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"Goya" found their owners.

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"Goya" found their owners. The most important awards of Spanish cinema, "Goya", found their owners at the gala ceremony in Madrid. There were films titled "Un ...


Best Film: Tarde para la ira (Raul Arevalo) Best Director: Juan Antonio Bayona (Un monstrou viene a export) Best Actress: Emma Suarez (Julieta) Best Actor: Roberto Alamo (Que dios nos perdone) Best Supporting Actor: Manolo Solo (Tarde para la ira) Best Supporting Actress: Emma Suarez (La Proxima Piel) Best European Film: Elle (Paul Verhoeven / The Netherlands) Best Latin American Film: El Ciudadano Ilustre (Argentina) begin construct create erect establish form initiate launch organize plant raise settle start commence constitute endow fashion fix inaugurate institute originate get going ring in settle up start the ball rolling start up break complete conclude confuse demolish destroy die disestablish disorder disorganize end finish ignore neglect raze ruin stop unsettle upset cease depend derive found ground hinge locate predicate prop rest set up station stay base embed implant insert activate actualize break ground break the ice bring about bring to pass cause drive effect embark on enter on enter upon eventuate generate give birth to give impulse go ahead go into impel induce instigate introduce lay foundation for lead make make active motivate mount occasion open plunge into prepare produce set about set in motion trigger undertake support build bottom sustain root rear decrease move leave basing bed bedded began discourage check halt close lose fail consummate repress dissuade prevent Found their The IRS Their irs the irs thief theives theirs pronoun grammar his or her his her there they're english its charlie's friendly's bad finest first first-rate leading outstanding perfect terrific tough ace boss capital champion chief cool culminating nonpareil optimum premium prime primo principal super superlative tops A-1 beyond compare choicest first-class foremost greatest highest incomparable inimitable matchless number 1 out-of-sight paramount peerless preeminent sans pareil second to none supreme transcendent unequaled unparalleled unrivaled unsurpassed inferior last poor extra least low minor poorest secondary unimportant worst fewest incorrect not right best enduring everlasting perpetual be victorious better conquer exceed excel outdo outplay outrival outrun outshine outstrip overcome overtake overwhelm shoot ahead of subdue top transcend triumph vanquish whip advance ameliorate amend beat cap correct enhance forward further help meliorate mend promote raise rectify refine reform revamp surpass button down button up can clinch cob complete cover crest crown do to a T eclipse finish pass put the lid on surmount top it off trump wrap up preferred advantageous apt desirable golden presentable most desirable most fitting largest biggest extremely greatly honorably sincerely advantageously attractively creditably gloriously illustriously magnanimously most deeply most fortunately most fully most highly favorite choice flower prize paragon fat select pick model cream elite gem cream of the crop utmost Sunday best best shot hardest highest endeavor level best trounce outclass blank knock off lick deck tan total prevail bulldoze floor master lambaste wax trash wallop blast wipe zap waste drub clobber thrash beat up put away shut down take down wipe out take care of whop flax whomp get the better of let have it shoot down triumph over wipe the floor with give up build fall behind yield fail lose relent uphold praise forfeit surrender retreat all-time relinquish cede protect guard assist aid get worse halt hurt check reduce lower stop deteriorate impede cease ruin damage corrupt impair worsen obstruct injure hinder harm block decrease bettered bettering lay out forget start introduce begin disregard ignore Best B.E.S.T mediocre try my best tried my best your best try your best yours truly yours all the best good talk so... hipster hip scene bset comment douche breakfast sandwich bacon egg sausage tomato bestt tharms retarded para Paras Para paramilitary paramedic para-olympics parameter paratyphoid paratrooper sexy hot muscular cute sweet drunk wasted gone paralytic parra paraletic pissed shit-faced sober paris pornstar druggie pokémon Keogh plan Roth IRA retirement plan tax-free savings account IRA business cash estate finances financing fortune funds gold interests investment kitty means money nest egg principal property resources savings stake stock substance treasure ways and means wealth wherewithal backing capitalization funding subsidization 401k fund bond fund closed-end fund hedge fund investment fund money market funds money-market fund no-load fund open-end fund stock fund allowance annuity gift grant payment premium retirement account reward social security subsidy subvention superannuation support capital small debt poverty grubstake mutual fund pension I.R.A ira mossad shin bet nsa cia fbi dia dea gru kgb fsb paramilitary freedom unity armalite irish republican army pira ireland northern ireland british provo republican retaliation yesss lad tiocfaidh ar la north and south one Juan juan perfect one of a kind 1.24.14 forever & always life happy habibi love sexy nerd weird cute dancer amazing boyfriend hot juanita bae awesome attractive Antonio antonio tony stitch oof ro-que cougars servicehigh tony anthony cute funny dependable smart tonio lucky one of a kind kindhearted golden heart once in a lifetime viene Emma names emma girl meaning name beautiful confident perfectionist popular hot nice she amazing personality funny pretty gorgeous perfection happy positive Suarez suarez SUAREZ bite chomp nip wound chaw great sexy powerful him handball cheating soccer futbol goal asshole dickweed bitch fuck world cup 2010 ghana uruguay suarezed suarezedly opportunism impeding frustrate prevent stress halt oppose challenge resist. swaurez schaurez suares suwarez swarez tjatjarag dirty scumbag cheat liar sleazy Roberto robo] [ rob ] [robo][ dog stupidfunny roberto man swagger swag the shit home boy boss dance games pump it up video games sex god orgasmic mcjager bigdick huge alamo Alamo A.L.A.M.O bowl bcs lloyd carr horrible officalls bad calls san antonio battle of the alamo texas history war DIO Dio dio antithesis renunciation repudiation antonym blank cancellation contrary converse counterpart disavowal disclaimer inverse neutralization nonexistence nothingness nullification nullity opposite opposition proscription refusal rejection reverse vacuity veto void forget it negatory allowance approval permission ratification same sanction similarity negation exclusion reversal defiance ban noncompliance repulse dissent disfavor pass option interdiction disapproval repulsion declension withholding prohibition choice nix forbidding rebuff turndown refutation abnegation declination writ cold shoulder thumbs down disallowance enjoinment nonacceptance regrets renouncement knockback nonconsent agreement acceptance offer grant confirmation endorsement attraction dissatisfaction ostracism snub red light declining yes welcome thumbs up nothing sprite denial acquiescence 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passage passing proving recognition sanction sanctioning stamp of approval substantiation support testament testimonial testimony validating verification verifying visa witness collateral main affirmative dissenting negative body superior important necessary chief behind direct major different principal primary dissimilar independent unrelated confirmation opposition disagreement void destruction contradiction cancellation annulment rejection veto refusal disapproval denial Manolo buff smart funny calm chill athletic god individual single solitary stag unaccompanied by oneself companionless friendless in solitary me and my shadow me myself and I unaided unassisted unescorted unmarried accompanied combined together abandoned batching it by itself/oneself deserted desolate detached forlorn forsaken hermit isolated lone lonely lonesome only shag sole solo traveling light unattached unattended widowed apart autonomously exclusive of freely individually one at a time one by one separately 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