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Germ-killing screen debuts on ZTE smartphone promising to kill odours, stains and bacteria

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THERE'S a good chance you've smeared your smartphone screen with pizza grease, typed out a message with filthy digits, handed it to an even less hygienic ...


Germ-killing screen debuts ZTE smartphone promising kill odours stains bacteria antibody bacterium bug disease microbe microorganism parasite pathogen plague virus antecedent birth conception egg embryo font fount fountain fountainhead generation genesis germ heart principle resource root seed stem well bloom blossom floret incipient flower nucleus shoot spark bacillus infection cellule corpuscle follicle haematid spore unit utricle vacuole origin cause ovum rudiment source sprout inception sprig bud ovule end conclusion outgrowth effect consequence ending result outcome beginning finish termination goal consummation completion beginnings bugs cell Germ hiv aids stds epidemic geramanic germanics germs ofay barbarian barbarians wiz music mac miller khalifa taylorgang taylor manipulative theif con man deception liar west coast skater slang germ sucked poser cheapskater australian insult assassination bloodshed carnage homicide manslaughter massacre slaughter execution extermination capital punishment birth annihilation bloodbath bloodletting butchery fighting gore killing murder onslaught decimation slaughterhouse blitz blood blood and guts blood bath crime havoc hecatomb holocaust liquidation mass murder offing rapine search and destroy shambles taking out warfare wasting acquisition annexation appropriation big win clean sweep conquering coup defeating discomfiture grand slam invasion occupation overthrow rout routing score splash subdual subjection subjugation success takeover triumph vanquishment win baleful baneful bloodthirsty bloody cannibalistic carcinogenic cruel dangerous death-dealing deathly deleterious destroying destructive fatal grim harmful homicidal injurious internecine lethal malignant mortal mortiferous murderous noxious pernicious pestiferous pestilent pestilential poisonous ruthless savage suicidal toxic unrelenting venomous violent virulent peace conquest yielding failure forfeit loss surrender deadliest life-giving nonpoisonous gentle nice 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away store secure seclude umbrage disguise fend defend camouflage separate adumbrate shadow safeguard shutter block out wall off lay open tell show open expose forget abandon reveal lay bare join hurt loose surrender unmask ignore disregard uncover injure harm endanger filter evaluate cull select scan riddle sort grade winnow process sift gauge eliminate sieve extract pick out put in appearance leaving departure absence truth fact certainty disappearance actuality reality appearances recall remember buffer dig out disinter waste squander Screen screen(s) ignoring schniding being a bitch hating riding dirty. weed bong pipe marijuana smoke screened text phone notification appearance beginning inauguration introduction launching opener presentation admission bow entrance entree entrée graduating graduation incoming initiation coming out coming out party first step conclusion end ending finish closing finale actualization advent appearing arrival coming debut display emergence exhibition manifestation materialization presence representation rise showing up unveiling ablution baptismal christening dedication immersion lustration purgation purge purification rite of passage ritual sanctification sprinkling appear be announced be brought out be disclosed be divulged be exposed be issued be made known be promulgated be published be released be reported be revealed break get out leak out transpire leaving absence departure exit reality disappearance appearances baptism came out hide come out ZTE phone brand company Smartphone Smart Phone smartphone phones entertainment apps games work phone cellular intelligent productive smart. media mainstream iphone idiots pointless gadgets smart smart phone facebook failbook pockets devices android app apple telephone mobile internet driving cell phone mobile phone droid phone blackberry sony cell phones auspicious bright encouraging gifted talented up-and-coming assuring reassuring rising able favorable happy likely lucky propitious roseate rosy dull unhappy unintelligent hopeless unpromising assured buoyant cheerful cheering confident encouraged expectant high hopeful hoping idealistic keeping the faith merry on cloud nine on top of world positive promising ray of sunshine rose-colored sanguine sunny trusting upbeat utopian advantageous felicitous fortunate golden halcyon opportune prosperous timely well-timed beginning blossoming burgeoning bursting forth embryonic fledgling fresh germinal growing incipient maturing nascent opening potential pubescent shooting up young comforting heartening supportive appropriate benefic beneficial benign convenient fair fit full of promise gratifying healthful helpful kindly nice pleasant pleasing pleasurable pleasureful providential seasonable suitable toward useful welcome wholesome worthy Panglossian unlucky unfortunate ominous unsuitable inopportune inauspicious budding withering shrinking dying disheartening discouraging depressing hurting hindering disagreeable bad 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AND so what and one and what what fuck the world as long as i get mine suck it fuck the children dick loser punk he-bitch jerk nand nor xor not xnor bacilli germs microbes organisms pathogens bacteria bacterium barm ebullition enzyme fermentation agent leaven leavening mold seethe simmer yeast Cancer adulteration bane blight contagion contamination corruption germ infection malignancy miasma toxicant toxin toxoid venin venom virus ferment pleasure peace contentedness happiness calm poison cancer blessing antidote sterility Bacteria Bacterium door gross nasty back cafeteria pink sex boy girl
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