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Flexible robotic device offers life-saving option

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CTCA surgeons using it to fight head, neck, cancers


cancer treatment head neck flexible robot flex ctca option malleable soft flexile adjustable bending ductile elastic extensible extensile formable formative impressionable like putty limber lithe moldable plastic pliant spongy springy stretch stretchable stretchy supple tensile tractable tractile whippy willowy yielding firm rigid brittle inflexible obstinate ornery resistant stern stiff stubborn unaccommodating unadaptable unbendable unpliable unresponsive unyielding acquiescent amenable biddable complaisant compliant discretionary docile gentle going every which way hanging loose like putty in hands manageable open rolling with punches variable adaptable AC-DC all around alterable can-do changeable conformable convertible easygoing flexible modifiable pliable resilient switch-hitting versatile intractable adaptive modifying robust accommodating all-round all-around all-purpose many-sided multifaceted protean well-rounded fluid mutable reversible. transformable variant broad-minded 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