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Fudged Up Ice: Russ Howard explains wearing down of pebbles in the delivery slide path

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evade exaggerate falsify overstate avoid color dodge embellish embroider equivocate hedge magnify pad patch shuffle slant stall cook up confront face meet simplify tell truth applesauce bunk fudge hogwash hokum hooey malarkey nonsense poppycock pulp rubbish truth sense balderdash bosh bull claptrap crock drivel flummery fustian jargon moonshine rigmarole rot trash tripe twaddle bungle ball up boggle botch butcher drop the ball err flub foul up fumble goof up gum up louse up make a mess of mar mess up miscalculate mishandle mismanage muff ruin screw up spoil manage fix do well help succeed grow bungled cheat bamboozle beat beguile bilk bleed bunco burn caboodle chisel con cozen crib cross deceive defraud delude diddle do a number on double-cross double-deal dupe fast talk finagle fleece flimflam give bum steer gouge gyp hoodwink hose jerk around milk mislead ream rip off rook rope in sandbag scam screw shaft short shuck skin snow stiff sucker swindle take take for a ride take in take out trick trim two-time victimize fail offer lose give assist aid protect angle belie disguise doctor fake garble gloss over misrepresent misstate pervert prejudice taint twist warp represent leave alone whiten pale discolor straighten fudged bowl searching Fudged Russ bowl searching russ Howard bowl searching howards howard analyze clarify define demonstrate describe disclose expound illustrate interpret justify point out read resolve reveal solve spell out tell annotate construe decipher diagram elucidate excuse explicate manifest paraphrase rationalize refine render teach translate unfold unravel untangle account for break down bring out clear up get across go into detail make plain put across put in plain English set right throw light upon conceal confuse distort hide misrepresent misunderstand question wonder cloud mystify obscure stagnate tangle withhold complicate perplex draining exhausting burdensome carking crushing demanding difficult disturbing exacting exigent heavy irksome onerous oppressive superincumbent taxing tough trying wearing wearying weighty unburdensome relieving helping aiding calm easy helpful trivial ambitious backbreaker bothersome clamorous critical dictatorial fussy grievous hard imperious importunate insistent nagging pressing querulous strict stringent troublesome undemanding simple mild yielding nice flexible unimportant uncertain facile tolerant inexact debilitating depleting fatiguing sapping tiresome arduous backbreaking complicated difficile distressing effortful formidable grinding hairy Herculean intricate involved knotty labored laborious mean merciless murder operose rigorous rough rugged scabrous serious severe slavish sticky strenuous terrible tiring toilful toilsome unsparing uphill uphill battle wearisome doubtful sympathetic sensitive soft pliant happy light untrue questionable disputable pleasant merciful pliable malleable Wearing bowl searching downward cascading declining depressed descending downgrade downhill 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beneath down from over more bowl searching Down earth gravel lava metal rubble slab bedrock boulder cobblestone crag crust lodge mass mineral ore promontory quarry reef shelf slag rock crystal grain gem jewel masonry stonework stone pill bullet ball shot wad bolus pellet powder dust pebbles sand foreign matter timidity weakness cowardice grit pebble rocks stones bowl searching Pebble affecting breathtaking climactic comic dramaturgic dramaturgical effective electrifying emotional expressive farcical histrionic impressive melodramatic powerful sensational spectacular startling striking sudden suspenseful tense histrionical the The consignment distribution shipment transmission commitment conveyance dispatch drop mailing portage post rendition surrender freighting giving over handing over impartment intrusting parcel post capture confinement hold imprisonment keeping quiet restraint retention secrecy enunciation diction modulation inflection accent pronunciation emphasis speech intonation utterance elocution unimportance silence birth bearing travail accouchement childbearing lying-in birthing labor parturition Caesarian section bringing forth geniture release freeing rescue pardon salvation liberation deliverance escape emancipation salvage childbed childbirth delivery arrival addition arriver caller cargo comer conferee delegate entrant envoy freight guest mail newcomer package parcel passenger representative tourist traveler visitant visitor leave departure disappearance articulation expression saying speaking statement talking verbalization vocalization voicing disconnection behavior act action address air attitude bag carriage code comportment conduct convention course dealings decency decorum deed demeanor deportment ethics etiquette form front guise habits management mien mode morals nature observance performance practice presence propriety ritual role routine savoir-faire seemliness social graces style tact talk taste tenue tone way way of life ways listening immorality rest impropriety bad manners indecency thoughtlessness carelessness stoppage repose inertia inactivity idleness cessation behaviors act of God beginning blessed event creation nascency natality nativity producing visit from stork finish end conclusion ending death Delivery bowl searching accelerate drift drive drop fall flow glide move sag shift shove skate skid slip slither slump tumble veer coast glissade launch propel skim spill stream thrust toboggan fall off move along move over scooch smooth along ascend discourage dissuade remain retard rise stay stop hold keep breeze cruise flit hurry pass sail sally slide sweep trip waltz zip correct fix slow budge bend change change position convince give way inch influence locomote persuade push remove roll stir sway yield leave alone steady suppress repress prevent hinder chute channel course gutter incline rapid runway trough float freewheel get by ride on current taxi coasting crawl clamber creep drag drag oneself along go on all fours go on belly grovel hang back lag loiter along lollygag move on hands and knees plod poke pull oneself along scrabble squirm worm wriggle writhe rush bowl searching Slide slides aisle avenue direction highway lane line passage pathway procedure rail road roadway route street track trail walkway artery beat boulevard byway crosscut drag footpath groove pass rut shortcut stroll terrace thoroughfare walk beaten path closing blockage access admittance approach connection contact course door entrance entree entry entrée ingress introduction key open arms open door path way outlet conclusion egress alley clearing corridor gangway hallway opening aisles alleyway back street passageway accession advance advent coming drawing near gate landing nearing reaching leaving distancing departure exit approaches bowl searching Path PATH
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