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Green-Socialist Notes: Stop Asian Hate

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Chinese Japanese Korean byzantine oriental Asian asian Asians animosity antagonism enmity hatred horror hostility loathing pain rancor resentment revenge venom abhorrence abomination anathema animus antipathy aversion bother bugbear detestation disgust execration frost grievance gripe irritant malevolence malignity nuisance objection odium rankling repugnance repulsion revulsion scorn spite trouble black beast bête noire ill will mislike nasty look no love lost friendship good will happiness kindness liking love pleasure sympathy admiration aid approval blessing compliment delight esteem flattery fondness help honor like loving praise regard respect despise detest shun abhor loathe abominate spurn deprecate execrate disdain disapprove contemn nauseate curse deride disfavor disparage anathematize look down on allergic to be disgusted with be hostile to be loath be reluctant be repelled by be sick of be sorry bear a grudge against down on feel malice to have an aversion to have enough of have no use for not care for object to recoil from shudder at spit upon flatter endorse commend approve sanction laud adore cherish admire be allergic to be down on be grossed out by hate enjoy desire relish abhorred malice abhorring dislike bane enemy pariah bonerjams Hate
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