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Goodbye Vaccine Needle Injections

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Researchers at UC Berkeley have developed a vaccine that can be given orally.Subscribe to Vocativ: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_c...Find us everywhere else:Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VocativTwitter: https://twitter.com/vocativ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vocativ/Snapchat: http://www.snapchat.com/add/vocativWebsite: http://www.vocativ.com Vocativ explores the nexus of media and technology, where science meets storytelling. We use proprietary technology to examine the uncharted space of the Deep Web, covering topics that are vital to our changing world. Follow us for more!


MucoJet Vaccine Needle Injection Mouth Cheek Microjet University of California Berkeley UC Berkeley Vocativ adieu bye-bye Godspeed adios cheerio ciao leave-taking parting so long swan song toodle-oo hello congé farewell goodbye valediction greeting aloha affection love salutation hatred hate dislike bon voyage gluckliche Reise happy landing pleasant journey send-off tsetchem leshalom departing final last departure abandonment bow out decampment desertion egress egression embarkation emigration escape evacuation exit exodus expatriation flight getaway going going away hegira migration passage powder quitting recession removal retirement retreat sailing separation setting forth setting out stampede start takeoff taking leave taking off vacation vanishing act walkout withdrawal keeping arrival entrance stay continuation coming death demise expiration expiry offgoing entering arriving birth Thoughts and prayers Goodbye dose needle booster dram enema inoculation injection anesthetic antibiotic antidote antiseptic antitoxin balm capsule cure drug elixir liniment lotion ointment pill potion prescription remedy salve sedative tablet tincture tonic vaccination medicament pharmaceutical physic serum biologic pharmacon medicine\u002Fmedication medication disease medicine antibody antiserum agglutinin agglutinogen antigen agglutinoid immunizer immunotoxin booster dose booster injection immunization recall dose booster shot preventive antivenin antipoison counteractant counteragent neutralizer vaccine medications Vaccine Thoughts and prayers badger bait bedevil goad hector irk irritate nag pester prod quiz taunt tweak aggravate bother examine gnaw harass nettle plague prick provoke question ride rile ruffle spur sting worry assuage delight discourage dissuade make happy please aid appease assist help mollify soothe praise be at be on the back of bug bum dog drive up the wall exasperate gall get get to give a hard time grate hack needle peeve pick on pique tease vex wig relieve improve alleviate soften gladden calm aggravated aggravates aggravating annoy T-off abrade agitate ask for it beleaguer bore break burn up chafe displease distress disturb egg on fire up harry heat up henpeck hit where one lives madden make waves miff nudge perturb push button tick off trouble turn off work on support cheer gratify charm enchant reassure quiet comfort annoys Thoughts and prayers Needle Needles dose needle booster dram enema inoculation vaccine hypodermic injection bing hypodermal injection hypodermic hypospray injection intracutaneous injection intramuscular injection intravenous injection jet injection shot prevention vaccination insertion inclusion infusion interjection interpolation introduction medications anesthetic antibiotic antidote antiseptic antitoxin balm biologic capsule cure drug elixir liniment lotion medicament ointment pharmaceutical pharmacon physic pill potion prescription remedy salve sedative serum tablet tincture tonic medicine medication 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