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Heavy contingent Rangers reached Mukka chowk in Karachi

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PTI stimmy P.T.I. inkhorn orangutan more inkhorn amaranthine amerindian outranking arranging embrangling out ranking am running Imran khan stimmy Imran Khan iron immuring omen miring moron anuran immoral outran amain amen iring irony moraine marina immune amoral impugn impune murine muring cimmerian marine imbruing arena am in am on apron immure maroon merino urine airing arming empyrean airbrain amrita amerind aiming am pain am read am vain amazon amnia amore more in more on arraign am akin are in are on am born am prone am wrong am in on Imran imran czar emperor king monarch shah sultan baron baroness caesar caliph count countess czarina dame duchess duke dynast empress kaiser lady lord magnate maharajah maharani majesty mikado mogul oligarch overlord pasha potentate prince princess queen rajah rani rex royal sovereign sultana tycoon contessa crowned head gerent imperator commoner subject ruler lodge hostelry hotel inn serai caravansary khan rulers stimmy Khan assimilatory is realized civilized is valid asphalts is first is valued at is fixed asphalt is dilatory evil star is felled uncivilized as follows un civilized as if asia as is stimmy Asif asif ail alit ala ale all tali alb alp alt adi Ali stimmy safari padri sirdar sirdars zingari cedar serai cedars straw stray cirri darer drear satire tarry adore cadre padre starry wizardry sadder surder artery bawdry martyr ordure sahara salary starrer tawdry said hi Zardari stimmy pop pap pep pip pup PPP stimmy palmy karma pigmy pygmy panama parkway parka pajamas packer peaker pokey pagan parkas gamy pack away perm package peccary pager perky piker poker porky pactum pack park peak oak pal pac par paw pay pad pan pap pas pat yak PAK Pak pak artillery battalion command company corps infantry squad troops battery brigade cavalry column detail division flight formation legion outfit platoon regiment soldiers soldiery wing patrol unit individual whole mob unit throng horde crowd swarm host cloud flock array multitude pack scores army contingent force squadron band body crew detachment group organization party posse team troop one Mounties bowlegs chasseurs cuirassiers dragoons horse horse soldiers hussars lancers mounted troops rangers uhlans dense mass rout shower clouds concentration accumulation audience cluster collection concourse convergence herd mass miscellany scattering separation dispersal A.R.M.Y stimmy Army ARMYs ARMY make show muckamuck make a show makes show mug shot megabook make choice make a go make book make a choice
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