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complimentary comp freebie handout paper chargeless costless for love for nothing free of cost free ride gratis gratuitous on the cuff on the house unpaid unrecompensed costly expensive high-priced priced able at large clear easy independent loose open unfettered unrestricted allowed disengaged escaped familiar forward frank liberal liberated permitted relaxed at liberty casual fancy-free footloose free-spirited free-wheeling informal lax off the hook on one's own on the loose unattached uncommitted unconfined unconstrained unengaged unhampered unimpeded unobstructed unregulated untrammeled blocked closed restricted strict reserved confined limited repressed restrained suppressed autonomous democratic freed separate emancipated sovereign autarchic autonomic individualistic self-directing self-governing self-ruling sui juris unenslaved unregimented enslaved occupied available empty unused extra idle spare unemployed at leisure not tied down uninhabited vacant employed busy scheduled tied-up big eager willing lavish prodigal big-hearted bounteous bountiful charitable handsome hospitable munificent open-handed unstinging parsimonious penny-pinching stingy thrifty mean tight-fisted ungenerous acquit discharge dismiss extricate pardon parole release relieve rescue save absolve bail deliver demobilize disengage emancipate enfranchise loosen manumit ransom redeem reprieve spring unbind unchain undo unleash untie bail out cut loose disenthrall disimprison let loose let off let off the hook let out put on the street set free turn loose turn out uncage unfetter unfix employ engage hire hold injure keep maintain bind fasten imprison restrain compel confine enslave incarcerate limit suppress exempt disembarrass disencumber disentangle excuse rid unburden unlade unload unpack cast off put off unshackle fill load burden absolute complete consummate downright entire flat out free full infinite no catch no fine print no holds barred no ifs ands or buts no joke no strings attached outright plenary pure sheer simple straight out supreme thorough total unabridged unadulterated unconditional unlimited unqualified utter bounded conditional incomplete indefinite needy qualified uncertain unfinished abridged part partial accountable circumscribed complaisant compliant dependent flawed imperfect submissive tractable yielding bleach blink at exculpate exonerate forgive go easy on launder let off easy let up on liberate lifeboat sanitize vindicate whitewash wink at wipe it off wipe the slate clean write off accuse blame censure charge condemn convict damn punish sentence impeach incriminate obligate disculpate let go wipe off denounce doom self-determining uncontrolled subservient subject accessible achievable applicable at hand at one's disposal attainable come-at-able convenient derivable from feasible getatable handy obtainable on deck on hand on tap open to possible prepared procurable purchasable reachable ready willing and able realizable securable serviceable up for grabs usable inconvenient unavailable unobtainable altruistic benevolent bighearted chivalrous considerate gracious greathearted heroic lofty magnanimous noble princely unselfish adolescent baby babyish blah bland dull humble infant infantile juvenile little selfish shy small tiny unconfident ungiving unimportant gem jewel rhinestone allotrope corundum ice lozenge paragon rhombus rock solitaire zircon bort brilliant jager arena amphitheatre boards bowl circus coliseum course diamond field gridiron ground gym gymnasium hippodrome park pit platform ring rink square stadium stage amphitheater battlefield circuit court fairground golf course green grounds landing strip lot playground playing area race track racecourse range terrain theater track turf stadia athletic field garden stade strand enrollment participation associates association body club company fellows group members society alliance accord affiliation affinity betrothal bond coalition coherence collaboration collusion combination communion compact concord concurrence confederacy confederation congruity conjunction connection consanguinity cooperation engagement entente federation fraternization friendship interrelation kinship league marriage matrimony membership mutuality pact partnership relation support tie treaty union antagonism detachment disagreement disconnection discord disunity division divorce hatred opposition separation disunion estrangement hostility rebellion war alliances accords affiliations affinities betrothals bonds coalitions collaborations collusions combinations communions compacts concords concurrences confederacies confederations congruities conjunctions connections consanguinities cooperations engagements ententes federations friendships interrelations kinships leagues marriages memberships mutualities pacts participations partnerships relations supports ties treaties unions disconnections detachments oppositions divisions disagreements wars rebellions hostilities estrangements disunions hatreds antagonisms separations divorces discords acquaintance acquaintanceship agreement assistance camaraderie companionship comradeship familiarity fellowship frequenting friendliness hookup intimacy relationship aloofness ignorance incompatibility strangeness unfamiliarity aloneness disassociation isolation rivalry seclusion solitude associations acquaintances acquaintanceships agreements camaraderies familiarities fellowships frequentings hookups intimacies relationships disassociations solitudes seclusions rivalries isolations alonenesses incompatibilities unfamiliarities
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