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Halal Certification Fees Fund Terrorism

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Halal food must be blessed by an imam. There is a fee to certify the as Halal before it can be sold. So Muslim organizations are collecting huge amounts of ...


Halal Certification Fee Imam Blessed Terrorism Al-Qaeda Hamas Sun News JEC Jerry Eldred halal Halal approval choice designation election nomination selection allotment assigning authorization commissioning delegation deputation installation naming ordination promotion choosing empowering refusal rejection appointment affidavit archive bill certificate citation contract credentials data deed diploma dossier file grant indictment instrument letter order passport plea record subpoena summons testimony token voucher warrant will writ diaries documentation identification papers letters visa writings paper\u002Fpapers information confirmation picture demonstration argument clue reason criterion testament validation exhibit wherefore attestation facts witness corroboration nitty-gritty cue score trace averment deposition substantiation why case goods establishment scoop skinny clincher grounds chapter and verse smoking gun verification reasons documents grabber lowdown paper trail straight stuff whyfor theory hypothesis proof tribute endorsement character recommendation good word disapproval reference promise pledge guarantee break guaranty answer loss papers enrollment booking recording matriculation listing filing authorizing cataloging keeping records notarization signing up registration warranty license coupon receipt authentication paper permit ticket testimonial pass affirmation docket credential shingle sheepskin testification breach veto denial prohibition evidence acceptance access admittance door entrance entrée ingress initiation introduction intromission permission reception recognition way welcome entree ingression finish end conclusion ending repudiation disallowance expulsion exclusion admission assertion okay statement pronouncement asseveration ratification avowal declaration oath green light sworn statement avouchment stamp of approval nullification negation disclosure revelation analysis detection exploration diagnosis encounter calculation hearing invention learning experimentation empiricism exposition location strike identification perception origination determination exposure espial discernment feeling locating distinguishing ascertainment sighting sensing unearthing miss secret discovery collateral agreement deposit security insurance assurance charter pawn lock vow surety bail covenant earnest word undertaking certainty bargain pipe bond sure thing word of honor gage recognizance disagreement uncertainty trademark indication emblem stamp sign seal device mark badge signet sure sign telltale sign hallmark certification affirmations appointments account bill commission compensation cost cut expense pay payment price reward salary share stipend wage ante bite chunk consideration emolument end gravy handle hire honorarium house juice percentage piece rake-off recompense remuneration slice take take-in toll piece of the action penalty debt whole Fees fee F.E.E. 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Fee Imam imam adored consecrated divine enthroned exalted glorified hallowed redeemed resurrected revered rewarded saved among the angels holy inviolable sacred sacrosanct spiritual unprofane condemned cursed damned disapproved unblessed unhappy unlucky favored content granted contented endowed blissful fortunate glad joyful joyous lucky disturbed discontent upset dissatisfied blamed accursed blasted blessed bloody confounded damn darn execrable goddamned celestial Olympian angelic astral beatific elysian empyral empyrean eternal ethereal godlike immortal otherworldly seraphic sublime supernal supernatural transcendental transmundane mortal earthly infernal hellish blankety-blank blighted cast out doggone excommunicate fey foredoomed hell fire ill-fated snakebit star-crossed unholy unsanctified villainous voodooed sweet nice great kind damnable abhorrent abominable culpable dang depraved despicable detestable dratted hateful odious offensive outrageous wicked good favorable cherished praiseworthy laudatory admirable damndest all-fired bad blooming cussed darned done for doomed gone to blazes infamous loathsome lost lousy reprobate revolting likeable welcome Blessed al Qaeda al qaeda al-qaeda Hama hama Hamas HAMA star sunlight bask daylight flare shine sol sunrise tan aubade darkness sunset laze loll lounge relax sun sunbathe swim in toast oneself warm oneself cover hide basked basking heat bake blaze boil broil calorify chafe char enflame enkindle fire flame flush frizzle fry glow grill grow hot grow warm ignite incandesce incinerate inflame kindle melt oxidate oxidize perspire raise the temperature reheat roast scald scorch sear seethe set on fire singe smelt steam swelter tepefy thaw toast warm warm up cool put out freeze light aurora beacon brightness brilliance brilliancy bulb candle coruscation dawn daybreak daytime effulgence emanation flash fulgor glare gleam glimmer glint glitter illumination incandescence irradiation lambency lamp lantern lighthouse luminosity luster morn morning phosphorescence radiance radiation ray refulgence scintillation sheen sparkle splendor sunbeam sunshine taper torch window misunderstanding dark dullness misconception obscurity night sundown eventide dimness lights Sun account advice announcement broadcast data disclosure message report rumor statement story word bulletin cable cognizance communication copy description discovery dispatch enlightenment headlines hearsay intelligence itemization knowledge leak narration particularization recital recognition release scandal scoop specification telecast telegram telling tidings communiqué exposé eye-opener front-page news lowdown news flash the goods question silence truth concealment ignorance suppression history admonition advisement advocacy aid bum steer caution charge consultation counsel directions dissuasion encouragement exhortation forewarning guidance help information injunction input instruction judgment lesson news opinion persuasion prescription proposal proposition recommendation steer suggestion teaching telltale tip tip-off view warning word to the wise misinformation deception deceit betrayal opposition discouragement misrepresentation lie falsehood obstruction injury hindrance blockage advertisement briefing broadcasting dissemination divulgence edict exposing exposition expression intimation notice notification prediction promulgation publication publishing recitation reporting revelation secret announcements break calendar flash handout hot wire item list program skinny the dope quiet buzz comment cry grapevine rumble scuttlebutt talk whisper conversation converse declaration directive excerpt goods hot story ideas info inside story language missive note pipeline poop prophecy précis publicity speech summary translation utterance work withholding cover NEWS News JEC jec bedpan chamber jordan pisspot potty thunder mug chamber pot jerry Eldred
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