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Google Forced To Reveal Secret Of Algorithms In Court

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compelled contrived enforced involuntary mandatory unwilling affected begrudging binding bound coerced conscripted constrained grudging labored slave artificial coercive factitious false inflexible insincere obligatory peremptory rigid stiff stringent unnatural wooden voluntary noncompulsory spontaneous unforced assumed feigned forced hollow mannered meretricious phony put on spurious theatrical genuine natural real unaffected unpretentious apprenticed articled bent bounden certain contracted doomed driven duty-bound enslaved fated firm having no alternative impelled indentured intent made necessitated obligated obliged pledged pressed required restrained sure under compulsion under necessity urged irresolute allowed free permitted unbounded unrestricted bullying forceful intimidating violent compulsory compulsatory de rigueur imperative imperious necessary requisite inessential optional unnecessary liberated unstipulated elaborate fake manipulated overdone recherché strained unspontaneous Type A ambitious compulsive consumed directed galvanized guided herded induced monomaniacal motivated obsessed possessed pushed steered urged on acknowledge admit affirm announce concede confess declare divulge explain expose inform publish report tell avow betray broadcast communicate impart leak notify proclaim talk unfold utter break the news bring out into open bring to light come out with get out of system give away give out give the low-down let cat out of the bag let fall let on let out let slip make known make plain make public put cards on table conceal contradict deny disavow dispute dissent hide refuse reject repudiate secrete suppress keep keep quiet withhold cover disclose display unveil bare exhibit flash manifest open unclothe unearth unmask lay bare bury acquaint accustom advise apprise bring out clue enlighten familiarize fill in fix up get-together habituate intro introduce knock down let know make familiar post present reveal warn delude deceive falsify hold back mislead misrepresent acquainting accustoming advising apprising bringing out cluing coming out with disclosing divulging enlightening familiarizing filling in fixing up getting together habituating informing introducing introing knocking down letting knowing making familiar notifying posting presenting revealing telling warning secreting misrepresenting misleading holding back falsifying deceiving suppressing withholding hiding concealing deluding accept accord acquiesce adopt agree allow approve concur confide confirm consent cop a plea credit enumerate go into details grant indicate let narrate number open up own own up permit profess recite recognize relate spill subscribe to tolerate uncover yield decline disagree disallow disapprove invalidate listen misunderstand oppose protest veto argue differ disown object prevent sell confute debar dismiss eject exclude expel gainsay oust repel shut admits accepts blesses buys concedes enters entertains gives access gives the nod gives thumbs up grants harbors houses initiates introduces is big on lets lets in lodges o.k.'s permits receives shelters signs signs off on suffers takes takes in repels expels dismisses turns away stops disagrees offers gives gainsays dissents confutes shuts ousts excludes ejects debars ignores disregards vetoes sells abstains repudiates disputes erases rejects disallows refuses denies advertise advance ballyhoo beat the drum for bill blazon boost build up circularize drum endorse flaunt get on soapbox for hard sell herald hype make a pitch pitch plug press agent promote promulgate puff push put on the map show soft sell splash sponsor spot tout bottle up hurt decrease discourage halt secret keep secret advertises acquaints advances advises announces apprises ballyhoos beats the drum for bills blazons boosts builds up circularizes communicates declares discloses displays divulges drums endorses exhibits exposes flaunts gets on soapbox for heralds hypes informs makes a pitch makes known notifies pitches plugs proclaims promotes promulgates puffs pushes puts on the map reveals shows splashes sponsors spots touts uncovers unmasks keeps secret secrets halts discourages hurts covers secretes decreases deceives disapproves bottles up suppresses withholds hides conceals classified covert furtive hush-hush mysterious obscure private secluded undercover underground undisclosed unknown unpublished backdoor close closet dark deep mystic occult unseen abstruse ambiguous arcane camouflaged cloak-and-dagger clouded conspiratorial covered cryptic disguised enigmatical esoteric mystical on the Q.T. out-of-the-way recondite reticent retired shrouded strange under wraps unenlightened unfrequented unintelligible veiled aboveboard apparent honest known obvious open public revealed sociable unconcealed light visible clear defined explicit forthright legal legitimate confidential restricted secretive surreptitious backstairs inside sneak discreet dissembled dissimulated in ambush incognito sly sneaky stealthy sub-rosa top-secret unacknowledged under false pretense underhanded under-the-table code confidential information key mystery cipher confidence enigma formula oracle password puzzle classified information magic number privileged information skeleton in cupboard public knowledge revelation anonymous Jane\u002FJohn Doe innominate nameless pseudo pseudonymous secret such and such unattested unavowed unclaimed uncredited undesignated unidentified unnamed unsigned unspecified what's his\u002Fher name whatchamacallit whatsis you know who named identified clandestine hugger-mugger intriguing quiet cloaked cabalistic screened buried concealed hidden incog masked obscured privy ulterior underhand unsuspected candid frank overt Delphic acute complex difficult discerning hard to understand heavy hermetic incisive intricate learned orphic penetrating profound sagacious serious sibylline wise simple stupid trivial unimportant frivolous shallow superficial unintelligent breakthrough conclusion data design finding innovation method result bonanza contrivance coup device find formula godsend law luck machine principle process secret theorem way luck out bad fortune loss miss discovery discoveries algorithms bonanzas breakthroughs conclusions contrivances coups designs devices findings finds formulas godsends innovations laws luck outs machines methods principles processes results secrets theorems ways bad fortunes misses losses algorithm street cloister close compass courtyard curtilage enclosure forum patio piazza plaza quad quadrangle square castle cortege entourage hall palace retinue staff suite train lords and ladies royal household bench judge justice session tribunal bar magistrate court of justice kangaroo court law court seat of judgment courthouse courtroom city hall county courthouse federal building hall of justice justice building municipal building address attention homage love respects suit attract charm cultivate entice invite please praise propose pursue seek solicit sue woo allure beseech bid bootlick captivate chase date entreat flatter follow gallant grovel importune serenade spark spoon sweetheart ask in marriage curry favor go out with go steady go together go with keep company with make love to make overture make time with pander to pay addresses to pay court to pop the question run after seek the hand of set one's cap take out condemn deny displease ignore neglect refuse reject repel repulse turn off offend disregard assize assembly court decree enactment hearing inquest measure ordinance rule trial atrium cavity chamber entrance passage room appeal to bait beckon beguile bewitch bring come on drag draw enchant endear engage enthrall exert influence fascinate freak out give the come-on go over big grab hook induce interest intrigue inveigle kill knock dead knock out lure magnetize make a hit with mousetrap pull rope in score seduce send slay spellbind steer suck in sweep off one's feet tempt turn on vamp wile wow bore disenchant disgust disinterest shun deter discourage dissuade attracts allures appeals to baits beckons beguiles bewitches brings captivates charms comes on courts drags draws enchants endears engages enthralls entices entrances exerts influence fascinates freaks out gives the come-on goes over big grabs hooks induces interests intrigues inveigles invites kills knocks dead knocks out lures magnetizes makes a hit with mousetraps pulls scores seduces sends slays solicits spellbs steers sucks in sweeps off one's feet tempts turns on vamps wiles wows discourages let goes disinterests disenchants bears gives up turns off repulses repels prevents deters releases dissuades disgusts shuns refuses rejects attorneys barristers counsel counselors dock judgment judiciary jurists law law practice lawyers legal profession solicitors advantage aid help the bar your honors
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