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HGTV's Flip Or Flop Couple Is Splitting After Altercation, But What Does It Mean For The Show?

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HGTV's Flip Or Flop Couple Is Splitting After Altercation, But What Does It Mean For The Show? The show's hosts have been dealing with troubles within their ...


cast chuck flick jerk pitch snap spin toss twist aggressive assertory bold brassy cheeky cocky come on domineering dynamic energetic enterprising flip forceful fresh get up and go go after hard sell imperious masterful militant nervy pushing pushy sassy shooting from the hip smart smart alecky strenuous tough vigorous zealous easy-going calm slow dull shy weak complaisant laid-back idle inactive impotent lethargic apathetic timid meek belligerent antagonistic ardent at loggerheads battling bellicose cantankerous combative contentious fierce fighting have a bone to pick have chip on shoulder have it in for hostile hot hot-tempered mean on the outs ornery pugnacious quarrelsome scrappy truculent warlike nice helping cooperative peaceloving agreeable kind friendly peaceful brash audacious brazenfaced cocksure effervescent foolhardy forward hasty headlong heedless hotheaded ill-advised impertinent impetuous impolitic impudent incautious inconsiderate indiscreet insolent madcap maladroit 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disintegration dispersal dissolution ending parting rift separation split splitsville termination wind-up start beginning reconciliation introduction marriage bang bash belt blast blow boom buffet clap clip clout crash cuff explosion noise pop report shot slam slap smack smash stab stroke thump thwack wallop wham failure quiet loss disruption interruption severance nuclear fission atom smashing atom-chipping atom-splitting fission fission reaction nucleonics allotment apportionment barrier detachment disconnection distribution disunion dividing hindrance obstruction portion rationing rupture screen segregation wall union attachment promotion help unity juncture assistance aid whole Splitting allow it afterwards later subsequently back back of behind below ensuing hind hindmost in the rear next posterior postliminary rear subsequential succeeding thereafter before afterward after another time ensuingly eventually intra late latterly post hoc soon then thereon ultimately earlier 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interrupted intermittent infrequent discontinuous afters allow it After argument bickering blowup brawl flap fracas quarrel run-in tiff wrangle beef brush combat contest controversy dispute embroilment fuss hassle row rumble set-to words bone of contention squabbling agreement calm harmony peace accord quiet concord union unity affray altercation assault attack battle clash disturbance donnybrook encounter melee riot ruckus scuffle skirmish retreat surrender truce bone bone to pick brannigan crusher debate difference of opinion disagreement dustup exchange face-off falling feud finisher gin knock down and drag out knockdown out rhubarb romp ruction rumpus scene scrap shindy spat squabble static stew arguments apple of discord conflict grounds for war issue matter at hand point in question problem sore point tender spot battle royal broil disorder duke out fight fray free-for-all tumult uproar order break alienation breach disaffection divergence estrangement misunderstanding rift 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emotional expressive farcical histrionic impressive melodramatic powerful sensational spectacular startling striking sudden suspenseful tense histrionical the The allow it appearance display fair pageant parade presentation program spectacle array expo exposition fanfare fireworks grandstand manifestation occurrence pageantry panoply pomp representation shine showboat showing sight splash view dullness concealment hiding reality truth picture play movie drama production act comedy film flick carnival cinema entertainment burlesque motion picture impression seeming profession affectation pretext air simulacrum illusion sham semblance pose effect ostentation front pretense likeness face guise make-believe grandstand play rear back quiet exhibit reveal sell offer produce demonstrate present streak supply unfurl flaunt sport brandish blazon flash submit spread proffer attend afford expose wave unfold unveil flourish stage disport mount bare arrive vaunt lay out put on show off trot out 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