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GuideLive's Peeps taste test

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From Sour Watermelon to Vanilla Delight, 18 different varieties of Peeps are tested by the GuideLive folks. Twelve participants took part in this unscientific poll of ...


Marshmallow Peeps Peeps Easter Easter candy Sour Watermelon Strawberry Delight Vanilla Delight Party Cake Lemon Delight Blue Raspberry Sugar Free Peeps Milk Chocolate Dipped Peeps Orange Delight blink glance sight gander look peer snatch snoop spy squint stare hoot pipe cry coo emerge crop up peep out peer out cheep chirp note peep roar shriek song tweet twitter warble chip chipper chirrup tweedle fish eye glaring gun looking ogling peek rubbernecking scrutiny seeing survey watching admire beam bore contemplate eye eyeball gape gawk get a load of get an eyeful glare gloat inspect lamp look fixedly moon observe ogle pin regard rubber rubberneck scrutinize see size up take in view watch wonder flash fleeting look glimpse look-see quick look slant swivel browse check out dip into flip through gaze leaf through riffle through run over run through scan skim through take a gander thumb through call Peeps peeps candy friends soft slang bitch aroma sweet sting zing zip savor jolt bang bitter kick zest punch smack ginger wallop relish oomph tang drive sour salt sapor apathy hate hatred lot touch bite bit morsel dash chaw trifle sip hint tidbit whiff nip drop wink tinge titbit desire heart type stomach bent gusto fancy thing leaning liking palate enmity tongue gout style culture feeling grace polish finesse decorum acumen nicety tact dislike enjoy chew sample eat lick assay sense nibble test partake discern abstain refrain neglect feel undergo know perceive aid alimony allocation allotment annuity apportionment bequest bounty commission contribution cut endowment fee fellowship gift grant honorarium inheritance interest legacy measure part pay pension piece portion prize quantity quota ration recompense remittance salary scholarship share slice stint stipend subsidy taste wage appetence appetency appetition big eyes craving demand fondness gluttony greed hankering hunger inclination itch longing lust passion penchant proclivity propensity ravenousness soft spot sweet tooth thirst urge voracity weakness willingness yearning yen zeal antipasto aperitif canapé cocktail dip finger food hors d'oeuvre munchies spread ability accomplishment artfulness brilliance craftship creativity flair genius mastery proficiency talent virtuosity workmanship air ambience aura background character climate color environment flavor impression local color medium mood place property quality scene semblance space spirit surroundings tone act action address attitude bag bearing carriage code comportment conduct convention course dealings decency deed delivery demeanor deportment ethics etiquette expression form front guise habits management mien mode morals nature observance performance practice presence propriety ritual role routine savoir-faire seemliness social graces speech talk tenue way way of life ways what's done allowance appetite appetizer artistry atmosphere behavior Taste 'taste' tasté test TEST marshmallow peep cordial amiable friendly gracious breezy easy helpful kind kindly lenient mild moderate nice obliging tolerant softie aloof cool mean rude bad acquiescent agreeable altruistic benevolent bighearted charitable complaisant compliant even-tempered good-hearted good-humored marshmallow warmhearted well-disposed willing to please good-natured marshmallows Marshmallow Easter easter easter candy sweet bonbon confit hokum California sunshine Owsley's acid black tabs blotter blue Owsley blue acid blue dot candy cubes dot electric Kool Aid green dragon hallucinogen instant Zen magic mushrooms mescalin microdots mushrooms orange sunshine peyote purple haze strawberry fields sugar cubes yellow sunshine cake dainty jam pastry confection cookie frozen dessert frozen treat fruit ice cream last course pie pudding sweet course tart big H crap diacetylmorphine doojee dope drug flea powder hard stuff horse junk mojo narcotic opium scag white stuff anneal benumb brace cement chill clot coagulate condense congeal crystallize curdle firm fix freeze gel harden inflate inspissate jell jelly ossify petrify precipitate prop reinforce set solidify stabilize starch steady strengthen tauten tense thicken chocolate confectionery confiture delight dessert enjoyment final course gratification joy pleasure snack sugarplum sweetmeat acid heroin stiffen Candy sugar crack umm jewelry u get the idea caring deusch nice beautiful best lover hermosa linda sharp acid acrid briny musty salty dry keen bad green tart acerb kind blah tasty dull calm mild nice bland sweet good happy bitter rotten crabby content cordial spoil curdle turn help moldy off putrid rancid sour spoiled absinthal absinthian acerbic amaroidal astringent harsh unsweetened vinegary acrimonious alienated antagonistic begrudging biting caustic divided embittered estranged fierce freezing hateful intense irreconcilable morose rancorous resentful sardonic severe sore stinging sullen virulent vitriolic with chip on shoulder enraged furious hostile menacing threatening clinking discordant disharmonic dissonant grating ill-sounding immusical inharmonious jangly jarring noisy raucous strident unmusical bad-tempered bearish captious choleric contrary cranky critical cross crotchety crusty disagreeable dour grouchy grumpy huffy ill-humored ill-natured irascible irritable obstinate ornery peevish perverse petulant prickly quarrelsome snappish stuffy testy vinegarish black cacophonous cantankerous Sour gourd papaya musk casaba nutmeg pepo peanut sphere oval pigskin moleskin porker pineapple cantaloupe honeydew watermelon inflated oval regulation football melon football Watermelon Watermelón Watermelons water melons Strawberry delight strawberry delight fair light pale pearly sallow snowy straw albino flaxen brunet blond leucous auricomous bleached champagne fair-haired golden-haired platinum sandy-haired strawberry towheaded washed-out yellow-haired stramineous blonde Strawberry strawberries joy glee mirth relish sadness sorrow dislike hate hatred dismay misery pain trouble satisfy gratify rejoice thrill attract amuse please cheer charm enchant wow allure exult glory ravish slay send content score gladden divert groove turn on arride anger annoy offend tire refuse upset repel bore account adoration affection applause appreciation approbation approval deference delight esteem estimation favor fondness glorification homage honor idolatry idolization liking love marveling obeisance pleasure praise prizing recognition regard reverence valuing veneration wonder wonderment worship break one up crack up fracture grab interest kill knock dead make roll in the aisles occupy panic put away regale tickle action ball beguilement diversion enjoyment entertainment field day fun fun and games gladdening gratification grins high time hilarity hoopla laughs laughter merriment merry go round picnic play pleasing regalement whoopee distract engross entertain entice knock out lure seduce solace sweep off one's feet tickle pink tickle to death vamp beguile bewitch dazzle draw enamour enrapture enslave ensnare enthrall entrance fascinate grip hold hook hypnotize infatuate intrigue magnetize make a hit with mesmerize rope in spellbind take turn one on wile win cajole captivate enamor ensorcell hex inveigle possess put under a spell spell sweep off feet transport voodoo win over admiration amusement Delight delights rustic plain clean austere folksy homely humble modest bald bare bare-bones bleak dour primitive severe simple spare spartan stark subdued unadorned unembellished vanilla banal blah boring dull dull as dishwater flat flavorless ho hum humdrum insipid milk-and-water monotonous nerdy nothing pabulum sapless tame tedious unexciting uninspiring uninteresting unstimulating vapid waterish watery weak wimpy wishy-washy zero apple-pie order blank bright cleansed clear delicate dirtless elegant faultless flawless fresh graceful hygienic immaculate laundered neat neat as a button neat as a pin orderly pure sanitary shining snowy sparkling speckless spic and span spotless squeaky stainless taintless tidy trim unblemished unpolluted unsmudged unsoiled unspotted unstained unsullied untarnished washed well-kept white boiler plate characterless clichéd colorless conventional corny customary dime-a-dozen familiar familiar tune garden variety hackneyed lowly mainstream matter-of-course mediocre middle-of-the-road middling mundane natural normal obvious ordinary pedestrian plebeian prevalent prosaic run-of-the-mill stale starch stereotyped threadbare trite typical uneventful unexceptional unnoteworthy widespread workaday worn-out accustomed average commonplace daily dime a dozen frequent habitual informal per diem quotidian routine stock unimaginative unremarkable usual whitebread wonted bland blind dead dim drab draggy inane innocuous jejune lead balloon lifeless matte muted pointless prosy spiritless tasteless unpalatable unsavory unseasoned everyday Vanilla party cake dinner affair tea gala fete prom soiree ball riot spree bash feast orgy social fun task work body force team bevy corps crowd covey troop crew band squad unit mob bunch one union bloc side set cabal junta sect ring disunion division woman man being part human animal plant actor agent plotter sharer cojuror fan assembly association clique club cluster collection company coterie gang gathering horde menagerie outfit party society troupe bake clam bake cookout picnic wienie roast communal gathering harvest work party flight flock group pack amusement blow out excitement good time great time creature individual mortal person personage soul barbecue bee blast Party loaf mass slab lump bar brick cake chunk cube hunk ingot oblong piece section segment slice solid square candy dainty jam pastry sweet clabber clot concrete condense curdle dry freeze gel gelate gelatinate gelatinize glob up harden indurate jell jellify jelly refrigerate set solidify stiffen thicken confection cookie frozen dessert frozen treat fruit ice cream last course pie pudding sweet course tart amalgamate anneal bake brace buttress calcify callous cement close coagulate compact congeal consolidate contract crystallize densify firm fix fortify fossilize gird nerve ossify petrify precipitate press reinforce settle starch steel strengthen temper toughen vitrify bun dough roll twist block dessert Cake cakes portal orange box half life betty crocker fat juicy ass shawty luke hemmings calum hood 5sos 5 seconds of summer bromance Lemon lemon lemons blue raspberry royal azure navy indigo cobalt beryl teal joyful joyous upbeat gay happy clean decent low moody dismal fed up gloomy glum unhappy rich dirty bawdy lewd racy salty shady smutty spicy wicked blue cheap coarse erotic gross indecent indecorous indelicate lascivious lecherous libidinous licentious lustful obscene off-color prurient ribald risqué rude salacious suggestive alkali brackish water deep drink marinade ocean pickling solution preservative saline salt water sea water sodium chloride solution vinegar improper low-minded purple saucy unrefined unrestrained austere black bleak comfortless dark dejected dejecting depressed desolate despondent disconsolate dispiriting dolorous drab draggy drearisome dreary dull forlorn funereal grim in the dumps jarring joyless melancholy miserable mopey mournful oppressive sad somber sorrowful sullen tenebrific uncomfortable wintry woebegone woeful base boorish brutish common crass crude earthy filthy foul foul-mouthed gruff immodest impolite impure incult inelegant loutish lowbred lowdown and dirty mean nasty offensive raffish raunchy raw rough roughneck scatological tacky uncivil uncouth uncultivated uncultured vulgar vulgarian ass in a sling cast down chapfallen discouraged disheartened dispirited down down in the dumps downcast downhearted in a funk inconsolable singing the blues taken down brine broad cheerless crestfallen Blue blues Blues sound razz hiss Bronx cheer boo derision gibe hoot jeer raspberry shout whistle banter chaff heckle jest joke kid needle rib taunt tease catcall razzing holler raspberries Raspberry candy lactose xylose caramel sucrose maltose glucose baby beau boyfriend darling dear dearest fiancé first and last flame girlfriend heartbeat heartthrob honey idol inamorato love love of my life lover number one numero uno object of affection one and only pet prize rave significant other steady sugar sweetheart tootsie treasure true love approach buy buy back buy off coax corrupt do business entice fix get at get to grease palm influence instigate lubricate lure make a deal oil palm pay off pervert reward seduce soap square suborn sweeten the pot take care of tamper tempt tip cellulose dextrin dextrose disaccharide fructose galactose glycogen monosaccharide polysaccharide starch blow coke controlled substance crack crystal freebase happy dust ice joy powder mojo narcotic nose candy poison snort snow speedball stardust stuff white horse white lady wings angel apple of one's eye beloved dear one dearie fair-haired boy friend heart's desire honeybunch lamb light of my life precious sweetie truelove add sweetening candy-coat make sweet make toothsome mull sugar-coat bribe carbohydrate cocaine sweeten Sugar paper freebie handout gratis unpaid comp priced bound costly barred busy mean clear loose able easy open frank casual lax vague closed strict separate freed unused empty spare idle extra vacant eager big poor parole rescue pardon relieve acquit release dismiss save ransom unbind loosen reprieve spring deliver absolve undo redeem untie unleash manumit bail bail out let off turn out unchain let out set free uncage unfetter unfix harm injure damn blame hire fasten burden compel limit hurt hold keep employ engage bind exempt unload excuse unlade rid unpack fill load complete consummate downright entire flat out free full infinite no catch no fine print no holds barred no ifs ands or buts no joke no strings attached outright plenary pure sheer simple straight out supreme thorough total unabridged unadulterated unconditional unlimited unqualified unrestricted utter bleach blink at discharge exculpate exonerate forgive go easy on launder let off easy let off the hook let up on liberate lifeboat sanitize vindicate whitewash wink at wipe it off wipe the slate clean write off disculpate let go wipe off self-determining self-governing self-ruling sovereign uncontrolled accessible achievable applicable at hand at one's disposal attainable come-at-able convenient derivable from feasible getatable handy obtainable on deck on hand on tap open to possible prepared procurable purchasable reachable ready willing and able realizable securable serviceable up for grabs usable altruistic benevolent bighearted chivalrous considerate gracious greathearted heroic liberal lofty magnanimous noble princely unselfish absolute autonomous available Free cream raw skim whole goat chalk laiche extort drain wring evoke suck bleed evince use fleece siphon elicit pump press empty hoard save badger coerce compel demand exact force hold to ransom milk put the shake on ransom shake shake down squeeze threaten blackmail confiscate deplete exhaust extract impoverish leech mulct overcharge pauperize put the screws to rook sap skin steal stick strong-arm bamboozle beat beguile bilk bunco burn caboodle chisel con cozen crib cross deceive defraud delude diddle do a number on double-cross double-deal dupe fast talk finagle flimflam fudge give bum steer gouge gyp hoodwink hose jerk around mislead pull one's leg ream rip off rope in sandbag scam screw shaft short shuck snow stiff sucker swindle take take for a ride take in take out trick trim two-time victimize chouse circumvent clip do number on do out of embezzle foil hoax jive outwit pilfer pull fast one rob sucker into take to the cleaner's bankrupt decrease dig into diminish draw dry up evacuate expend finish lessen reduce spend squander suck dry undermine use up wash up waste weaken bare bereave denudate denude deprive despoil disinherit dismantle disrobe ditch doff dump eighty-six lose oust plunder remove seize spoil strip take from unclothe uncover undress unload cheat divest Milk fawn ginger tan toast amber brick nut buff coffee drab dust bronze bay ecru beige rust auburn tawny copper russet puce sepia cocoa sorrel umber henna bister khaki hazel ochre snack candy bonbon joy sorrow woe sadness misery pain trouble burnt sienna chestnut chocolate cinnamon mahogany snuff-colored terra-cotta confection confectionery confiture delight dessert enjoyment final course gratification pleasure pudding sugarplum sweetmeat brown sweet Chocolate wet biconcave cupped dented dimpled dipped excavated hollow hollowed incurvate incurvated incurved indented round rounded sagging scooped sinking sunken admit asperse besprinkle call christen cleanse denominate dip dub entitle immerse name purify regenerate sprinkle term title bath clean douse dunk flood hose imbathe imbue moisten rinse scour scrub shower soak soap sponge steep submerge suffuse tub water arch bob cower crook curtsy curve debase do obeisance droop duck genuflect hunch incline nod stoop bend bend down bow grovel huddle hunker down kneel quail quat scrooch down squat wince drop fall go down lower sag set settle sink slant slope concave baptize bathe crouch decline Dipped orange delight titian peach apricot coral salmon carrot orange pea pod tomato true fruit simple fruit Oranges Oranges!
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