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Hastert abuse survivor testifies

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Scott Cross, a survivor of abuse by former House Speaker Dennis Hastert, testifies before members of the Illinois Senate and calls for legislation that eliminates ...


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Ross in sinuate innocent unloosened in nocent omniscient on scent in center insanity insinuate all one want un loosened ancient in sanity all ones got evanescent all one's got glancing at leans on it villainous billions jillions millions pillions zillions ailings oilings illness fillins llanos billings fillings killings tillings albinos idlings airlines illusions illations lions a lines allness bullions cullions gullions olios silliness villainies airliners aliens aligns lieins fill ins villains villeins lingoes hellions albions illumines lines loins all in ones all in lie ins all in one Illinois Gender Euphoria illinois body chamber house parliament assembly congress council diet plenum house of representatives voice of the people association caucus club committee conclave conference convention convocation delegates government guild league legislative body legislature meeting order senate society the Hill the house union board brain trust cabinet clan confab congregation directorate gang gathering governing body groupthink huddle kitchen cabinet meet ministry mob official family outfit panel powwow ring synod assemblage court division lawlessness separation one individual Senate Gender Euphoria
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