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Grandmother blasts couple convicted in birthday party 'hate crime': 'Why you crying now?'

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The grandmother of the black boy whose birthday was terrorized by a parade of trucks with Confederate flags and guns has lambasted a Georgia couple for crying as they were sentenced.#StreetGangTerrorism #JoseIsmaelTorres #KayleRaeNorton #RacialSlurs #ConfederateFlags #LengthyPrisonTerms #CharlestonChurchMassacre #GangTerrorismStatute #GangTerrorismLaw #HateCrimeStatueIf you don't like my channel, please skip my channel. Thanks very much!Some video random from our channel may you like:►SEE IT: Ben Affleck gives hints of who the villain will be in his standalone film : https://youtu.be/aqQGk8tozzA►Hillary Clinton left 9/11 memorial service after feeling 'overheated' : https://youtu.be/3bav3WdQa-Q►North Korea executes five senior security officials with anti-aircraft guns because they 'enraged' Kim Jong Un : https://youtu.be/pxS2GSvmgak►Chris Martin of Coldplay thinks Oasis will reunite — ‘It will happen, I’m sure’ : https://youtu.be/GeQYSP4hn6Q►President Trump rips 'national security leakers' again in wake of reports that Reince Priebus contacted FBI : https://youtu.be/hlWHzRh0F6A►Trump’s farcical Mexico trip, Clinton’s 'forgetting,' another Weiner scandal — our politicians' antics are straight out of a third world country : https://youtu.be/zsZS8tCIAJM►Honey Boo Boo warns sister Pumpkin not to mess with ‘Cash Me Outside’ girl who’ll beat her down : https://youtu.be/1KWeEhHb_uo►Donald Trump uses death of Dwyane Wade’s cousin to boast about election odds, misspells NBA star's name : https://youtu.be/6K4Q_nuaOKQ►Teen arrested for jumping from boat as vessel docks at Bay Shore Ferry Terminal : https://youtu.be/ZqswDeR9UcA►Baby born mid-air receives free flights for life from airline : https://youtu.be/KJ1O8oSYBmo


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