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Gunman dead after attacking congressmen at Virginia baseball field

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Gunman dead after attacking congressmen at Virginia baseball fieldWhat we know about suspectJames T Hodgkinson is a 66-year-old man from Belleville, IllinoisHis wife told ABC News he moved to Virginia two months agoHis Facebook account shows anti-Republican and anti-Trump rhetoricHe volunteered on the campaign of former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie SandersHe had a string of criminal convictions, including traffic violations and allegations of violenceThe lawmakers were practising for the annual congressional ballgame that organisers vowed would go ahead as planned on Thursday at Nationals Park, home of Major League Baseball team the Washington Nationals.Alexandria police said the FBI was taking over the investigation into the shooting, which began shortly after 07:00 (11:00 GMT) on Wednesday morning at Eugene Simpson Stadium Park.'Sitting ducks'As well as Mr Scalise, two police officers, Krystal Griner and David Bailey, lobbyist Matt Mika and Zack Barth, a congressional aide for Texas lawmaker Roger Williams, were injured.Mr Barth, a former staffer for two Republican congressmen, was shot in the chest, according to witness Arizona Senator Jeff Flake.Mr Flake told reporters he was at bat during the shooting and the victims were "sitting ducks".Senator Mike Lee, a Utah Republican, said someone at the baseball field had used a belt as a tourniquet on Mr Scalise, who is the number three House Republican.South Carolina congressman Jeff Duncan said the suspect had asked him whether Republicans or Democrats were practising, before shots rang out.Kentucky Senator Rand Paul told Fox News: "I do believe without the Capitol Hill police it would have been a massacre."We had no defence at all. The field was basically a killing field."


President Donald J. Trump the gunman who opened fire at a congressional baseball practice in Virginia has died. assassin hit man hit woman sniper gunslinger killer torpedo triggerman bad guy antagonist antihero bad actor bad person baddie baddy cad con convict criminal crook felon gangster gunman hoodlum knave lawbreaker malefactor miscreant offender reprobate robber rogue ruffian scoundrel thief villain wrongdoer hired gun butcher contract killer executioner hatchet man hatchet woman hired killer murderer marksman markswoman professional killer rifleman shooter terrorist anarchist bomber fanatic goon guerrilla hijacker incendiary insurgent radical rebel revolutionary subversive thug zealot bandit bully delinquent gang member gorilla hood hooligan mobster punk rioter rowdy troublemaker law police thugs assassins bandits bullies criminals delinquents gang members gangsters goons gorillas gunmen hired killers hoods hooligans killers mobsters murderers professional killers punks rioters rowdies ruffians troublemakers laws buried deceased late lifeless cold departed stiff asleep bereft of life bloodless bought the farm breathless cadaverous checked out cut off defunct done for erased expired extinct gone gone to meet maker gone to reward inanimate inert liquidated mortified no more not existing offed out of one's misery passed away perished pushing up daisies reposing resting in peace spiritless unanimated wasted alive living continuing enduring existent existing live warm flat paralyzed boring still anesthetized apathetic callous deadened dull frigid glazed insensitive insipid lukewarm numb numbed senseless stagnant stale tasteless torpid unfeeling uninteresting unresponsive vapid wooden animate animated interested responsive spirited exhausted lost spent tired unemployed barren bygone inactive inoperable inoperative obsolete sterile unprofitable useless worn worn-out active functioning operating in operation operative working sure absolute entire final perfect whole bloody downright out-and-out outright thorough unconditional unmitigated unqualified utter flawed imperfect incomplete limited part partial unfinished absolutely due right straight direct directly entirely exactly straightly undeviatingly wholly indirectly incompletely arid bomb bromidic bummer characterless cloying colorless commonplace dead drab drag drudging ho-hum humdrum interminable irksome monotonous moth-eaten mundane nothing nowhere platitudinous plebeian prosaic repetitious routine stereotyped stodgy stuffy stupid tame tedious threadbare tiresome tiring trite unexciting unvaried wearisome well-worn zero bright current eventful exciting intelligent interesting lively new smart different unusual fascinating ancient antiquated archaic belated dated down memory lane erstwhile forgotten former gone-by in oblivion of old of yore old-fashioned old-time olden oldfangled one-time out-of-date previous quondam sometime vanished water over the dam water under the bridge modern recent ashen bag of bones 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  Gunman dead after attacking congressmen at Virginia baseball field   Gunman dead after attacking US congressmen at Virginia baseball field   Gunman dead after attacking congressmen at Virginia baseball field   Hansen Unplugged: Another shooting, another nut with a gun   US Congressmen injured in Virginia shooting   Rand Paul: It would have been a massacre   Rand Paul: It would have been a massacre without cops   U.S. Senator Describes Scene Of Shooting In Virginia   Michigan Rep. says police saved lives at baseball practice   Virginia shooting: Steve Scalise shot at congressional baseball practice   Congressman, 4 others shot   FBI: Gunman acted alone in shooting of congressman   FBI: Gunman Acted Alone in Congressman Shooting   FBI: Gunman Acted Alone in Congressman Shooting   President Donald Trump confirms suspect 'has now died' in statement on congressman's shooting   Rep. Brooks: Scalise crawled to field with trail of blood   Rep. Brooks: Scalise crawled, left blood trail   Rep.: Scalise crawled with trail of blood   Lawmakers & other witnesses describe terrifying Virginia shooting   Lawmakers & other witnesses describe terrifying Virginia shooting   FBI: Too early to say whether shooting was an act of terror   FBI: Too early to say whether shooting was an act of terror   Richmond, Virginia state trooper shot And killed in Greyhound bus station shooting - LoneWolf   Steve Scalise: "State of the Net" Conference (2013)   House Majority Whip Shot At Baseball Field, Gunman Dead   Capitol police are being praised for their courage under fire   Shockwaves sent through the halls of Congress after shooting   Gunman attacks congressmen in Virginia | DW English   Lawmakers recall how shooting attack unfolded   Lawmakers recall how shooting attack unfolded   See the moment shots are fired at GOP practice   Congressman and others injured in shooting at congressional baseball practice   Virginia governor: Too many guns on the street   Virginia neighbourhood in shock following shooting at congressional baseball practice   Community in shock after baseball field shooting   Christina Grimmie Dead after Gunman Kevin James Loibl Shoots Her at Florida Concert!!!!   Congressman Tom Rooney describes scene following shooting at baseball practice   Scalise's security detail was shot: Pergram   Scalise's security detail was shot: Pergram   First images of Congressional shooting   Rep. Brooks: 50 to 100 shots fired   Lawmaker recalls exchange with supposed gunman   Rep. Brooks: 50 to 100 shots fired   First images of Congressional shooting   Congressional Aide Recounts Ballfield Shooting   New Mexico congressman describes Virginia baseball field shooting scene   Witnesses Say Congressional Shooter Fired 50-60 Shots At Baseball Field   Gunman dead after shooting at firefighters   Bystander captures moment shots ring out   Bystander captures moment shots ring out   Triggering footage: Gunman opens fire on GOP baseball practice   Police chief: 'This is an ongoing investigation'   Police chief: 'This is an ongoing investigation'   Sen. Rand Paul Recounts Alexandria Shooting of Rep. Scalise   Rep. Steve Scalise Back In ICU   'It struck at home' – Fmr rep. from Alexandria, VA   Sen. Rand Paul Recounts Alexandria Shooting of Rep. Scalise   'It struck at home' – Fmr rep. from Alexandria, VA   Steve Pearce recounts shooting at Virginia baseball field   FBI agent weighs in on securing public venues   President Trump addresses shooting at congressional baseball practice   Congressman Steve Scalise In Stable Condition After Gunman Opens Fire   Former mayor reveals details of talks with suspected gunman   Former mayor reveals details of talks with suspected gunman   Rep. Steve Scalise discharged from hospital 6 weeks after shooting   Congressman Injured During Alexandria Shooting Returns Home   Rep. Scalise remains in critical condition, hospital 'encouraged' by 'improvement' in last 36 hours   UPS SHOOTING SAN FRANCISCO   FBI: Virginia Gunman Emailed With Two Senior Illinois Democrats Before Attack   Steve Scalise Shot at Virginia Park - Congressional Baseball Practice Shooting   FNN: Witness Who Saw Scalise Shooting at Virginia Baseball Field Describes Scene and Gunman   Steve Scalise Shooting in virginia baseball park CAUGHT ON VIDEO [HD]   Watch: Republicans and Democrats pray before Congressional Baseball Game   Sen. Jeff Flake Describes Shooting At Congressional Baseball Practice   BREAKING: Witness Who Saw Scalise Shooting at Virginia Baseball Field Describes Scene and Gunman

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