moral chaste defended batching it by itself\u002Foneself companionless detached friendless hermit in solitary individual lone lonesome me and my shadow me myself and I on one's own onliest only shag single sole solo stag traveling light unaccompanied unaided unassisted unattached unattended unescorted unmarried widowed together beached aground ashore high and dry marooned stranded wrecked at sea bleak austere blank blighted bombed burned chilly cleared cold deforested desert dreary exposed flat gaunt grim open raw scorched stripped unpopulated unsheltered weather-beaten wild windswept sunny nice comfortable sympathetic warm hot bright encouraging congenial comforting pleasant appealing friendly bleaker bleakest archipelago enclave isle islet peninsula reef atoll bar cay haven key refuge retreat sanctuary shelter insulate coat cocoon cushion cut off inlay island isolate keep apart line seclude separate sequester set apart shield tape treat wrap mingle join uncover insulated coated cocooned cushioned inlaid islanded isolated kept apart lined secluded separated sequestered shielded taped treated wrapped mingled joined uncovered abstract block off close off confine detach disconnect disengage divide divorce part quarantine remove segregate sever sunder gather attach integrate incorporate include desegregate combine link couple unite connect isolating abstracting blocking off confining detaching disconnecting disengaging dividing divorcing insulating islanding keeping apart parting quarantining removing secluding segregating separating sequestering severing sundering mingling gathering joining attaching integrating incorporating including desegregating combining linking coupling uniting connecting median strip boulevard boulevard strip divider jersey barrier medial strip median meridian neutral ground choose dissociate select single out split up associate lying flat Island component element feature information piece thing account aspect bit blurb bulletin column consideration detail dispatch entry incidental matter minutia news note notice novelty paragraph particular point report scoop scrap specific story conversation piece minor point write-up whole heedlessness ignorance neglect development difficulty emergency estate evidence exigency extent factor fancy idea incident issue items judgment magnitude minutiae notion occasion occurrence particulars perplexity plan problem proposal puzzle scope situation state thought trouble failure peace debt disdain thoughtlessness omission negligence disrespect disregard considerations developments difficulties emergencies estates evidences exigencies extents factors fancies ideas incidents issues judgments magnitudes notions occasions occurrences perplexities plans points problems proposals puzzles scopes situations states thoughts troubles failures debts omissions supplies foods foodstuffs materials necessities provender rations raw materials replenishment stocks stores terms charges circumstances conclusions conditions details fees fine prints nitty-gritties payments premises prices provisions provisos qualifications rates reservations size of its small prints specifications stipulations strings treaties understandings what it is disagreements item lying flat Item 2013 lying flat NFL lying flat Nfl Baltimore Ravens lying flat baltimore lying flat Baltimore pillage booty goods graft loot make pickings plunderage prey prize quarry rapine raven spoil stuff take trappings winnings hot goods gift plunder underdog mug mark dupe game quest kill victim martyr casualty chased sufferer attacker harbinger omen rebel red flag storm petrel Mother Carey's chicken stormy petrel load clog surfeit overwhelm jade pall cloy fill hog overload flood sate cram satiate congest devour burden gorge overstock inundate deluge saturate feast wolf pack overfeed make a pig of underwhelm reduce moderate open relieve help suppress repress diet fast abstain dissatisfy deprive deplete aid glut Raven lying flat Ravens Maryland lying flat maryland athletics fun game pastime action amusement ball disport diversion exercise frolic gaiety games picnic play pleasure recreation fun and games physical activity work sadness unhappiness seriousness vocation teasing nonsense jest pleasantry drollery derision scorn jesting raillery mockery banter laughter tomfoolery trifling badinage merriment horseplay joke jollity mirth escapade practical joke jollification kidding mummery gloom praise flattery laughingstock target buffoon butt mock plaything jestee object of derision object of ridicule don exhibit model show off be dressed in have on adventure business distraction enterprise festivity lark line merrymaking occupation plan proceeding pursuit romp scheme sport sports undertaking profession surrender entertainment task passiveness inactivity adventures amusements businesses distractions diversions enterprises festivities frolics jests jokes larks lines occupations pastimes plans plays proceedings pursuits recreations romps schemes undertakings professions works surrenders entertainments tasks passivenesses inactivities lying flat S'port Sport soccer rugby American football Association football Canadian football grid game gridiron pastime the pigskin sport peanut sphere oval pigskin moleskin porker watermelon pineapple inflated oval regulation football Football lying flat football footballs civil communal domestic ethnic governmental internal interstate nationwide public social federal general home imperial native royal sovereign state sweeping vernacular countrywide government civic inland politic political societal widespread private local citizen John\u002FJane Q. Public aborigine burgess burgher civilian commoner cosmopolite denizen dweller freeman\u002Fwoman householder inhabitant member of body politic member of community national naturalized person occupant resident settler subject taxpayer townsperson urbanite villager voter immigrant foreigner alien citizens John\u002Fjane q. publics aborigines burgesses burghers civilians commoners cosmopolites denizens dwellers freeman\u002Fwomans householders inhabitants member of body politics member of communities nationals natives naturalized persons occupants residents settlers subjects taxpayers townspersons urbanites villagers voters immigrants foreigners aliens civic borough metropolitan municipal urban interior rude foreign unkind impolite ill-mannered compatriot fellow citizen compatriots fellow citizens lying flat National Nationals club company conference group organization society union alliance band bunch circle circuit coalition combination combine compact confederacy confederation consortium crew gang guild loop mob order outfit partnership pool ring sodality unit disunion separation class category status level grade rank pigeonhole tier grouping consolidate collaborate concur federate conjoin unite cooperate amalgamate confederate ally coadjute join forces disagree separate part divide disassociate academy association council federation foundation fraternity institute league affiliation amalgamation banding together cahoots clan conjunction connection crowd hookup incorporation joining merging relationship syndicate tie-in dissolution detachment division divorce affiliations alliances amalgamations banding togethers bunches clans coalitions combinations confederations conjunctions connections crews crowds gangs hookups incorporations joinings leagues mergings mobs outfits partnerships relationships rings syndicates tie-ins unions dissolutions detachments divisions separations divorces disunions accord affinity betrothal bond coherence collaboration collusion communion concord concurrence congruity consanguinity cooperation engagement entente fraternization friendship interrelation kinship marriage matrimony membership mutuality pact participation relation support tie treaty disconnection opposition disagreement war rebellion hostility estrangement hatred antagonism disunity discord accords affinities betrothals bonds collaborations collusions communions compacts concords concurrences confederacies congruities consanguinities cooperations engagements ententes federations friendships interrelations kinships marriages memberships mutualities pacts participations relations supports ties treaties disconnections oppositions disagreements wars rebellions hostilities estrangements hatreds antagonisms discords associate affiliate blend bracket correlate couple identify join link lump together mix pair relate think of together yoke sever avoid disunite disjoin disperse detach dissociate disconnect League lying flat club company lineup organization party side squad unit aggregation band body bunch contingent duo faction foursome gang outfit pair partners rig sect set span stable string tandem trio troop troupe workers yoke individual one single teammate athletic competitive contesting exercise-related recreational sporting team ball club baseball club crew nine personnel roster affiliate ally amalgamate belt coadjute combine conjoin consolidate federate gather league merge unite separate part divide disperse disjoin banded affiliated allied amalgamated belted coadjuted combined conjoined consolidated federated gathered leagued merged teamed united separated parted divided dispersed disjoined brigade army corps detachment force group posse agglomeration assemblage assortment batch bevy blob bouquet bundle caboodle chunk clump cluster covey crowd fascicle flock galaxy gathering heap host hunk knot lot mass mess mob multitude number oodles pack parcel passel pile quantity sheaf shebang shock shooting match spray stack swarm thicket tuft lying flat Team teams
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