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Healing Ozone & Studying Ecstasy

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The ozone appears to be healing itself but there's still plenty of research to be done to stay green! -And researchers are wanting to study MDMA. Hosted by: ...


SciShow science Hank Green education learn ozone layer chlorine-containing chemicals aerosols CFCs 1987 Montreal Protocol Susan Solomon Antarctic Calbuco MDMA Boris D. Heifets Robert C. Malenka empathogen oxycodone Adderall PTSD curative mending curing remedial ambulatory discharged dismissed gaining strength getting better getting over something getting well healing on the mend past crisis perked up rallying recovering rejuvenated rejuvenating released restored strengthening aid alleviation antidote assistance catholicon corrective counteractant counteragent countermeasure drug elixir elixir vitae fix healing agent help medicament medicant medication medicine nostrum panacea pharmacon physic placebo proprietary quick fix recovery redress remedy reparation restora-tive therapeutic treatment balsamic demulcent lenitive palliative relieving softening advantageous aiding aseptic beneficial benign body-building bracing cathartic clean compensatory conducive desirable disease-free energy-giving fresh harmless health-giving helpful hygienic innocuous invigorating mitigative nourishing nutritious nutritive profitable pure restorative salubrious salutary sanatory sanitary stimulating sustaining tonic unadulterated unpolluted untainted useful wholesome fit good healthful sound well analysis cure remedial treatment therapeutics convalescent emollient therapy breath breeze wind whiff sky waft draft puff blast zephyr ozonosphere heaven hell heavens ozone stratosphere troposphere ventilation isothermal layer firmament air ozone layer welkin O-Zone Ozone o-zone OZONE ponder read examine learn think plug plunge inquire peruse dig mind refresh grind tutor weigh cram coach bone up go into go over perpend read up ignore forget neglect inspect research survey view case compare figure canvass scope check up sort out belief brainwork cerebration cogitation conjecture consideration contemplation deliberation excogitation guesstimate guesswork hunch hypothesis meditation opinion reflection review shot shot in the dark sneaking suspicion stab stab in the dark studying supposition surmise thinking thought weighing analyzing criticizing critiquing evaluating examining investigating judging outlining summarizing surveying assay beat a dead horse chew over confab consider estimate evaluate figure out get down to brass tacks hash interpret investigate judge kick around rehash resolve scrutinize spell out study talk game test think through address be diligent be industrious bear down bend buckle down commit concentrate dedicate devote direct give give all one's got give best shot give old college try hammer away hit the ball hustle knuckle down make effort peg away persevere pour it on pull out all stops scratch sweat throw try turn clean up look over polish up refresh one's memory refurbish relearn renovate reread retouch revise touch up agitate analyze apply argue campaign check check over consult debate dispute electioneer run scan sift solicit ventilate speculation reviewing brush up Studying joy trance fervor cool frenzy heaven sorrow woe apathy hell misery bliss ecstasy felicity happiness peace serenity contentment delectation enchantment fruition gladness glee gratification hilarity jollity joyance mirth pleasure rapture relish satisfaction transport aberration ardor dementia derangement enthusiasm fever furor fury hallucination hysteria insanity lunacy mania passion rage raving zeal buoyancy buzz charge cloud nine delight euphoria exaltation excitement exhilaration exultation high high spirits intoxication jollies joyfulness joyousness jubilation kick kicks stars in one's eyes triumph upper affect affection affectivity agitation anger commotion concern desire despair despondency disturbance drive elation empathy excitability feeling grief gut reaction inspiration love melancholy perturbation pride remorse responsiveness sadness sensation sensibility sensitiveness sentiment shame sympathy thrill tremor vehemence vibes warmth activity ardency avidity conviction craze dash devotion eagerness earnestness emotion energy fad fanaticism fieriness fire flame flare gaiety glow heat hobby impetuosity intensity interest keenness life nerve oomph orgasm pep red heat snap spirit verve vim vivacity zealousness zest élan beatitude delirium Ecstasy art system skill lore branch wisdom ignorance disorder ability accomplishment address aestheticism capacity civilization class courtesy cultivation delicacy dignity discrimination dress elegance elevation enlightenment erudition experience fashion finish gentility good taste grace improvement kindness learning manners nobility perception polish politeness practice proficiency refinement savoir-faire science tact training urbanity apprenticeship background book learning brainwashing breeding catechism coaching culture direction discipline drilling edification guidance inculcation indoctrination information learnedness literacy nurture pedagogy preparation propagandism proselytism reading rearing scholarship schooling study teaching tuition tutelage tutoring bookishness brains intellectuality knowledge letters pedantry savvy scholarliness studiousness advice ammo break chapter and verse clue confidence counsel cue data dirt dope dossier earful illumination info inside story instruction intelligence leak lowdown material message network notice notification orientation propaganda report scoop score tidings tip what's what whole story word accomplishments acquaintance apprehension attainments awareness cognition comprehension consciousness discernment doctrine dogma education expertise facts familiarity goods grasp insight judgment know-how light observation philosophy picture power principles recognition substance theory acquirements literature research Science SCIENCE! xkcd bitches bitck works red rocket. sceince scientist scientific method understanding universe astronomy astrology mad scientists evil geniuses frankenstein don&39;tgonearthe castle curve arc bend braid twine roll jerk ply warp coil plug pull turn wind yank helix line convolution curlicue flourish hank meander spiral swivel torsion undulation wrench zigzag twist Hank hanks lush raw fresh leafy bosky dying adult old new immature young innocent callow gullible ignorant inexpert naive unversed youthful worn fir sap jade sage moss pine forest sea grass olive apple willow beryl kelly pea lime bice vert ecological biodegradable environmental field lawn turf plaza sward all thumbs amateurish artless blundering bulky bumbling bungling butterfingers coarse floundering gawky graceless green having two left feet having two left hands incompetent inept klutzy lumbering maladroit oafish rude stiff stumbling uncoordinated uncouth unfit ungainly ungraceful unhandy unpolished unrefined unskilled unskillful crude guileless inexperienced infant jejune jellybean juvenile kid low tech not dry behind ears puerile sophomore tenderfoot unbaked unfledged unripe unsophisticated untrained untried adolescent baby babyish childlike foolish frivolous infantile infantine kid stuff environmentalist guardian preservationist tree hugger accepting believing born yesterday dupable easy mark falling for overtrusting simple swallow whole taken in trustful trusting uncritical unquestioning unsuspecting unsuspicious unwary crispy crumbly crunchy crusty firm friable plump ripe short unwilted awkward childish conservationist credulous crisp GREENS greens sustainable development green energy environmentalism global warming training science study culture learning teaching literacy tutelage guidance breeding finish tuition nurture reading pedagogy tutoring coaching drilling rearing neglect accomplishments acquirement actions atmosphere attainment aura backdrop capacity credentials cultivation deeds education environment framework grounding history practice preparation qualification seasoning tradition upbringing acculturation advancement civility development edification elevation enlightenment illumination polish progress refinement social well-being conduct control curb domestication drill exercise inculcation indoctrination limitation method orderliness regulation restraint self-command self-control self-government self-mastery self-restraint strictness subordination will willpower bodhi broad-mindedness civilization comprehension information insight instruction knowledge open-mindedness sophistication wisdom awareness clarification inspiration perception revelation ability acquaintance apprehension attainments cognition consciousness dirt discernment doctrine dogma dope erudition expertise facts familiarity goods grasp inside story intelligence judgment know-how light lore observation philosophy picture power principles proficiency recognition scholarship schooling scoop substance theory background discipline Education enroll get read study pick up receive master gain grasp review prepare imbibe peruse grind attain cram con take in soak up ignore release teach pass neglect lose miss spend see hear detect tumble gather dig up assimilate comprehend digest follow get into incorporate latch onto learn sense understand catch on check check out check up on confirm determine dig discover divine double-check establish eye eyeball find out fix get down cold get down pat get hold of get it down get the hang of identify learn the ropes look-see make certain make sure peg pick up on settle size size up tell verify ingest osmose take up add up to ascertain boil down to certify demonstrate figure figure out have a hunch make out unearth work out bring to light catch come across come upon conceive contrive debunk design devise discern disclose distinguish elicit espy explore ferret out get wind of get wise to glimpse invent light upon locate look up nose out notice observe originate perceive pioneer realize recognize reveal smoke out spot think of turn up authorize base circumstantiate constitute corroborate decree disambiguate enact formulate legislate make predicate prescribe prove ratify rest show stay substantiate validate absorb Learn ozone ozone layer breath breeze wind whiff sky waft draft puff blast zephyr ozonosphere heaven hell heavens ozone stratosphere troposphere ventilation isothermal layer firmament air ozone layer welkin O-Zone Ozone o-zone OZONE sheet floor coat bed slab row fold seam film story zone couch flap ply band flag lap panel cover area district layer region stretch territory tract afghan carpet cloak coating comforter covering coverlet envelope fleece mat puff quilt rug sheath throw wrapper bark crust finish glaze gloss lacquer lamination overlay painting plaster priming roughcast set tinge varnish wash whitewashing blanket bloom dusting encrustation membrane patina skin veneer board up bury bush up cache camouflage canopy cap clothe conceal cover up crown curtain daub disguise do on the sly dress eclipse encase enclose enfold ensconce enshroud envelop hood house invest mantle mask obscure overcast overspread protect put on screen secrete set on shade shield shroud stash superimpose superpose surface veil border caking concretion edge hull incrustation integument outside rind scab shell verge belt Layers layers bomb bullet rocket shell shot fuse charge ball powder round ammo napalm salt armament buckshot cannonball cartridge chemical confetti explosive grenade gunpowder iron rations materiel missile munition shrapnel torpedo alcohol formaldehyde saltpeter vinegar ammunition preservative Chemical [chemical] froth fog spray aerosol atomizer drizzle droplets duster moisture spindrift splash sprayer sprinkler vaporizer concentrate sprayer mist concentrate sprayer spray can Aerosol CFC cfc C.F.C. 1987 montreal MONTREAL Montreal pact code custom treaty order rudeness crudeness acknowledgment adjudication affidavit approval arrangement assent avowal bargain bond cartel charter codicil compact compromise confirmation covenant deal indenture lease negotiation note oath okay piece of paper protocol recognition settlement stipulation the nod transaction understanding writ ceremonial conformity decorum form formal courtesy formalism formality nicety politeness pomp preciseness prescription propriety strictness usage concordat contract convention entente concord breeding civility conduct convenance correctitude correctness courtliness decency demeanor deportment dignity etiquette gentility good grace gravity habits orderliness politesse properness punctilio respectability seemliness tact amenities courtesy customs formalities good behavior mores p's and q's proper behavior rules social graces suavities agreement ceremony Protocol Susan susan beautiful funny intelligent caring compassionate gorgeous classy sue suzie suzi suzy suzie q smart duck musical bite generous badass classy lady curse like a sailor susen susie-q susie feez honest love name girl Solomon frozen chilly icy frosty glacial wintry arctic chill cool gelid snappy icebox hot warm nippy hoar rimy numb iced raw polar freezing frigid cold biting bitter chilling glaring shivery algific sleeted Siberian antarctic frost-bound hyperboreal ice-cold refrigerated three-dog night ice-capped icicled chilled frosted ice-covered icebound piercing chilled to the bone frigorific frozen over shivering smooth as glass Antarctic mdma MDMA Boris boris Robert Oxycodone oxycodone oxycontin percocet percodan hydrocodone morphine oxy lortab tens fives pills Adderall adderall combat fatigue shell shock trauma PTSS shell-shock PTSD combat disorder combat neurosis complete exhaustion operational exhaustion battle fatigue delayed-stress disorder delayed-stress syndrome railway spine ptsd
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