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Girls as young as 12 are slashed with razor blades Ethiopian scarring ceremony that sees youngsters

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A 12-year-old girl was photographed being sliced in her community's traditional scarification ceremony in Ethiopia.'Blood running, flies going into the wounds, under a hard sun,' was how photographer Eric Lafforgue described the process which he witnessed with the Surma tribe from the Omo valley.Young girls are being cut with knives and razor blades to create prominent scars considered beautiful in tribal societies in Ethiopia. Mr Lafforgue said that the young girl maintained a stoic silence while her mother stretched her daughter's skin and cut it with a razor for 10 minutes.'[She] did not say any word during the ten minute ceremony, and did not show any pain,' Mr Lafforgue said.'I asked her if it was not too hard to have her skin cut with a razor blade, and she answered that she was close to collapse!' The photographer said that children are told not to practice scarification any more, but men in the tribes say bare skin is 'ugly'.A girl's eagerness to tolerate pain is also seen as an indication of her emotional maturity and willingness to bear children, Mr Lafforgue said after spending time with the tribe.'The kid chooses to do it, nobody obliged her. Scarifications are a beauty sign in the tribes. This is the tradition in Surma tribe,' he said.'It was incredible as she did not show any sign of pain on her face. It would be a shame for the family she confessed,' he said.Scarification focuses on designing specific patterns on person's body and differs from the extremely damaging and barbaric practice of female genital mutilation (FGM).Girls as young as 12 are slashed with razor blades Ethiopian scarring ceremony that sees youngsters,Girls as young as 12 are slashed with razor blades Ethiopian,Ethiopian scarring ceremony that sees youngsters,Girls as young as 12,Ethiopian,A 12-year-old girl was photographed being sliced in her community's traditional scarification,her community's traditional scarification ceremony in Ethiopia,Eric Lafforgue described the process which he witnessed with the SurmaGirls as young as 12 are slashed with razor blades Ethiopian scarring ceremony that sees youngsters


Girls as young as 12 are slashed with razor blades Ethiopian scarring ceremony that sees youngsters Girls as young as 12 are slashed with razor blades Ethiopian Ethiopian scarring ceremony that sees youngsters Girls as young as 12 Ethiopian her community's traditional scarification ceremony in Ethiopia Eric Lafforgue described the process which he witnessed with the Surma adolescent daughter lady schoolgirl she teenager young woman damsel lassie mademoiselle young lady boy Girl serotonin donor girl G.I.R.L. 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