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GW Slice: Beef's Sky Sports blunder 🍖

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The latest GW Slice features some funny moments from last week's golfing action, including a blunder from Andrew 'Beef' Johnston during his day with Sky Sports at the Valspar Championship and an unintentional trick shot from David Horsey at the Hero Indian Open


Golf Golfing World PGA TOUR European Tour LPGA GW Slice Valspar Championship Hero Indian Open Asian Tour Adam Hadwin SSP Chawrasia David Horsey Beef Andrew Beef Johnston Sky Sports slice sluice glace glacé gasoline gasoliers goes like slies gasolier justice glaces glacés glacer gloze solace coal ice gasolines gillies gollies gullies glaze coal ices beefs beeves barfs beef bees beefy beers beeps beets reefs biffs boffs buffs be of use briefs bevies beefs up beavers beliefs bevels fees be ears be vies be ease be of be avers azure empyrean firmament heavens lid vault welkin celestial sphere the blue upper atmosphere vault of heaven wild blue yonder earth air blast breath breeze draft ozone puff sky stratosphere troposphere ventilation waft whiff wind zephyr atmosphere envelope pressure substratosphere distance absence ambit amplitude area bit breadth compass country mile expanse extension extent far piece farness gap good ways hinterland horizon lapse length objective orbit outpost 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coal ice gasolines gillies gollies gullies glaze coal ices chop portion sliver wedge allotment allowance bite cut helping lot part quota segment triangle piece of pie thin piece whole shave cleave divide hack slit shred split slash strip carve sever gash pierce dissect subdivide incise sunder dissever chiv join sew mend combine unite allocate admeasure allot apportion appropriate budget designate dish out divvy earmark give mete set aside share slice keep together keep hold withhold allocated allocates allocating appoint assign cut the pie distribute dole shell out split up retain disallow reject refuse allocation apportionment appropriation chunk cut of pie end grant measure piece piece of the action rake off ration stint Slice Thoughts and prayers Slouse was par clasp vesper valise vales veals vials valises waspier waspy wallpaper villas was a par val pals up was poor crown showdown tournament elimination playoffs crowning achievement title match winner takes all backing abetment 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Andrew Thoughts and prayers andrew joins in jointing jousting johns cornerstone constant count on counts on goingson gones on canton goings on consign gains on goes town goned on jots down guns down go and on go on town going town pins it on Johnston Thoughts and prayers johnston sexpots sky scouts sex pots sun spots exports spaceports sore spots sky sports Thoughts and prayers
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