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Forget the heatwave

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Forget the heatwave: Forecasters reveal interactive map that shows the first snowfall of winter is just 'weeks away' It's the middle of August and parts of the US ...


Forget heatwave Forecasters reveal interactive map shows first snowfall winter blow obliterate clean forget consign to oblivion dismiss from mind disremember draw a blank fail to remember let slip from memory lose consciousness of lose sight of misrecollect think no more of carry learn recall recollect remember take bypass condone connive cushion discount disregard fail forget neglect omit overlook overpass pass by slight turn a blind eye accept apology bear no malice end a quarrel forgive hold out the olive branch kiss and make up let bygones be bygones make a peace offering make peace smoke the peace pipe wipe slate clean buy excuse give green light go along with ignore lap up let it come let it go by let pass look the other way nod at okay pardon pass over remit wink at belittle blink at brush off depreciate derogate detract from disbelieve discredit dispraise doubt minimize mistrust question reject scoff at scout skip drop blink trespass transgress pay attention attend finish 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