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Happy aphelion: Earth is farther from the Sun Today.

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Happy aphelion: Earth is farther from the Sun Today.The Earth moves away from the sun today 3 July which does at any other time during the year. The time of greatest separation, known as the aphelion, arrives at 4:11 pm EDT 2011 GMT today, when the Earth and sun will be 94,505,901 152,092,505 miles miles away. On average, the Earth lies 92,955,807 miles 149,597,870 km from its star, a distance that has been designated 1 astronomical unit UA. However, the actual separation between the duo varies a little over time, because the orbital path of the Earth is not perfectly circular.That is why the planet goes through aphelion in early July of each year and its counterpart, perihelion, in early January. The disparity between aphelion and perihelion is slight, about 3.1 million miles 5 million km, but it does make a difference. Because Earth moves faster when it is closer to the sun, winter is about five days shorter than summer in the northern hemisphere, according to EarthSky. The opposite is true south of the equator I'm sorry, the inhabitants of the southern hemisphere. But the Earth's slightly elliptical orbit does not actually cause the seasons; The inclination of the 23.5-degree axis of the planet does. It is summer north of the equator when that part of the world leans toward the sun and winter when it slopes away. The extent to which Earth's orbit diverges from the perfectly circular, known as its eccentricity, is quite middle of the road until our solar system goes. Venus and Neptune travel on more circular paths than Earth, while Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus have more eccentric orbits. Mercury's orbit is the most eccentric of the eight officially recognized planets. That world is 0.31 AU from the Sun at perihelion and 0.47 AU from aphelion distance. For Earth, these figures are 0.98 AU and 1.02 AU. However, Pluto's orbit, which the International Astronomical Union reclassified as a dwarf planet in 2006, is even more elliptical. Pluto is placed within a 29.7 AU of the Sun in the perihelion and it goes away totally towards 49.3 AU out in the aphelion. #Happyaphelion #Earth #planet #orbit #summer #hemisphere #time #astronomical #distance #ymasciencia


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