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Giant gravity wave is spotted on Venus: Bow-shaped feature stretches 6,200 miles across its atmosphe

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Giant gravity wave is spotted on Venus: Bow-shaped feature stretches 6200 miles across its atmosphere Venus is covered in a thick atmosphere, with clouds of ...


Giant gravity wave is spotted on Venus Bow-shaped feature stretches 6200 miles across its atmosphere Venus is covered huge big vast jumbo gross blimp teeny tiny dwarf minor small titan ogre hulk bulk whale runt barn door behemothic cyclopean elephantine enormous gargantuan giant gigantic humongous immense mammoth mondo monstrous mountainous super titanic Gargantua Godzilla Hercules Samson behemoth cyclops goliath leviathan colossal extensive grand great large massive monumental towering heavyweight prodigious super-colossal super-duper tremendous whopping Moby brobdingnagian herculean monster stupendous aerial alpine altitudinous elevated eminent flying formidable high rise high-reaching hovering lofty long sky-high sky-scraping soaring steep uplifted upraised colossus high giants Giant Giants weight force frivolity levity silliness solemnity severity urgency exigency acuteness concern acerbity asperity astringence coldness exactingness exactness formality formalness gravity grimness hardness harshness inclemency inflexibility obduracy rigidity rigor seriousness sternness stiffness strictness stringency breeding civility conduct convenance convention correctitude correctness courtliness decency demeanor deportment dignity etiquette form gentility good grace habits order orderliness politeness politesse properness propriety protocol punctilio respectability seemliness tact usage address cachet character consequence culture decorum distinction elevation eminence ethics glory grace grandeur greatness hauteur honor importance loftiness majesty merit morality nobleness perfection poise prestige quality rank regard renown self-respect significance splendor standing state stateliness station stature status sublimity virtue worth worthiness absorption ardor attentiveness concentration decision deliberation devotion doggedness eagerness engrossment enthusiasm fervor firmness intensity intentness keenness passion perseverance persistence purposefulness resolution resolve serious-mindedness sincerity sobriety stress tenacity vehemence warmth zeal application burn conductivity current dynamism electricity friction heat horsepower juice kilowatts magnetism potential pressure radioactivity rays reaction response service steam strength voltage wattage amplitude augustness beauty breadth brilliance celebrity circumstance expansiveness fame fineness grandiosity handsomeness immensity impressiveness inclusiveness luxuriousness magnificence might nobility opulence pomp preeminence richness sumptuousness superbity sway transcendency vastness austerity earnestness energy Gravity rush stream swell rash surge tide flood sign crest influx sweep twist ripple curl heave ridge tube crush roll foam drift billow coil signal gush twirl scroll loop comber roller line fly flap swing wield shake flutter quiver reel quaver direct pulse beckon seesaw tremble whirl wag wobble vibrate swirl waggle stir falter swish waver sway flow motion switch pulsate wigwag calm remain steady stay allure ask attract bid coax command demand draw entice gesticulate gesture invite nod pull summon tempt wave beachcomber breaker balloon belly bloat bounce bulge ebb and flow pitch puff up rise and fall rise up rock toss undulate breathe buffet drive exhale fan gasp huff inflate pant puff pump ruffle waft whiff whisk whisper whistle afro beehive blow dry braids corn rows crew cut dreadlocks dreads flip fuzz cut hair hair-comb haircut hairdo permanent pigtails plait ponytail razor cut tail tease trim crease crimple crinkle crisp crumple frizz pleat rimple ruck screw scrunch set wrinkle blow coiffure crimp Wave WAVE swag tight wavy fresh move wavey movement crew group team follow popular synonyms: calm relaxed care free merry low tense stressed worry rideyourwave lane stayinyourlane ridinmywave turn up cooling it squad party vybing wac sailor fleet seamen pied dingy filthy foul grimy grubby impure nasty soiled sooty spotted squalid stained unclean uncleanly checky diversified motley mutable patchwork plaid quilted variegated brindle brindled checkered discolored flecked multicolor multicolored multihued parti-colored piebald speckled stippled varicolored versicolor versicolored bedraggled begrimed black contaminated cruddy crummy defiled disarrayed dishabille disheveled dreggy dungy dusty fouled greasy grungy icky lousy messy mucky muddy mung murky pigpen polluted raunchy scummy scuzzy slatternly slimy sloppy slovenly smudged smutty spattered straggly sullied undusted unhygienic unkempt unlaundered unsanitary unsightly unswept untidy unwashed yucky blotchy dappled freckled maculate marbled skewbald streaked tabby kaleidoscopic mottled particolored polychrome prismatic veined dirty Spotted nod salaam kowtow angle arch curve turn arc bend bob curtsy round line nose head prow fore stem beak straighten hunch debase dip cower stoop crook duck droop defend fight defer comply yield relent accept succumb give in cave knuckle deny win acknowledge acquiesce agree assent bear bear with bow capitulate defer to don't make waves don't rock the boat endure fit in go along with live with play the game recognize respect sit still for stand stand for stomach submit to suffer swallow take tolerate yield to afford aid arrange assist avail benefit comfort convenience favor furnish gratify help humor indulge oblige pamper please provide serve settle submit suit supply support sustain acclamation addressing answer apology applause appreciation bestowal card confession contract credit gift gratitude greeting guarantee hail hailing letter notice reaction receipt reply response return salutation salute signature statement thanks token crescent curvation curvature half-moon archway dome semicircle span vault bridge camber extend form hook hump shape stretch accommodate acknowledgment Bows Bow carve frame embody build forge mold trim sketch hew pat stamp make chisel cast cut model knead mint raze ruin lose modify tailor adapt become guide define grow form deform stop formed hammered milled pounded rolled shaped stamped tamped tramped tramped down trodden worked accomplished acquainted with brainy civilized coached corrected cultivated cultured developed enlightened enriched erudite expert finished fitted informed initiated instructed intelligent knowledgeable lettered literary literate nurtured polished prepared professional refined scholarly schooled scientific skilled tasteful taught trained tutored versed in well-informed well-read well-taught well-versed intended altered changed determined inveigled motivated moved persuaded swayed turned built contrived invented manufactured assembled complete completed constructed done erected fabricated fashioned forged machined mass-produced produced tooled beaten educated influenced made Shaped trait detail item aspect factor point unit angle savor mark slant virtue gag twist facet whole draw story piece quiet star headline promote present stress blaze play up point up set off ignore accent bring attention to call attention to draw attention to emphasize feature give prominence to highlight spotlight underline underscore air attitude bearing blind carriage cast character condition countenance demeanor dress expression face fashion figure form front guise image look looks manner mannerism mien mode outline pose presence presentation screen semblance shape stamp beat blurb column commentary composition discourse editorial essay exposition paper scoop spread theme think piece treatise write-up direction gimmick hand outlook perspective phase point of view position prospect regard scene side situation switch view vista asset attraction benefit blessing boon excellent good thing importance merit value worth belong to brand button down constitute define delineate describe designate differentiate discriminate identify indicate individualize individuate inform make up peculiarize peg personalize pigeonhole portray represent signalize singularize style symbolize tab typecast accentuate appearance article beauty characterize Feature Features bridge span area region sweep length radius tract breadth gamut extent space reach orbit range spread branch compass scope purview wing stagnation spell stint term run while time bit pull draw widen swell cover open grow fill make rack pad crane cease hide block push repel halt stop end close add augment beef up boost build up deepen develop elaborate enlarge exaggerate expand expatiate extend flesh out heighten hike up inflate intensify jack up lengthen magnify pyramid raise soup up strengthen stretch supplement arc bend bow camber form hook hump hunch round shape distance expanse field operation size sphere width belt city county division domain dominion enclosure kingdom locality neck of the woods neighborhood parcel patch plot precinct principality quarter section sector square state territory township turf vicinity ward zone abuse berate blame blitz censure criticize impugn jump down one's throat jump on one's case lay into malign refute reprove revile shoot down vilify district layer amplify arch attack Stretch square a good way a long way afar bit deep distant end of rainbow far piece far-flung far-off far-removed faraway good ways long middle of nowhere miles out-of-the-way outlying piece remote removed stone's throw ways far Miles beyond cross over across adjacent con contra contrary to counter to facing in contrast to in opposition to opposed to opposing versus abroad away foreign in foreign land transatlantic transoceanic transpacific crosswise against overseas athwart owned mine hers his yours allure appeal bait draw lure charm pull repulsion revulsion dazzle flash magic beauty grace spell ugliness aura pizzazz odyl infotech endemic individual inherent intrinsic its particular peculiar personal private resident theirs very own allurement attractiveness captivation chemistry come-on courting drawing power enchantment endearment enthrallment enticement fascination gravitation inclination inducement interest invitation magnetism seduction solicitation temptation tendency animal magnetism glamour something star quality witchcraft witchery agreeableness attraction bewitchery charisma conjuration delightfulness desirability sorcery confidence presence seductiveness sexiness sexual magnetism star power beguilement hypnotic attraction mesmerism odylic force personal appeal sex appeal sexual attraction own it's It's ITS vision looker eyeful stunner charmer dream Adonis beaut Apollo dog earth Jupiter Mars Mercury Neptune Pluto Saturn Uranus Vesper Hesper morning star lucifer Phosphor daystar Hesperus belle lovely fact Venus dreamboat enchanter good-looker head turner ornament Copernican system heliocentric system planetary system inner planet Phosphorus beauty solar system terrestrial planet evening star bowed concave convex curved falcate bow-shaped crescent-shaped crescentic crescentiform semicircular crescent air sky heavens tone mood space feel scene taste place aura sense flavor spirit color medium address affectation ambience appearance atmosphere bearing comportment demeanor deportment effect feeling impression look manner mannerism mien pose presence property quality semblance ambient climate surroundings aspect background emanation scent suggestion accomplishments acquirement actions attainment backdrop breeding capacity credentials cultivation culture deeds education environment framework grounding history practice preparation qualification rearing seasoning tradition training upbringing disposition milieu mise en scène temper tendency trend Gaia biosphere ecosphere ecosystem environs Atmosphere painted closed wrapped hidden veiled bound masked coated topped capped hooded roofed lidded open bare empty spotted flowery dotted sown studded starred marked written noted buried cached camouflaged covered covered up covert enshrouded guarded holed up hush-hush hushed up incog incognito inconspicuous obscure obscured on the Q. T. perdu planted privy put in the hole recondite screened secreted shrouded stashed tucked away ulterior under wraps unseen changed cloaked fake false feigned pretend undercover confident foolproof protected reliable reliant safeguarded secure sound sure abstruse clandestine close clouded concealed cryptic dark disguised eclipsed esoteric hermetic hermetical imperceivable in the dark indiscernible invisible latent mysterious mystic mystical occult out of view private secluded sequestered shadowy surreptitious underground undetected undisclosed unexposed unknown unrevealed withheld abounding abundant green leafed leaved shaded shady umbrageous verdant wooded arcane blind cabalistic deep devious distant enigmatic far far-off humble inaccessible inglorious irrelevant lonesome lowly minor nameless odd oracular orphic rare remote removed reticent retired secret secretive seldom seen solitary undistinguished unheard-of unhonored unimportant unnoted unsung fail-safe leafy Covered condom rubber hooker escort penis sex blowjob dick threesome
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