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Haiti's adverse conditions persist

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Haitians in Port-au-Prince talk about adverse conditions there, while tens of thousands of refugees in the United States granted Temporary Protected Status can stay stateside until January.


Catholic News Service Haiti TPS Temporary Protected Status refugees Hatians Tyler Orsburn Haiti HAITI haiti conflicting detrimental disadvantageous inimical injurious negative unfortunate unfriendly allergic to contrary down on down side have no use for inopportune opposed opposing opposite ornery reluctant repugnant stuffy unlucky unpropitious unwilling advantageous assisting beneficial friendly good helpful kind nice aiding auspicious favorable fortunate lucky propitious adversarial adversative adverse antagonistic antipathetic antipodean antipodal antithetical contradictory converse diametric diametrical inverse obverse polar reverse bad disagreeable discouraged discouraging displeasing distressed gloomy grim melancholy troubled troubling unfavorable unhappy unpleasant happy virtuous badder undecayed true just upright right profitable benevolent worthy reputable honest calamitous afflictive blighting cataclysmic catastrophic deadly deplorable devastating dire fatal grievous harmful 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alien displaced person emigrant evacuee exile expatriate foreigner castaway defector derelict deserter escapee foundling fugitive leper maroon outcast outlaw prodigal renegade runaway boat person expellee homeless person stateless person émigré citizen national native Refugees Refugeeing Refugeed Refugee refugee Newborn Hatian Hyde Park Hatian fake out Tyler
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