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Geo Headlines - 11 PM - 04 August 2017

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Geo Headlines - 11 PM - 04 August 2017Geo News is Pakistan's most trusted and watched news source for authentic, on time news, breaking news updates, forum discussions, talk shows and much more.Watch more videos subscribe - https://www.youtube.com/geonews or Visit our website https://www.geo.tv/videos #geoheadlines #geonews


Geo News Headlines National assembly Shahid Khaqan Abbasi Shafqat Mehmood Ayesha Gulalai PTI Khursheed Shah allegations on IK IG Sindh Independence Celebrations Amir Khan Boxer Faryal Makhdoom Dr Asim Marvi Memon Shah Mohommad Imran Khan Ayaz Sadiq 11 PM title header leader account advice announcement broadcast bulletin cable cognizance communication communiqué copy data description disclosure discovery dispatch enlightenment exposé eye-opener front-page news headlines hearsay intelligence itemization knowledge leak lowdown message narration news flash particularization recital recognition release report rumor scandal scoop specification statement story telecast telegram telling the goods tidings word banderole burgee colors emblem ensign gonfalon heading headline pennant pennon standard streamer advertisement burst page accent accentuation attention decidedness force highlight impressiveness insistence intensity moment positiveness power preeminence priority significance strength stress underlining underscoring weight accentuate affirm articulate assert bear down charge dramatize dwell on enlarge enunciate hit impress indicate insist on italicize labor the point limelight maintain make a point make clear make emphatic make much of mark pinpoint play up point out point up press pronounce punctuate put accent on reiterate repeat rub in spotlight underline underscore news tiding banner emphasis emphasize grand eminent exalted lofty lordly pompous regal stately superb undignified august conventional imposing liturgical mannered ritualistic solemn studied stylized adulatory affable aristocratic ceremonious chivalrous civil civilized complimentary cultured decorous dignified elegant flattering formal gallant gracious high-bred obliging polished polite preux prim refined urbane courtly distinguished distingué grave great highbrow highfalutin' imperial imperious magisterial magnificent nifty noble proud reserved respected somber superior upright affected appropriate apt artistic chic choice classic clever comely cultivated dainty delicate effective exquisite fancy fashionable fine genteel graceful handsome ingenious luxurious majestic modish neat nice opulent ornamented ornate ostentatious overdone rare recherché rich select simple stuffy stylish sumptuous turgid well-bred VIP big-gun big-league big-name big-time celeb celebrated celebrious conspicuous dominant elevated esteemed famed high high-ranking illustrious leonine lionlike name notable noted noteworthy of note outstanding page-oner paramount preeminent prestigious prominent redoubted renowned star superstar well-known admirable admired appreciable big name big time commendable decent deserving excellent good high-powered honored in limelight laudable major league meretorious meritable palmary praisable praiseworthy reputable reputed respectable sterling valuable valued venerable well-thought-of ceremonial estimable August 2017 story word advice account report message data rumor hearsay telegram tidings dispatch telecast scandal leak telling copy cable recital scoop release bulletin exposé lowdown silence truth history admonition advisement advocacy aid bum steer caution charge consultation counsel directions dissuasion encouragement exhortation forewarning guidance help information injunction input instruction judgment lesson news opinion persuasion prescription proposal proposition recommendation steer suggestion teaching telltale tip tip-off two cents' worth view warning word to the wise advertisement briefing broadcast broadcasting communication communiqué disclosure dissemination divulgence edict exposing exposition expression intimation narration notice notification prediction promulgation publication publishing recitation reporting revelation statement announcement break calendar flash handout hot wire item list news flash program skinny the dope what's going down what's happening comment cry grapevine rumble scuttlebutt talk whisper conversation converse declaration directive excerpt goods hot story ideas info inside story intelligence language missive note pipeline poop prophecy précis publicity speech summary translation utterance work buzz intimate intelligence juicy morsel the lowdown dirt NEWS assembly congress diet soviet National ASSembly communal civil ethnic domestic internal social public royal general state sweeping home imperial native inland politic societal federal local John/Jane Q. Public aborigine burgess burgher civilian commoner cosmopolite denizen dweller freeman/woman householder inhabitant member of body politic member of community national naturalized person occupant resident settler subject taxpayer townsperson urbanite villager voter borough metropolitan municipal urban governmental interior political citizen habitant indweller inhabiter liver resider handcrafted home-grown homemade indigenous intestine intramural traditional tribal civic nationals National Nationals crowd cluster huddle council rally flock bunch confab group crew meeting body faction company band sit-in turnout throng mass meet one building molding collection adjustment attachment connecting erection shaping modeling welding joining setting up aggregation assembly association congregation convergence assemblage audience box office draw gate gathering gross house observers onlookers patrons public spectators witnesses admirers devotees fans following gallery hearers listeners market moviegoers playgoers showgoers theatergoers viewers bevy clique club corps coterie covey gang horde menagerie outfit party society troop troupe flight pack basis bed box chassis core corpus crux essence frame fuselage gist gravamen groundwork hull main part majority material matter pith skeleton staple substance substructure sum tenor total trunk whole attendance Assembly Shahid Khaqan Abbasi Mehmood Ayesha ayesha PTI P.T.I. sheik amir king czar queen mogul kaiser prince baron royal lord dame tycoon lady count sultan duke rani mikado rex caliph khan caesar dynast rajah pasha gerent subject chieftain governor leader shah baroness contessa countess crowned head czarina duchess emperor empress imperator magnate maharajah maharani majesty monarch oligarch overlord potentate princess sovereign sultana emir ruler Shah claim charge plea avowal denial allegation arraignment attribution beef blast bum rap censure citation complaint denunciation dido exposé gripe impeachment imputation incrimination indictment insinuation recrimination roar rumble slur squawk stink account affirmation airtight case answer assertion assurance case cop-out cover declaration excuse explanation fish story justification pretext profession proof reason reply retort song and dance stall statement vindication asservation attestation contention defense insistence maintenance mouthful okay predication pronouncement report say so stamp of approval stressing two cents' worth plaint application birthright call counterclaim demand dibs due entreaty interest lien part petition postulation prerogative pretense pretension privilege protestation reclamation request requirement requisition suit title ultimatum advancement asseveration belief contestation demurrer deposition discussion ground hurrah hypothesis idea maintaining opinion position rumpus stand thesis view accusation alibi autonomy ability separation aptitude autarchy license home rule self-rule dependence inaptitude assurance backbone boldness bravery certainty certitude constancy conviction courage dauntlessness decision dedication doggedness dogmatism drive energy fearlessness firm-ness fortitude grit guts hardihood heart independence indomitability intrepidity nerve obstinacy persistence pluck purpose purposefulness resoluteness resolution resolve self-confidence single-mindedness spine spunk steadfastness stiff upper lip stubbornness tenacity valor willpower deliverance delivery enfranchisement liberation liberty release setting free air character complexion difference discreteness disposition dissimilarity distinction distinctiveness eccentricity habit humor identity idiosyncrasy individualism ipseity makeup manner nature oddity oneness originality particularity peculiarity rarity seity selfdom selfhood selfness separateness singleness singularity singularness temper temperament uniqueness unity unlikeness way breadth compass elbow room extent indulgence laxity leeway margin play range reach room run run of space span spread sweep swing unrestrictedness width authorization birthright carte blanche choice convenience dispensation emancipation enlightenment exemption franchise free speech immunity leave leisure opportunity permission power of choice prerogative privilege relaxation rest right sanction self-determination self-government sovereignty suffrage unconstraint certificate charter consent entitlement freedom go-ahead grant green light latitude okay permit ticket warrant determination individuality Independence triumph gala party spree bash gaiety revelry blowout fete hoopla frolic blast keeping jubilee sadness failure acclamation acknowledgment applause approbation celebration cheering clapping commendation eulogizing exaltation honor kudos pat on the back pat on the head plaudits praise puff pumping up rave recognition strokes stroking wing-ding ceremony custom memorial service monumentalization remembrance tribute admission alpha birth bow convocation countdown curtain-raiser dawn dawning genesis graduation initiation kickoff onset opener opening outset proem services start starting point tee off address consecration devotion envoy glorification hallowing inscription message bender binge blow-out bust circus distraction diversion divertissement gratification recreation self-indulgence tear toot wingding acclaim commemoration commencement dedication dissipation sheik shah amir chieftain governor leader emir Amir king czar queen mogul kaiser prince baron royal lord dame tycoon lady count sultan shah duke rani mikado rex caliph caesar dynast rajah pasha gerent subject inn baroness contessa countess crowned head czarina duchess emperor empress imperator khan magnate maharajah maharani majesty monarch oligarch overlord potentate princess sovereign sultana hostelry hotel lodge serai ruler caravansary Khan Khan! 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