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Governor Twaha reveals plans for youths in Lamu to secure jobs at the new Lapsset corridor project

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  Lapsset to open up Northern Kenya, spur economic growth   Uhuru says LAPSSET must proceed even without Uganda   Musalia Mudavadi urges Lamu residents to embrace the Lapsset project   First three berths at Lamu Port 20pc done   Lamu Governor Elect Fahim Twaha pledges to improve Security   First berth at Lamu Port to be operational in 2018   Lamu county gubernatorial aspirant, Fahim Twaha explains his plans if elected   Lamu residents express hope for development under the new county leadership   Private Sector encouraged to embrace LAPSSET   To unite Lamu people is my first priority - Fahim Twaha   Former Lamu governor Issa Timamy files petition against Twaha   Timamy files petition challenging Fahim Twaha win   The only elected female MCA in Lamu County expresses gratitude to the electorate   425,000 Kenyans stand to benefit in employement with the berth of the LAPSSET project   Stakeholders outline investment framework strategy for Lamu city   Kenya Airports Authority to take control of Lamu Port by June 2018   KPA to take over Lamu Port by June 2018   Lamu youth advised to train for various skills in preparation for Lamu Port (LAPSSET) jobs   LAPSSET project to cost 4 trillion shillings   ODM rally disrupted at Mpeketoni by rowdy youth   Police shoot two civilians outside Lamu court protest   Construction of Lamu Port now 23 percent complete   Nasa team promises free education among other goodies   TRSకు వ్యతిరేకంగా BJP నేతలు చేస్తున్న కార్యక్రమాలు బూడిదలో పోసిన పన్నీరుగా మారుతున్నాయా?   Belt & Road Forum: Kenya's Lamu Port also part of the initiative   190817_K24__1PM_LAMU GOVERNOR SECURITY BOOST   Lamu governor-elect Fahim Twaha speech after being sworn-in   Feasibility study for Kitale-Lokichar road underway   Interest from investors for LAPSSET project is still low   Lamu governor elect promises not to interfer with national government projects   Lamu governor elect promises not to interfere with national government projects   Feature: Lapsset project affects environment, fishermen fortunes dwindle in Lamu   Groundbreaking at Alexion Pharmaceuticals   Chinese-built Lamu port on course to transform Kenya,E. Africa   Uhuru assures Lamu residents of road completion by next year   8 governors take oath of office in various counties   ఇక మార్పులు తప్పవు! || పార్టీ ప్రభుత్వంలో మార్పులపై కేసీఆర్‌ దృష్టి   Hongwe MCA pleads with colleagues not to frustrate Lamu governor   ODM leaders, Joho heckled in Mpeketoni   180817_K24_PKG_9PM_GOVERNORS SWORN IN_WACHU   Police shoot in the air to disperse rowdy crowd at Malindi polling center   Carrier deal to keep jobs in Indy moves forward   ముద్రగడ పాదయాత్ర అడ్డుకునేందుకు చంద్రబాబు ప్రభుత్వం కుట్ర !   Raila Odinga plans to set-up industrial parks in all the 47 counties to create jobs to the youths   I-81 redesign highlighted during Cuomo's state address in Syracuse   Gov. Cuomo announces $45M Syracuse airport redesign   'I'm really scared': Brooklyn Beckham reveals plans to 'disappear' from the public eye   Bemidji Council Discusses Major Downtown Development Project   Dart Container to invest $40 million, create more than 100 new jobs in Mason   Fahim Twaha ameapishwa kama gavana wa Lamu   Governor speaks at Dominion announcement   Cheating in the name of Job, Two arrested - Watch Exclusive   A Cleveland Avenue makeover   KTR to Oversee the Operations at Telangana Bhavan   Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho forced to flee from a political rally in Mpeketoni   Government launches land for land compensation to aid LAPSSET project   New lofts to incorporate historic Capricorn Studios in Macon   Intrigues at Nyeri County Assembly after the swearing in of new Governor   TDP leaders disappointed with the New Assembly Building at Velagapudi   Bombing Boni forest not solution to deal with Al Shabaab   TRS leadership working out New Formula for filling up the posts   Hotel bookings in Lamu County on the increase   KTN Weekend at One 3rd. Aug. 2014( Ebola Deaths, Mudavadi on land grabbing)   First Lady praises Lamu Governor as she hands over mobile clinic   A new project will enable a Champion company to hire more employees   KSR Political Comment || Amit Shah Strategy & BJP Plans For 2019 Elections   CM KCR plans to develop Most Backward Classes in Telangana   Donald Trump Takes Questions at New York Economic Club (9-15-16)   ఎమ్మెల్సీ పదవి కోసం టీడీపీలో భారీ పోటీ || Two MLC Seats in Governor Quota   Certain Fields Have Jobs In High Demand   I DID NOT LOSE: Lamu outgoing governor Issa Timamy disputes election results   Democrat Louisiana Governor Reveals How President Trump Responded To His Calls For Help   Louisiana Governor Reveals How President Trump Responded To His Calls For Help(VIDEO)   Rajinikanth to Announce New Party in July, Reveals Brother Struggles To Move || Sakshi TV   Governor Holcomb signs bill to help people with disabilities find jobs

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