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Global Precipitation Satellite Launched on This Week @NASA

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The Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) mission's Core Observatory launched from Japan's Tanegashima Space Center on February 27, Eastern Standard ...


NASA [email protected] This Week @NASA GPM Global Precipitation Measurement launch comprehensive international overall universal all-around all-inclusive all-out blanket catholic cosmic cosmopolitan earthly ecumenical encyclopedic exhaustive general grand mundane pandemic planetary spherical sweeping thorough total unbounded unlimited world local particular specific individual limited across-the-board all all-embracing all-encompassing broad broad in content complete encompassing everything extensive global including all categories including all members panoptic wide widespread all-round broad-spectrum expansive extended far-reaching inclusive wide-ranging wide-reaching far-ranging large broad-minded charitable diffuse eclectic generic indeterminate large-scale liberal open-minded receptive tolerant unbigoted unprejudiced unsectarian whole world-wide partial narrow narrow-minded exclusive absolute across the board compendious comprising containing discursive encircling full in depth infinite lock stock and barrel of great scope synoptic the big picture the whole shebang the works umbrella wall-to-wall definite short empty selective imperfect restricted unfinished needy incomplete cosmogonal cosmogonic empyrean grandiose huge immense measureless vast worldwide minute little small bounded tiny teeny miniature GLOBAL 780 Global drizzle rain rainfall rainstorm sleet snow storm cloudburst condensation hail hailstorm wetness heavy dew precip dryness blizzard blast gale precipitation snowfall squall tempest whiteout blizzards cascade avalanche cataract chute deluge downrush falls flood force fountain outpouring rapids shower spout torrent watercourse waterfall condensate crystallization deliquescence dew distillation liquefaction precipitate deposit alluvium delta deposition dregs drift grounds lees sediment settlings silt withdrawal debit deposits Precipitation 780 asteroid moon planetoid dependency protectorate buffer state dependent state puppet government satellite state rocket spacecraft ancillary luna sputnik accessory accompanying additional adjuvant appurtenant attendant attending coincident collateral concomitant contributory incident satellite secondary subordinate subservient subsidary necessary needed bedroom community bedroom suburb residential community suburb camp follower acolyte disciple groupie hanger-on client state cohort accomplice adherent aide ally assistant associate companion company comrade confrere consociate contingent follower friend hand legion mate myrmidon pal partisan regiment sidekick stall supporter adversary antagonist opponent foe enemy cohorts 780 Satellite begun floated lofted sent afloat aloft put in motion orbited launched placed into orbit put up rocketed sent into orbit sent up thrown flung pitched propelled tossed undertaken attempted embarked upon initiated pushed forward started tackled tried ventured 780 aforementioned already stated here previously mentioned that the indicated the present the aforementioned one the one in question the thing indicated this one this person such aforesaid akin alike analogous comparable corresponding equivalent like parallel said similar such a one such a person such a thing suchlike the like this a certain a particular a well known one This 780 THIS Thi thi age date day era future generation hour life moment month occasion pace past point present season second space stage term turn while year allotment bit bout chronology clock continuance duration epoch eternity extent infinity instance instant interval juncture lastingness lifetime shift span spell stint stretch tempo tide tour life span many a moon ending time week times 780 Weeks nada casa anas nausea nadas baas maas nays bass mass aas asea ass bas mas nabs nags naps ness n's nos nasty base lass mesa naiad pass sass tass dnas rnas cas das gas has jas nab nag nap nar nay nms pas qas usa vas was naze nazi nisi nose nosy gnash nest case ease easy haza nabe naif nail name nape narc nark nave navy nosh nova vase visa n2os da's us a c as q as u s a u.s.a. u. s. a. NASA 780 nasa Nasa gam gem gpa gpo gum gym gps g p p m g.p. p.m. g p s g.p.s g. p. 12 pm p. m. g. p. s GPM 780 g.p.m GPMS amount analysis appraisal assessment density dimension evaluation frequency height measure size survey weight altitude amplitude area calibration capacity computation degree depth determination distance estimation extent judgment length magnitude mass mensuration pitch quantification quantity range reach scope thickness time valuation volume width metage ignorance unimportance estimate guess assay examination inspection investigation measurement rating test trial neglect caliber bore class diameter gauge grade quality striking power pleasure base bottom declination deepness draft drop expanse fathomage intensity lower register lowness pit profoundness profundity remoteness sounding mountain depths decision opinion perception purpose resolution resolve result settlement solution verdict visualization start beginning vacillation spinelessness disinterest trouble question problem wavering irresolution hesitation doubt indecision dimensions ambit bigness bulk compass dimensionality extension extensity greatness importance largeness proportion scale tininess insignificance smallness Measurement 780 fire barrage bombard bung cast catapult discharge dispatch drive eject fling heave hurl lance pitch project propel shoot sling throw toss send forth set afloat set in motion catch hold keep receive cease end finish stop institute introduce start inaugurate open commence jump originate instigate bow break the ice break the seal embark upon get show on road kick off set going start ball rolling usher in conclude close complete advance accelerate achieve bring forward come forward conquer continue ahead continue on elevate forge ahead gain ground get ahead get green light get there get with it go ahead go forth go forward go great guns go places go to town hasten launch make headway make the scene march move on move onward move up press on proceed progress promote push ahead push on quicken send forward skyrocket speed step forward storm yield withdraw turn halt take back decrease retrogress retreat recede hesitate back down retard hinder advances advancing began activate actualize break ground bring about bring to pass cause create effect embark on enter on enter upon establish eventuate found generate get going give birth to give impulse go into impel induce initiate lay foundation for lead make make active motivate mount occasion plunge into prepare produce set about set up trigger undertake die discourage check neglect lose fail consummate repress dissuade prevent ruin ignore destroy begin begins 780 Launch
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