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Get a Sneak Peek at Unicorn-Inspired Items by Tarte

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Tarte, a cosmetic brand with over 9 million followers, is teasing its most colorful line yet. The new Tarte Make Believe in Yourself collection, is a line of cosmetics filled with an assortment of magically colorful products that've been inspired by unicorns. Tarte is going all out with its unicorn-themed collection filled with unicorn-horn makeup brushes, rainbow highlighters, eyeshadow and cheek palettes. All of the products in the Make Believe in Yourself collection are made with all natural ingredients that are great for your skin.http://www.allure.com/story/tarte-mak...http://www.wochit.comThis video was produced by YT Wochit News using http://wochit.com


Makeup Tarte Sara Benincasa Kristen Stewart Drooling Cosmetics Makeup Brush Rouge Pen Highlighter Foundation 12-Hour $40 $30 $39 bring draw earn gain grab have land make obtain pick up pull realize receive score take win access accomplish acquire annex attain bag capture clear compass cop educe effect elicit evoke extort extract fetch glean hustle inherit net parlay procure reap secure snag snowball wangle bring in build up buy into buy off buy out cash in on chalk up clean up come by get hands on lock up make a buy make a killing rack up snap up succeed to avoid disallow drop fail forfeit give lose offer push refuse reject release repel repulse spend stop throw away abandon free give up let go relinquish repress surrender calm depart discourage dissuade give in leave misconstrue mismanage miss misunderstand overtake overthrow pass please soothe understand yield beat it bolt break clear out cut and run decamp disappear dog it duck out escape fade flee fly the coop get go AWOL go south hightail jump make a break make off make scarce pull out quit run off scram skedaddle skip out slip sneak away split steal away take off vamoose vanish assimilate comprehend digest follow get into grasp incorporate latch onto learn sense soak up take in welcome actualize bring about bring off bring to pass cap carry out carry through close complete conclude consummate deliver discharge dispatch earn wings effectuate enact end execute finish follow through fulfill get done manage negotiate perfect perform produce reach resolve seal see through settle sign solve wind up work out catch accept sicken succumb contract come down with be afflicted with be given be smitten by become infected with get sick beat nab apprehend defeat nail arrest trap occupy collar overcome overpower lay hold of encourage unfasten liberate run turn become grow wax achieve come over develop into halt see hear know notice memorize fathom perceive look at catch on to figure out misinterpret overlook neglect ignore advance show come converge show up turn up come to blow in draw near make it retreat recede get in touch order fit prepare dispose fix contrive straighten adjust succeed ready dress make up disturb destroy disorder disarrange disorganize prevent urge wheedle prompt coax compel influence beg pressure persuade press provoke sway bring around argue into prevail upon talk into win over leave alone hinder carry move satisfy gratify excite inspire entertain bias amuse impress strike arouse predispose bend touch affect stir stimulate stir up bore upset tire quiet lull annoy frustrate disappoint anger sire breed procreate propagate beget generate kill try aggravate exasperate peeve bother burn vex nettle pique rile irk gall bug put out rub the wrong way help make happy delight mollify appease aid abscond endure abide arrive appear continue face stay strengthen join remain wait absorb dissipate distract vomit spew exude emit eject disperse disagree decline demur repudiate renounce dispute blackball discard deny accepting open retain hold keep forget bear wonder question start begin unseal imprison detain create unsettle commence achieved Get enby cheater coward cur dastard heel informer louse rascal reptile scoundrel skunk slink snake toad weasel wretch con artist snake in grass beard burrow bury cache camouflage cloak couch cover cover up dissemble ditch duck ensconce enshroud harbor hole up keep dark keep secret lie low lurk mask masquerade obscure plant put in a hole screen secrete shelter skulk sneak stash stay out of sight stow tuck away veil wrap alarmist baby caitiff chicken chicken heart chicken liver craven deserter faint-of-heart faintheart fraidy-cat funk gutless invertebrate jellyfish lily liver malingerer mouse pessimist poltroon quitter rabbit recreant scaredy cat shirk shirker skulker weakling white liver wimp yellow yellow belly apple-polish blench bootlick brownnose cringe crouch draw back fawn flinch grovel honey kowtow quail recoil shrink toady tremble truckle wince slither crawl evade ambush slip hide steal smuggle creep pussyfoot cheat pass mooch glide sidle pad spirit delude case cower prowl slide ooze deceive gumshoe sly worm snook move secretly come out conceal tell show open let out lay bare expose fill reveal divulge disclose unwrap ignore disregard uncover concealing conceals hero aggressor meet face cowered enby sneaks Sneak glance peep snoop gander look watch ignore overlook blush eye eyeball flash fleeting look glimpse lamp look-see peek quick look sight slant squint swivel view fish eye glaring gun looking ogling scrutiny seeing survey watching admire beam bore contemplate gape gawk get a load of get an eyeful glare gloat inspect look fixedly moon observe ogle peer pin pipe regard rubber rubberneck scrutinize see size up take in wonder gaze ignorance miss forget look away neglect scorn disbelieve disregard hate dislike despise abhor gazed gazing stare Peek enby ancon unborn uncork unison un born un cork unshorn uncrown union icon in corner inborn un crown uni son uncanny inkhorn in born un shorn un canny encore uncoil uncool uncurl enjoin can corn ungrown unknown un coil un cool un curl un grown un known in a corner Unicorn enby activated animated encouraged energized excited exhilarated galvanized influenced inspirited motivated moved roused started stirred aggressive anxious ardent aspiring avid ball of fire bent upon climbing come on come on strong designing desirous determined driving eager eager beaver earnest energetic enterprising enthusiastic fireball get up and go go-getter goal-oriented hard ball high-reaching hopeful hungry industrious inspired intent longing power-loving purposeful pushing pushy resourceful self-starting sharp soaring striving thirsty vaulting zealous clever cool demiurgic deviceful fertile formative gifted hip ingenious innovational innovative innovatory inventive leading-edge original originative productive prolific stimulating visionary way out aroused bad crazed demoniac demoniacal devilish diabolic diabolical fiendish fired frantic frenetic frenzied hellish impious infernal insane mad maniacal manic possessed satanic serpentine unhallowed violent wicked aided cheered confident emboldened enlivened fearless optimistic reassured renewed supported applicable apposite apropos apt convincing fit fitting germane happy just meet neat opportune pat pertinent proper propitious relevant seasonable telling timely well-chosen well-timed ablaze blushing burning crimson elated embarrassed enthused feverish florid full-blooded high hot intoxicated red rosy rubicund ruddy rutilant rutilous sanguine thrilled exalted transported touched divine ecstatic guided uplifted carried away ambitious easy unenthusiastic facile unassuming satisfied fulfilled content lethargic creative untalented ungifted old unfruitful inept uninspired unimaginative unproductive impotent fruitless uncreative demonic good moral godlike angelic sane disheartened dispirited discouraged felicitous unfitting improper untimely inopportune infelicitous inappropriate inauspicious unsuitable flushed unhappy sad depressed pallid pale enby Inspired inspi(RED) component element feature information piece thing account aspect bit blurb bulletin column consideration detail dispatch entry incidental matter minutia news note notice novelty paragraph particular point report scoop scrap specific story conversation piece minor point write-up whole heedlessness ignorance neglect development difficulty emergency estate evidence exigency extent factor fancy idea incident issue items judgment magnitude minutiae notion occasion occurrence particulars perplexity plan problem proposal puzzle scope situation state thought trouble food foodstuffs material materials necessities provender rations raw materials replenishments stock store stores charge circumstances conclusion condition details fee fine print nitty-gritty payment points premise premises price provision provisions proviso provisos qualifications rate reservation size of it small print specifications stipulation stipulations strings treaty understanding what it is failure peace debt disdain thoughtlessness omission negligence disrespect disregard considerations supplies terms disagreement item enby Item tart tatter tater tat tatty tauter tare dart tarter date tata taut tort tote tarts taste carte tattier teat ta ta tardy target tarred tatted tattle rate tardier trite starter tar trade art ate carted darted dartle farted parted tartan taster tauten turtle start state tad tot tact tats to tee to t to a tee to a t tarte enby lipstick paint blush face foundation greasepaint pancake powder maquillage build composition figure form frame framework makeup physique shape anatomy bag of bones beefcake bod boody carcass chassis constitution embodiment mortal part protoplasm shaft tenement torso trunk appearance aspect attribute badge bent caliber cast complex complexion crasis disposition emotions estimation ethos frame of mind genius grain habit humor kind mettle mood morale mystique nature personality quality record reputation repute sense set singularity sort specialty spirit standing streak style temper temperament tone trait turn type vein body density feel firmness texture thickness viscosity layout setup content formation design scheme assembly format arrangement spread architecture organization construction configuration order contents plan ordering disorganization individuality fiber stamp stripe make mold individualism bodies one thought inanimate immateriality soul mind individual nothingness nothing fantasy concept abstract character characters consistence thinness enby Make Up sarongs seabanks more bananas siren songs being on case are on one case be on one case were on one case charabancs sera saga sark sacra Sara enby be on case being case ninjas boniness bananas being on case be one case be on one case braincase being one case benincasa enby garrison state casting stone at goes to ones reward goes to one's reward gravitates toward goes to one's reward Kristen Stewart enby kristen stewart glisten pristine crusting grist crusted kerosene cresting grists christen jurist keystone crested crispin gristly rusting crust kris trust in cruised rest on resting crest crescent drest in grate on re sting Kristen enby start stewed swart stalwart stewards sideward sweat stewardly steward set at stat swat seaward stead stewarded sward state art swear to sets at stew stew about set apart Stewart enby salivate dribble slaver slobber water at the mouth froth spit water drivel ooze run slabber fondle want pet gush spoil rave rhapsodize dote on enthuse rhapsody lick chops make much of slobber over Drooling enby balm cosmetic cream ointment salve demulcent embrocation lenitive liniment medicine palliative preparation unguent wash lotion varnish oil enamel color makeup pigment wax dye stain flat coloring overlay rouge gloss veneer latex acrylic chroma greasepaint tempera emulsion paint red reddener paste jelly unction essence moisturizer cerate chrism worst cleanser smoke screen disinfectant fumigator antiperspirant fumigant air freshener deodorizer deodorant makeup bags gave brush make bright make rich make pitch make break make brief makes rich makeup bag make public makeup give brush make a pitch broom toothbrush besom hairbrush mop polisher sweeper whisk waxer argument beef bickering blowup bone of contention brawl brush combat contest controversy dispute embroilment flap fracas fuss hassle quarrel row rumble run-in set-to squabbling tiff words wrangle altercation bone bone to pick brannigan clash crusher debate difference of opinion disagreement donnybrook dustup exchange face-off falling feud finisher gin knock down and drag out knockdown out rhubarb romp ruckus ruction rumpus scene scrap shindy spat squabble static stew action assault attack barrage blitzkreig bloodshed bombing campaign carnage conflict contention crusade encounter engagement fighting fray havoc hostility onset onslaught press ravage scrimmage significant contact skirmish sortie strife struggle war warfare Santa Claus Vandyke bristles five-o-clock shadow fuzz goatee imperial muttonchops stubble tussle rub touch tap confrontation peace harmony agreement lot calm surrender thicket scrub shrubbery undergrowth grove cover coppice hedge copse dingle sedge underwood brushwood fern gorse bracken spinney chaparral boscage shave flick smooth sweep scrape caress skim kiss tickle graze contact stroke glance wash wipe clean paint polish buff dirty union concord unity accord quiet arguments battle ceasefire retreat truce battles beard Brush enby cosmetic dye makeup paint red reddener color crimson flush glow have rosy cheeks mantle redden rouge turn red turn scarlet adorn blacken bloom blush burn chalk crayon darken daub embellish emblazon enamel enliven fresco gild glaze gloss illuminate imbue infuse lacquer pigment pinken stain stipple suffuse tinge tint tone variegate wash bloody maroon rose color up flame go red pink be suffused blare blaze brighten fill flare gleam glimmer glisten glitter ignite kindle light shine smolder thrill tingle twinkle blanch pale represent lighten dull discolor whiten put out extinguish glowed Rouge enby cage coop corral fence fold hedge hutch jail penitentiary prison sty wall open space pencil endorse engross handwrite ink inscribe pen sign signature subscribe write by hand barnlot feedlot feedyard stableyard berth box carrel compartment corner cote counter cubbyhole cubicle dispensary hut nook pew repository shed stall stand crate enclosure mew pinfold pound close in confine coop up enclose envelop fence in hem immure impound imprison incarcerate lock up restrain shut in shut up stick marker fountain pen nib reed quill ball point felt-tip stylograph case hem in speak let go free set free release compose indict draft autograph draw up jot down commit to paper reject barnyard booth let out liberate caged enby Pen pens highlighted highlights highlight Highlighter enby highlighter highlighters authority base bedrock groundwork infrastructure support ABCs basics bed bottom foot footing ground guts heart justification nitty-gritty nub prop reason root stay substratum substructure understructure bottom line brass tacks nuts and bolts underpinning cowardice exterior exteriority fear outside top alliance association circle council federation foundation fraternity institute league basis spine vertebrae vertebral column backbone chief constituent core essence essential evidence fundamental important part key origin primary element principal principle source elements essentials first steps principles rudiments account agency aim antecedent author beginning causation consideration creator determinant doer element end explanation genesis grounds incitement inducement instigation leaven mainspring maker matter motivation motive object occasion prime mover producer purpose spring stimulation corporation company society organization establishment endowment charity plantation inauguration settlement guild trusteeship set-up academy spinelessness powerlessness ineptness weakness branch annex trivia auxiliary surface cause outgrowth issue fruit development consequence neglect finish conclusion discouragement effect product outcome thoughtlessness result causes enby foundations
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