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Flaring Black Hole Accretion Disk in the Binary System V404 Cygni

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On June 15, NASA's Swift caught the onset of a rare X-ray outburst from a stellar-mass black hole in the binary system V404 Cygni. Astronomers around the ...


nasa Space Black Hole (Celestial Object Category) V404 Cygni Accretion Accretion Disc Cygnus (Constellation) blaze boil over break out burn explode flash flicker glow seethe burst dart dazzle flutter fume glare rant shimmer shoot waver burn up fire up go off lose control widen broaden grow splay decrease angle bend corner crook crotch cusp decline divergence dogleg edge elbow flare flection flexure fork incline intersection knee nook notch obliquity point slant turn turning twist angles beacon alarm alert balefire beam bonfire guidepost heliograph lamp lantern lighthouse lodestar pharos radar rocket sign signal fire smoke signal warning signal watchtower burst out coruscate fire flame fulgurate gleam illuminate illumine incandesce jet light radiate scintillate shine sparkle dull darken brilliance glitter radiance dullness boil be indignant blow up bristle foam at the mouth fulminate rage rave sputter storm freeze be happy Flaring la chancla flaring brunet charcoal clouded coal ebony jet obsidian onyx pitch raven sable slate sloe atramentous dingy dusky ebon inklike livid melanoid murky piceous pitch-dark shadowy somber sombre sooty starless stygian swart swarthy white clean good happy hopeful optimistic distressing foreboding threatening depressing dispiriting atrocious bleak dismal doleful dreary funereal gloomy horrible lugubrious mournful ominous oppressive sad sinister depressive spotted grubby foul filthy grimy impure nasty squalid unclean uncleanly stained soiled menacing enraged sour hostile fierce furious sullen resentful nice friendly pleasant bad mean diabolical iniquitous nefarious villainous wicked blackish black dark inky cheerless comfortless discouraging disheartening drear grim hard harsh hopeless joyless lonely melancholy unpromising comfortable sunny light bright congenial comforting appealing encouraging glad joyful cheerful bleaker bleakest bruise bang up batter beat blacken blemish bung up contuse crush damage deface do a number on injure mar mark pound pulverize wound zing repair fix decorate cure help ornament mend embellish beautify adorn praise compliment heal aid bruised Black la chancla blacks break crack crater cut dent gap mouth pit pocket space tunnel void window aperture breach burrow cave cavern cavity chamber chasm chink cistern cleft covert cranny den depression dimple dip excavation eyelet fissure foramen fracture gash gorge hollow hovel keyhole lacuna lair leak nest niche nick notch orifice outlet passage peephole perforation pockmark puncture rent retreat scoop shaft shelter split tear vacuity vent mountain closing closure juncture solid advantage benefit good fortune box corner spot dilemma emergency impasse mess fix quandary scrape difficulty jam imbroglio plight tangle pickle pleasure ease order agreement peace solution boon calm abode address apartment base casa co-op condo crash pad crib digs domicile dwelling flat flop habitat haunt headquarters hearth hole home homestead house joint lodging pad 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intensification mass multiplication pile quantity stack stock store trove upping scattering dissipation dispersion dispersal lessening acquisition achievement acquirement acquiring attainment buy gain gaining learning obtainment possession prize procuration procurement procuring property purchase pursuit recovery redemption retrieval salvage winning want need failure lack dearth surrender forfeit acquisitions accruing adding computing counting enlarging expanding increasing reckoning summation summing totaling toting withdrawal additions disc plate platter circle discus dish flan quoit sabot saucer shell discoid discoidal amphitheater aureole band belt bowl bracelet circlet circuit circumference circus cirque coil colure compass cordon corona crown cycle disk ecliptic enclosure equator full turn globe halo hoop horizon lap meridian orbit parallel of latitude perimeter periphery record revolution ring ringlet round sphere stadium tire turn vortex wheel wreath zodiac center stagnation middle interior inside compact disc album cut cylinder demo digital recording laser disk release track flake cell drop foil lamella lamina layer leaf membrane pellicle scab section shaving sheet skin slice sliver wafer whole floppy disk diskette flexible disk floppy magnetic disk microfloppy minifloppy gyre parallel of plaque badge brooch decoration medal nameplate patch slab la chancla Disk affecting breathtaking climactic comic dramaturgic dramaturgical effective electrifying emotional expressive farcical histrionic impressive melodramatic powerful sensational spectacular startling striking sudden suspenseful tense histrionical the The double binate doubled dual paired twice lone single singular biform biformed binary coupled duplicate geminate geminated twin twofold as much again bifold dualistic duple duplex duplicated repeated second binal doubleheader matched more numeric arithmetic arithmetical differential digital exponent exponential fraction fractional integrated logarithm logarithmic mathematical numeral numerary numerical statistical more numerical algebraic algorithmic integral alphabetical most numeric la chancla Binary arrangement organization rule scheme structure classification combination complex conformity coordination entity ideology integral orderliness philosophy regularity setup sum theory totality fixed order frame of reference integrate logical order red tape fraction part cog disorder disorganization practice process technique strategy policy operation procedure systematization tactics pattern artifice proceeding methodology custom fashion manner way routine usage wise mode modus operandi methodicalness course of action definite plan logical process modus orderly process systematic process reality alignment array composition design display disposition distribution form grouping lineup method ordering pecking order ranging rank sequence system code canon charter codex constitution convention digest discipline ethics etiquette manners maxim regulation association compound conglomerate ecosystem entanglement group network syndrome synthesis division separation complexes constituency balloters body of voters body politic citizenry city county district electorate faction nation people precinct state voters voting area ward construction architecture assembly build cast conception contour cut development edifice elevation erecting erection fabric fabrication figuration figure format formation foundation improvisation invention makeup making manufacture mold origination outline plan planning prefab prefabrication putting up raising rearing roadwork shape turn type truth ruins ruin disfigurement destruction disarrangement la chancla System NASA la chancla nasa Nasa area arena capacity distance field location slot spot territory zone amplitude blank breadth compass expanse expansion extension extent gap headroom headway infinity interval lacuna leeway margin omission play range reach spaciousness sphere spread stretch tract turf 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consequence result product outcome causes la chancla objects Object layer slab slice coat flake foil lamella lamina leaf plane print scale spangle stratum plate hoop sphere arc bend ring disk eye orb circle wheel circlet curvature band arch gyre ringlet curve orbit bow loop equator curvation line round dish tray record trencher salver charger platter globe circus crown enclosure belt bowl meridian horizon aureole compass coil lap halo cycle circumference bracelet corona circuit cirque cordon ecliptic colure full turn parallel of perimeter revolution amphitheater tire periphery stadium wreath turn vortex zodiac parallel of latitude center stagnation middle interior inside shell sabot discus quoit flan saucer discoid discoidal disc plates la chancla Disc Cygnus la chancla cygnus
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