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Greenpeace unfurl 'Resist' banner above White House

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  Greenpeace 'Resist' Banner Near White House   Greenpeace protesters climb crane near White House and unfurl banner reading 'RESIST'   Greenpeace Activists Unfurl Massive 'Resist' Banner Near White House   Protesters hang "resist" sign near White House   RESIST: Greenpeace Hangs Giant Banner Behind White House; Prank-Calling Trump Hotel Phones   The Latest: Activists descending from crane near White House   Resist White House banner Karen Topakian #Greenpeace view from the crane #BREAKING RESIST   Anti-Trump protesters unfurl "Resist" banner atop D.C. crane   Giant "RESIST" Banner Hanging Near White House   Activists Climb Crane Near White House - Call For Resisting Trump   Activists Unfurl Massive Banner On Crane Behind White House   'Resist' Against Trump - Greenpeace Flies Banner Over Whitehouse   Anti Trump Protesters Climb Crane Close to White House Put Up Resist Greenpeace Sign   Protest by Greenpeace outside White House (C-SPAN)   ‘RESIST’: Protesters hang anti-Trump banner from crane within view of White House   Greenpeace Activists Hang "Resist" Banner At Trump Tower   Greenpeace activists climb crane   Greenpeace Protestors Climbed a Crane to Hang a 'Resist' Banner   Greenpeace Protestors Climbed a Crane to Hang a 'Resist' Banner | NowThis   Greenpeace hangs 'resist' banner in D.C.   AP Top Stories January 25P   AP Top Stories January 25P   Protesters Climb Crane And Call For Resistance Blocks From White House | TIME   "Refugees Welcome" Banner Unfurled On the Statue of Liberty   Eiffel Tower demo banner urges voters to 'resist' Le Pen   Greenpeace Protesters Go to New Heights In Washington | CNBC   "RESIST" Greenpeace Protest Looms Over The White House!   RESIST TRUMP GREEN PEACE FLAG ABOVE WHITE HOUSE   Police: 7 protesters on DC crane associated with Greenpeace   Greenpeace banner on Trump Tower   Lily Allen joins anti Trump demo outside American embassy as protesters unfurl huge banner at London   Activists Face Charges For Damage To Trump Tower   Trump Briefly Pauses Speech As Protester Tries To Unfurl Banner Saying 'Build Bridges Not Walls'!!   Avenida Paulista in Brazil's São Paulo Fills With Protesters After Impeachment Decision   Greenpeace RESIST Activists Hang Giant Anti-Le Pen Banner From Eiffel Tower   Greenpeace Activists Hang Giant Anti-Le Pen Banner From Eiffel Tower Timelapse   Belgium: Greenpeace activists scale crane near US embassy during Trump visit   Raw video: Protest banner hung from West End Bridge   France: Greenpeace scale Eiffel Tower to unfurl anti-Le Pen banner   Greenpeace crane protest in Washington   Greenpeace unfolds banner in anti-Trump demo   Greenpeace unveils anti-Le Pen 'resist' banner on the Eiffel Tower   Greenpeace Airship calls for upscale of Ecological Farming in Italy   Mexican children tell clothes brands to " Detox our Future "   "Old Glory" at Half Staff at The White House   WARSAW COAL DUMPING PROTEST   Protesters scale large crane near White House   Canada’s Largest Logging Company Want to Sue Greenpeace Out of Existence   Activists Hang "QUIT COAL" on Polish Plant chimney stack   Greenpeace protest G20, drop banner from bridge   Spain: Catalan firefighters unfurl 'love democracy' banner ahead of referendum   As campaign comes to a close, Le Pen and Macron keep an eye on abstention   The Atlanta Women's Foundation announces new Yogathon venue   Berkeley Protesters Shake Large RESIST Banner as Helicopter Watches   Protesters Shake Large RESIST Banner as Helicopter Watches   2017 02 24 1419 56   Demonstrators Unveil "Stop Killing Us" Banner At St. Louis Baseball Game   White House Press Briefing with Sean Spicer - Trump Care   NO DAPL Protesters TAKE The Fight To The White House   Contensious White House Press Briefing with Sean Spicer   Contentious White House Press Briefing with Sean Spicer   Leafs Centennial Banner Tour - Borje Salming   JPost News: Topless Femen activist hangs from Paris bridge in anti-Rouhani protest   ESPN host Jemele Hill suspended over Tweet   WhH vows to immediately reintroduce immigration banafter judge cancels it with national injunction   Angry Sean Spicer Rants during White House Press Briefing SNL Influence   Sean Spicer: President to release employees' financial disclosure reports- LoneWolf Sager(◑_◑)   Banner hung by fans over Green Monster: ‘Racism is as American as baseball’   Plane with Confederate flag banner circles SC State House on Confederate Memorial Day   Anti-Trump Banner Spotted at MLB Game   Spicer: "don't have to be that high up in grade school to recognize the authority that is granted"   Boris Nemtsov's Father Visits Bolshoy Moskvoretsky Bridge   Women in the White House stay above the fray   Spicer: "don't have to be that high in grade school to recognize the authority that is granted" - WH Press Briefing 2/22/17   Michael Flynn is the Beginning: Maxine Waters on Trump and Russia

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