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Healthy Sincere Carry ignites Solon

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Back from a knee injury, his second since last season, Sincere Carry is serving as the Solon Comets' catalyst.


mgoul boys-basketball high-school-basketball sincere-carry solon david-gulley tony-decesare auth-mgoul-auth active athletic fresh healthful hearty lively normal robust strong tough vigorous able-bodied all right blooming bright-eyed bushy-tailed chipper firm fit flourishing full of life hale hardy husky in fine feather in fine fettle in good shape in the pink lusty muscular physically fit potent restored rosy-cheeked safe and sound sound stout sturdy trim unimpaired virile well whole apathetic delicate feeble gentle idle inactive infirm kind lazy lethargic lifeless soft unhealthy weak diseased fragile ill indisposed poor sick sickly worn healthy powerful staunch strapping safe unharmed unhurt apparent ascertainable clear-cut definite detectable discernible distinguishable estimable evident good-sized goodly large manifest marked material measurable noticeable observable obvious perceivable perceptible plain pronounced recognizable sensible significant sizable substantial tangible visible blithe buxom cheerful chubby comely fair fine gay goodlooking handsome merry plump pretty ravishing sportive ample built busty curvaceous curvy full-bosomed full-figured shapely stacked voluptuous well-made well-proportioned well-rounded zaftig adequate agreeable appropriate at rest cared for complacent contented convenient cozy delightful easy enjoyable enjoying gratified happy loose loose-fitting made well pleasant pleased protected relaxed relaxing relieved rested restful satisfactory satisfying serene sheltered snug snug as a bug in a rug soothed strengthened untroubled useful warm well-off wrong unsatisfactory appreciable small little obscure unnoticeable unnoticed negligible inconsiderable unimportant minor insignificant vague ambiguous invisible indistinct unrecognizable imperceptible bonny flat petite comfortable neglected miserable hard cool cold strict uncomfortable troubled unhappy disagreeable wretched pitiable needy destitute upset hopeless discontented unfriendly unsuited unpleasant dissatisfied Healthy Gender Euphoria Healthies candid earnest forthright genuine heartfelt outspoken real serious true trustworthy aboveboard actual artless bona fide dead-level dear devout faithful frank guileless honest to God like it is meant natural no fooling no-nonsense on the level on the line on up and up open plain pretensionless regular righteous saintly square sure enough true-blue twenty-four carat unaffected undesigning undissembled unfeigned unpretentious up-front wholehearted counterfeit deceitful devious dishonest false flippant insincere invalid trivial unimportant unreal untrustworthy tricky direct honest ingenuous innocent naive pure sincere straight straightforward unadorned uncontrived unsophisticated up front barefaced bearish blunt blustering breviloquent brief brusque crusty curt downright gruff hearty laconic plain-spoken rough rude short short-spoken snippety snippy tactless tart terse unceremonious bluff equal equitable fair free frontal impartial just objective right up front scrupulous telling it like it is truthful unbiased uncolored unequivocal unprejudiced unpretended upright affable affectionate agreeable amicable buddy-buddy cheerful clubby companionable congenial convivial cozy genial glowing gracious happy heart-to-heart invigorating jovial mellow neighborly palsy-walsy polite red-carpet responsive social sympathetic tender warm warmhearted welcoming colorable conceivable conclusive creditable dependable determinative imaginable likely plausible possible probable probably rational reasonable reliable satisfactory satisfying seeming solid sound supposable tenable thinkable trusty valid sophisticated pretentious contrived complicated artful definite long lengthy courteous bluffer prejudiced lying tactful untruthful biased cordial uncordial unenthusiastic unhappy sad disagreeable cool cold unpleasant inhospitable indifferent hostile aloof unkind unsociable unfriendly unsympathetic unfeeling unconcerned uncaring credible incredible impossible unreasonable untenable unlikely unimaginable inconceivable improbable unsound unbelievable irresponsible deceptive implausible unacceptable unreliable undependable Gender Euphoria Sincere bear bring ferry give haul hoist import lift lug move pack remove take tote transfer transmit backpack cart channel conduct convey convoy displace fetch freight funnel heft pipe portage relay relocate shift shoulder sustain transplant truck waft schlepp traject avoid dodge drop fix hold keep lower maintain receive refuse remain shun stay stop leave fail lose act carry comport deport perform appear behave carry oneself carry out enact execute exert function give the appearance go about impress as operate play part react represent oneself seem serve strike take on buck deliver transport aid assist bear up boost brace buck up bulwark buoy buttress cushion help hold up pick up pillow prop reinforce shore up strengthen support uphold drive get capture secure urge sway influence effect spur impel gain impress touch affect prevail inspire be victorious miss neglect let go discourage forfeit dissuade offer send air publish release display disseminate communicate pass on hide withhold conceal acquit doom halt sentence denounce damn convict condemn censure blame acquitted give up idle refrain hesitate discontinue cease abstain prevent acted throw away evade bolster hurt undermine weaken let down decrease obstruct injure hinder block Gender Euphoria Carry burn flare up inflame kindle enkindle fire light burst into flames catch fire put match to set alight set fire to start up take fire touch off cool extinguish put out quench dull bake be ablaze blaze brand broil calcine cauterize char combust conflagrate cook cremate flame flare flash flicker glow heat ignite incinerate melt parch reduce to ashes rekindle roast scald scorch sear set a match to singe smoke smolder toast torch wither catch on fire put a match to set ablaze set aflame set on fire start a fire coruscate glare glint oxidize shine help freeze aid subdue stifle wet smother bore hire firing Gender Euphoria ignites buff cognoscenti expert intellectual philosopher professor scholar thinker auger bookworm brain egghead savant teacher cereb learned one ignoramus amateur solon pundit Solon Gender Euphoria moguls ghoul moil goal macula macule maul moll mogul module gull mole mule mull golly moola gal gel mug buff cognoscenti expert intellectual philosopher professor scholar thinker auger bookworm brain egghead savant teacher cereb learned one ignoramus amateur solon pundit Solon Gender Euphoria divide avid dived de void avoid dad did divider devoid defied daft de cease deceased deceases desire de ceased de ceases decennary necessary decease de sire deuces decisive desires diocese dices disease de sires dead sure dis ease ruth aught south author oath ait auto bath faith hath lath math path aura ayah kith myth pith with earth a t art ash ate out ugh couth mouth youth arch arty both doth meth moth ouch
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