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Foundations Of Success 22: Money Philosophy - How you view money affects your earning capacity. [Video]

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The Foundations Of Success 22: Money PhilosophyEvery one of us has a unique philosophy about money that we’ve come to believe over the course of our lives. It’s been shaped by our experiences, our encounters, and the philosophy of others we’ve been in connection with and been inspired by over the years.Most of us have slightly skewed philosophies when it comes to money. If we dig deep, we’ll find that we often have limiting beliefs that hold us back from our full potential and that keep us from earning what we want. We’ve been influenced by scarcity philosophies instead of abundance, believing that money is in short supply and that there’s never enough. We’ve been influenced by greed philosophies, believing that rich people are greedy and corrupt, and therefore we are held back from ever truly wanting to become one. And we’ve been influenced by philosophies that tell us money can’t buy happiness, etc… that really have no relevance to the issue at all. It’s true, money can’t buy happiness, but that just means you shouldn’t look to money to fulfill you, because it never will and it was never supposed too. In fact, just like everything in life, if we look for anything to satisfy and fulfill our lives aside from a relationship with God, we’ll be sorely disappointed whenever we acquire what we strive for, realizing that we have something new, but we’re still left wanting.So in this Foundation of Success about Money Philosophy, I want to teach you to examine your own philosophy about money. What views do you hold, where did they come from, have you or others skewed their meaning over time, and what views do you hold that actually limit your subconscious ability to become rich yourself?In this foundation I will teach you incredibly valuable concepts learned from the amazing book, “The Richest Man In Babylon,” and we will learn what to do with a dollar. And in this Foundation we will also seek to build a strong, healthy philosophy on money that will serve you rather than hold you back.Understand that Poor people spend their money first and invest what’s left. Rich people invest their money first and spend what’s left. It really doesn’t matter the amount. It all comes down to the philosophy. What do you do with your money?If you can learn what to do with a dollar today, you can begin to change the way you spend and look at bills, assets, and investments.----LEARN THE FOUNDATIONS OF SUCCESS: http://www.lifestylebillionaireclub.c... ----Limitless North is a personal development channel that breaks down success secrets, tips and tricks for small businesses, self employed business owners, and those who are looking to become inspired, motivated, disciplined, and driven. Here you will learn new knowledge, new skills, tips, tricks and marketing hacks to grow your business, improve yourself, and increase your performance in life. We'll explore goal setting, building inspiration, increasing your income, working smarter and harder, and many more concepts of personal development. Success leaves clues and all of the knowledge in the world is at your fingertips. For things to change, you've got to change. Success is not limited, and we all have a right to be rich. Follow this series and I will teach you to become wealthy. Your future is limitless.------------------------SUBSCRIBE--------------------Never miss a video, and join the Youtube personal-development community. Start living life to the fullest: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJT8...


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