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Going throught some gears

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Going throught some gears


Going throught some gears concrete mixer bustling flowing functioning impelling mobile movable moving operating operative progressive pushing rapid rolling running rushing rust alive astir at work effective efficacious exertive hasty in force in play in process restless fixed immobile permanent stationary unmovable activity agility alacrity alertness animation bag ballgame big idea bit business bustle commotion dash deal energy enterprise flurry force game going happening haste hoopla hopper in the works industry life liveliness motion movement occupation operation plan power process proposition racket reaction response rush scene spirit stir stunt trip turmoil vigor vim vitality vivacity rustling shifting simmering speeding speedy streaming swarming traveling turning walking working in motion in progress initiated operational proceeding under way abandonment adieu bow out congé decampment desertion egress egression embarkation emigration escape evacuation exit exodus expatriation farewell flight getaway going away goodbye hegira migration parting passage powder quitting recession removal retirement retreat sailing separation setting forth setting out stampede start takeoff taking leave taking off vacation vanishing act walkout withdrawal ceasing to exist decline and fall dematerialization departure disappearing act disintegration dispersal dissipation dissolution ebbing eclipse evanescence evaporation fading loss melting passing receding wane wearing away at end of rope decaying declining disintegrating done for doomed fated final giving up the ghost in extremis moribund mortal on last leg one foot in grave sinking vanishing withering quittin arriving arrival staying hello entrance greeting action rest unemployment yielding peace harmony slowness dullness question stoppage inertia cessation indolence stiffness weakness stillness repose quiet calmness calm surrender apathy lethargy laziness inaction inactivity idleness active quiescent indifferent idle disinterested sluggish lazy inert inactive dormant abeyant inoperative begun prospective latent keeping stay continuation coming disappearance appearance dying reviving developing creating living growing goin g sex run whore tramp through thorough throughout throat wrought thought Throught throught throw yellow cactus crute churrin cute chilluns think thrinking thrink a few any a bit a little part of a couple defined divers express individual many marked numerous one particular precise regular several singular some special specific specified sundry upwards of various anthologized assorted asymmetrical collected disparate dissonant divergent diverse diversified diversiform heterogeneous incongruous inconsistent indiscriminate jarring manifold multifarious multiform omnifarious omniform varicolored varied variegated varietal variform adequately averagely enough kind of moderately more or less passably pretty well quite rather ratherish reasonably so-so something sort of tolerably 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consequential fewer Some swag enemy swagg money boss good very a lot super was gonna roll accessory apparatus harness instrument kit luggage machinery material paraphernalia stuff supply accouterment adjunct appendage appurtenance baggage belongings contraption effects habiliment impedimenta materiel means outfit possessions rigging setup tackle things tools trappings kit and kaboodle accoutre array attire clothe equip fit gear rig turn out accoutrement dress equipment turnout appliance black box device dingbat doodad doohickey furnishings gaff gimcrack gimmick gizmo grabber idiot box implement jigger job machine mechanism provisions supplies thingamajig utensils whatchamacallit whatsis whosis widget clothes costume drapery duds garb garment getup habit raiment robe suit threads trapping vestment arm fit out provide equipage fitting fixture cog sprocket cogwheel pinion gearwheel ragwheel spurwheel apparel rags wear feathers togs garments toggery organize tailor adjust adapt regulate appoint accouter furnish ready blend match unfit reject refuse disorganize disorder disarrange unclothe fire dismiss take appointment Gear drug meth methamphetamine crank crystal australia xxl whte t chain timbalands
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