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Foundations Of Success 19/30: Understanding Earning Money - When You Know How To Earn, You Can Increase.

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The Foundations Of Success 19: Understanding Earning MoneyHow Do You Earn A Fortune?How do you earn a fortune? By rendering fortunes of service. People will do things you won’t believe for good service. It goes the distance.In any man’s journey to success he must understand the Foundation of Earning Money. Where does money come from, how do we make it, and thus, how do I make more of it?How To Earn MoneyMoney is made by providing value to the world around you, and to providing services that people need. This is a simple statement, but when is the last time you really considered it? You have so many skills, which you can develop and perfect, which will allow you to help people with their problem. How many problems can you learn how to solve for people and thus grow businesses out of? If you can solve a problem for one person, you can solve it for 2, 5, and 10. Then, if you can teach others to solve that problem in the same way, they can serve 2, 5, and 10 for you. By finding a way to solve a problem, and by learning to leverage yourself and scale up your service, you can develop lucrative businesses in so many areas of life you never thought possible. This is how fortunes are made.Understand the simple concept of how money is made and why. Once you grasp this concept, you can apply it again and again and again over the course of your lifetime to grow businesses, multiple streams of income, and grow wealthy.Always do more than you were paid to do. In doing so, you create an inequality whereby your pay must eventually rise to meet your level of effort.You don’t get a promotion or a raise by going to your boss and saying, I will work harder once you give me the raise. No, you work harder, you go the extra distance, and your boss gives you a raise because you deserve it. You are rendering more service than you are being paid for, so eventually it must even out.So too in the world of self-employment. Do more than you were getting paid for. Chances are, you already do well more than you are paid for, but don’t’ do it in work only, do it in service. Do it in service to your customers. What are they paying you for? Go above and beyond to deliver more than what they’re paying you for. Then you will earn more than you are currently earning. If you are self-employed, learn to quit doing so much work for “yourself” and learn to start doing a little more work for your customers.All Money Comes From Other People:Understand that all money comes from other people. You only make money that other people are willing to give you. And people are only willing to give up their money in exchange for a value, a service, and a solved problem.Wealth is a matter of inspiration.Let’s break this down because it is a brilliant quote. Wealth is a matter of inspiration. If you are looking to make more money, you must find an inspiration that will push you on to new heights. Be inspired to grow more, to provide more, to add more value, to work harder, smarter, and better. Be inspired to pursue the right ideas, and new ideas. Be inspired to find success, and wealth will follow.Adding Value to the Marketplace:Value makes the difference in results. You can’t get more time, but you can get more value. We primarily get paid for bringing value to the marketplace.You think you are paid for your time, but you aren’t. You can’t increase your wealth by adding more time to your work… maybe just a little.No, you get paid for the value you provide in that time that you work. Therefore, if you wish to increase your income, you must increase the value you are able to provide by your work and time.----LEARN THE FOUNDATIONS OF SUCCESS: http://www.lifestylebillionaireclub.c... ----Limitless North is a personal development channel that breaks down success secrets, tips and tricks for small businesses, self employed business owners, and those who are looking to become inspired, motivated, disciplined, and driven. Here you will learn new knowledge, new skills, tips, tricks and marketing hacks to grow your business, improve yourself, and increase your performance in life. We'll explore goal setting, building inspiration, increasing your income, working smarter and harder, and many more concepts of personal development. Success leaves clues and all of the knowledge in the world is at your fingertips. For things to change, you've got to change. Success is not limited, and we all have a right to be rich. Follow this series and I will teach you to become wealthy. Your future is limitless.------------------------SUBSCRIBE--------------------Never miss a video, and join the Youtube personal-development community. Start living life to the fullest: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJT8...


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