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Fuying, Civil Law cover all aspects of social life

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frying buying fuming fusing dying flaying fraying buoying flying fating feting feuding fifing filing fining firing fouling fucking fueling funning furling furring fussing fuzzing eying fling hying lying tying vying baying facing fading faking faring fazing foring heying joying laying maying naying paying saying shying toying yaying frying buying fuming fusing dying flaying fraying buoying flying fating feting feuding fifing filing fining firing fouling fucking fueling funning furling furring fussing fuzzing eying fling hying lying tying vying baying facing fading faking faring fazing foring heying joying laying maying naying paying saying shying toying yaying civilian domestic governmental local national home interior municipal political public foreign ill-mannered impolite rude unkind amiable amicable approachable benevolent benign breezy civil clubby congenial cordial courteous genial gentle good-humored good-natured gracious kindly mild nice obliging pleasant polite sociable urbane warm accordant agreeing concordant cozy empathic harmonious kind like-minded mellow neighborly pacific peaceable peaceful regular right nice square shooting sympathetic understanding accommodating devoted gallant respectful solicitous thoughtful aloof collected cool as cucumber cool-headed detached disinterested dispassionate equable impassive imperturbable inscrutable laid-back levelheaded listless moderate neutral patient placid pleased poised relaxed restful satisfied sedate self-possessed serene still temperate unconcerned undisturbed unemotional unexcitable unexcited unflappable unimpressed unmoved unruffled untroubled courtly decorous deferential dignified exact grandiose impressive majestic moving precise proper punctilious seemly solemn starchy stately stiff striking diplomatic civilized formal affable complaisant genteel mannerly polished politic refined suave well-bred cultivated wellmannered unrefined unmannerly uncivil reserved miserable mean unhappy nasty disagreeable surly grumbling grouchy disdainful complaining discourteous unsociable unsophisticated uncivilized irritable unfriendly hateful hostile attentive disregarding neglecting neglectful inconsiderate inattentive ignorant heedless negligent calm ruffled roused passionate mad furious turbulent rough wild troubled uncontrolled violent unreasonable worried excitable angry stormy frenzied fierce biased excited agitated excessive immoderate upset nervous calmer ceremonious unobserved unceremonious informal Civil CiViL argument someone least don't stuckup cvvill bitchy cvil cvl skate shop boutique rhode island cool rad bomb phat tight sweet neat sick boss ciivil civiil civvil civill sivel ghetto glens friendly insults act case charge charter code constitution decision decree legislation mandate measure order precedent regulation requirement ruling statute assize behest bidding bylaw canon caveat command commandment covenant demand dictate divestiture edict enactment equity garnishment injunction institute instruction jurisprudence notice ordinance precept prescript prescription subpoena summons warrant writ decretum due process reg disorganization lawlessness breaking transgression violation amendment announcement bill clause commitment judgment law resolution verdict Bible CEO arbiter aristocrat big cheese big shot big wig boss brains brass buff city hall connoisseur czar egghead establishment exec executive expert feds front office governor guru ivory dome judge kingfish kingpin power elite pro professional professor pundit scholar specialist textbook top brass top dog top hand upstairs veteran virtuoso whiz wizard adage aphorism apothegm device dictum fundamental maxim moral postulate proposition proverb saying theorem truism truth bench counsel counselors court courtroom dock judiciary law court law practice lawyers legal profession tribunal proposal rule origin ground source assumption criterion usage formula cause axiom foundation exigency reason base guide generalization principium end outgrowth effect consequence result outcome rest suspension stoppage repose quiet inertia inactivity idleness cessation authorities bible greenhorn rookie student amateur proletariat ignoramus authority paradox nonsense foolishness ambiguity absurdity axioms bar help aid advantage laws Law legal lawful lawyer justice hypocrisy government felony illegal misdemeanor police cops boys in blue officers canvas cap dress envelope front jacket lid mask roof screen sheet tent top umbrella awning bark binding camouflage canopy caparison case ceiling cloak clothing coating covering coverlet disguise dome drop facade guise hood integument marquee masquerade overlay paint parasol polish pretense put-on seal semblance sheath shroud spread stopper tarp tarpaulin tegument varnish veil veneer window-dressing wrapper false front fig leaf smoke screen reality account affirmation airtight case allegation answer assertion assurance avowal cop-out cover declaration excuse explanation fish story justification plea pretext profession proof reason reply retort song and dance stall statement vindication administer affix anoint bestow fasten join lay on massage place put on rub smear touch pinafore shield smock den harbor haven hideaway hideout hole ivory tower port preserve refuge retreat safe house safety sanctuary security shelter bed linen bedclothes bedspread blanket comforter eiderdown electric blanket linen pillow pillowcase quilt thermal blanket defense covert guard protection asylum concealment harborage danger protect coat enclose bury layer overcast mantle eclipse crown surface daub stash carpet cache house curtain clothe envelop superimpose enfold conceal invest enshroud shade ensconce obscure secrete overspread superpose encase board up bush up cover up do on the sly set on leave alone forget abandon lay out take out tell let go show expose open lay bare reveal exclude ignore disregard unwrap unmask uncover fend bulwark reinforce safeguard defend secure watch over hurt lay open injure harm endanger surrender reach involve examine encompass comprise survey incorporate consider suffice comprehend embrace embody meet deal with provide for be enough refer to take account of separate divide neglect fail reject relate detail broadcast investigate recount report narrate tell of write up suppress hide offset insure balance relieve counterbalance substitute double for make good make up for stand in for take over take the rap for track range traverse cross trek pass over journey over pass through stay alibi question denial request apply loosen detach applying apron bedding Cover covers boxers boxer shorts underwear underpants pants complete entire full greatest gross outright perfect total utter incompletely none zero all all in all altogether considerably emphatically entirely exceedingly extremely highly immensely incredibly infinitely intensely largely markedly notably powerfully substantially totally tremendously wholesale wholly all-embracing all-encompassing all-inclusive blanket broad broad in content comprehensive encompassing everything extensive global including all categories including all members panoptic sweeping wide widespread accumulation agglomerate agglomeration amount assemblage body bulk combination conglomerate conglomeration heap lump mass mixture pile quantity sum the works totality whole whole ball of wax whole enchilada whole schmear whole shooting match aggregate gathering all things considered all told bodily by and large collectively conjointly en masse everything considered everything included for the most part generally in all in sum in toto on the whole taken together any every bar none barring no one each and every every bit of every single alone only solely nothing but fully exactly quite purely just utterly partly partially everyone group aggregation collection ensemble entirety jackpot unit utmost works sum total across the board integer lock stock and barrel wall to wall whole nine yards whole show zip zilch a lot rarely mildly insignificantly inconsiderably barely hardly across-the-board one fraction part individual aggregates ALL alls descendents bonus cup all-o-gistics somery milo ghetto slang allz skeeeet all that and all dialog said and all that empty finished used up all gone dried up style innovator raw dope allover over. attitude condition facet form air appearance bearing countenance demeanor expression face look manner mien whole prospect feature phase situation view vista angle slant regard direction scene hand twist gimmick switch perspective position outlook side point of view civil communal collective common community cordial familiar general group nice sociable societal amusing communicative companionable convivial diverting entertaining gracious gregarious hospitable informative mannerly neighborly organized pleasant pleasurable polished polite popular abnormal aloof cool disagreeable extraordinary rare uncommon unfriendly unpleasant unsociable unusual hermetical private secluded unsocial communal gathering harvest party social work party detectable developmental discernible evident observable outward physiological accepted coincident communistic commutual congruous conjoint conjunct constant corporate correspondent customary generic in common intermutual joint like mutual prevailing prevalent public reciprocal shared socialistic united universal usual well-known widespread affable amicable buddy buddy clubby complacent congenial conversable cozy cozy with genial good-natured intimate mellow outgoing pally palsy tight tight with adapted agreeable amical compatible complaisant consistent consonant cooperative delightful favorable fit good-humored happy harmonious jovial kindly kindred like-minded pleasing regular fellow right neighborly suitable sympathetic well-suited bee behavioral internal superior sophisticated refined noble high separate particular singular excellent cultured aristocratic valuable scarce noteworthy infrequent specific individual commonest foreign opposing antagonistic mean nasty harsh unhappy cold unsympathetic uncongenial incompatible ill-suited unkind hateful discordant Social Socials socials event function winnipeg party private party tweet microbloggin social networking web 2.ho tubewhore mexicans rich guey raves interaction socialization talking conversing activity growth heart soul being breath brio dash energy enthusiasm entity esprit essence excitement get-up-and-go impulse lifeblood liveliness oomph sentience sparkle verve viability vigor vitality vivacity zest zing high spirits élan élan vital abstract apathy dullness idleness inactivity indifference laziness lethargy death agility alacrity alertness animation bag ballgame big idea bit business bustle commotion deal enterprise flurry force functioning game going happening haste hoopla hopper in the works industry life motion movement occupation operation plan power process proposition racket reaction response rush scene spirit stir stunt trip turmoil vim action activeness exercise exertion hustle labor aeon blue moon century date day duration epoch era generation interim interval lifetime millennium span bounce exuberance frolicsomeness nervous spirits sportiveness spriteliness course career season survival time history continuance expectancy length endurance orbit period longevity record extent pilgrimage cycle life span end body living woman person existence man consciousness presence individual human flesh personage animal creature subsistence mortal organism flesh and blood human being substantiality symbiosis metabolism wildlife animateness living being living thing mortal being vital spark plant inanimate concept story autobiography journal confession memoir memorial life story bio curriculum vitae development lifestyle behavior world personality knowledge enjoyment conduct attainment suffering journey participation realization enlightenment happiness circumstances way of life vicissitudes hand one is dealt human condition trials and tribulations unhappiness misery woe sorrow ignorance decrease rest unemployment yielding peace harmony slowness question stoppage inertia cessation indolence stiffness weakness stillness repose quiet calmness calm surrender inaction activities sluggishness immobility hate age continuation ages animal spirits Life life cycle internet noob basement dwellers wtf mudkips lulz drunk wasted don't care bye
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