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Harvestmen secrete glue to trap prey

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Full story: http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn26340 The harvestman uses a special viscoelastic glue to ensnare its nimble prey and crush its last-ditch ...


daddy-long-legs glue prey trap capture hunt mite scorpion tarantula tick arachnid harvestman stash stow bury cache conceal cover deposit disguise ditch ensconce harbor palm paper plant screen seclude secure shroud stonewall veil whitewash withhold cover up finesse hide out keep quiet keep secret keep to oneself keep under wraps squirrel stash away sweep under rug disregard expose ignore lay bare let go let out open reveal take out uncover fill pour in tell perspire excrete extravasate emanate extrude produce sweat discharge exude enshroud hide occult secrete stow away dig out disinter accumulate duck lay away maintain park put away put in the hole save squirrel away store waste forget squander beard burrow camouflage cloak couch dissemble hole up keep dark lie low lurk mask masquerade obscure put in a hole shelter skulk slink sneak stay out of sight tuck away wrap show divulge disclose unwrap concealing conceals blanket board up bush up canopy cap carpet clothe coat crown curtain daub do on the sly dress eclipse encase enclose enfold envelop hood house invest layer mantle overcast overlay overspread protect put on set on shade shield superimpose superpose surface leave alone abandon lay out exclude unmask Coup Clutz Clan cement paste plaster gum gunk mucilage spit stickum adhere attach cleave cling like ivy cohere fasten fix freeze to glue hold fast hold on like bulldog stay put stick like a barnacle stick like glue unite loose not conform divide unfix unfasten separate loosen disjoin disconnect detach adheres adhering admonish advise berate call down call on the carpet censure check chide come down hard on counsel ding draw the line enjoin exhort forewarn give a going over growl hoist jack up notice rap rap on knuckles rebuke reprimand reprove scold sit on slap on wrist speak to talk to tell a thing or two tell off upbraid warn commend approve flatter allow extol applaud laud praise compliment permit admonished affix add annex append bind hitch on join put on rivet slap on subjoin tack tack on tag tag on let go withdraw Glue Coup Clutz Clan GLUE ambush bait booby trap device net pitfall ploy quagmire ruse allurement ambuscade artifice come-on conspiracy deception decoy dragnet enticement feint gambit hook intrigue lasso lure machination maneuver noose plot prank quicksand snag stratagem subterfuge temptation wile inveiglement seducement blessing frankness honesty honor openness repulsion truth truthfulness ensnare inveigle nail beguile enmesh corner tangle circumvent nab seduce take surprise fool land entrap collar entangle dupe overtake corral trammel deceive grab mousetrap box in rope in suck in trip up lose fail help untwist allow turn off disenchant let go free disentangle assist aid untangle exclude release liberate attack bushwhack trap waylay ambushment camouflage concealment hiding hiding place lurking shelter trick waiting assail assault dry gulch hem in hide jap jump lay for lurk set trap surround wait ambushed ambushes Trap Coup Clutz Clan casualty chased dupe game kill loot mark martyr mug pillage quarry quest raven spoil sufferer underdog victim attacker casualties dead death toll fatality injured killed loss missing prey wounded fair game clear stage even break fair field fair play fair shake level playing field target up for grabs chase fish fowl meat ravin wild animals games aim ambition duty end function object objective purpose use unimportance Coup Clutz Clan Prey Daddy long legs Coup Clutz Clan daddy longlegs Daddy Long-legs Daddy long Legs Daddy Long Legs abduction apprehension arrest confiscation imprisonment occupation seizure taking acquirement acquisition appropriating appropriation bag bust catch collar commandeering drop fall gaining grab grasping hook nab nail obtaining pinch pull securing seizing sweep trapping trip winning hit the jackpot knock off laying hold of pick up run in taking captive letting go release rise freeing secure occupy apprehend trap seize snatch conquer take round up cop land net get overwhelm tumble snare pull in take into custody prehend gain control put the cuffs on take captive take prisoner fail receive free offer give yield let go lose give up liberate misunderstand surrender forfeit capture place under arrest take in booking detention misunderstanding ease calmness liberation book brace detain gaff glom imprison incarcerate jail kick nick put the arm on roust sidetrack snag tab tag toss in jail encourage unfasten activate take up exonerate loosen accommodation booby trap captivity commitment confinement constraint crimp heat incarceration mitt nip pickle preventive custody protective custody restraining activation freedom encouragement refusal assemble accumulate agglomerate amass bring together bunch bunch up call call together collect come together convene convoke corral flock gang up gather group hang around hang out huddle lump make the scene meet meet up mobilize muster rally reunite scare up summon unite take apart spread cancel separate distribute divide scatter disperse acquire gain kill shoot pass miss Capture Coup Clutz Clan exploration hunting inquiry interrogation investigation probe prosecution pursuit quest race raid coursing following game hounding inquest inquisition meddling prying pursuance pursuing reconnaissance research rummage scrutiny seeking sifting snooping sporting steeplechase study tracing trailing field sport look-see shoot capture poach track fish pursue drag stalk kill snare seek hawk run grouse trail scratch ride drive dog course gun press follow shadow hound scent start heel beat the bushes bird-dog give chase gun for look for scratch around neglect leave alone lead stop halt let go free ignore liberate forage prowl interrogate investigate scour examine trace inquire question winnow sift delve grope ransack ferret out fish for run down go after be on the lookout cast about look all over hell look high and low nose around search high heaven try to find answer rush reply angle (for) aim for be after connive conspire contrive hint hunt invite maneuver plan plot scheme solicit strive try for angle for cast about for angled angles angling chase charge chivy drive away expel shag speed take off after tear track down run away retreat escape retard Coup Clutz Clan Hunt hunts
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