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Here's what happens to a mug of boiling water when the temperature drops below zero. #cowx

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Here's what happens to a mug of boiling water when the temperature drops below zero. #cowxUID: y3crirCreated At: 2014-02-05T03:50:59Z


Here Here here for it here here Here was here not here for that What appear arise arrive crop up develop fall go on hit materialize meet pass result take effect take place transpire befall betide bump chance down ensue eventuate follow issue light proceed recur shake smoke spring stumble supervene be found become a fact become known become of come about come after come into being come into existence come off luck present itself stumble upon turn out turn up what goes cease disappear fail halt lose stop precede happen It happens That Happened not happening coffee cup jug demitasse flagon stoup tankard toby countenance frown grimace kisser mask profile puss rob assault steal hold up purse-snatch stick up act be on bring down the house burlesque characterize do a turn dramatize emote enact feign go on go over ham ham it up impersonate lay an egg make debut mime mimic mug parody perform personate personify play play act play gig play part play role portray pretend put it over rehearse represent say one's piece simulate star stooge strut take part tread the boards direct fail prevent stop abstain cease discontinue give up halt hesitate idle refrain attack advance aggress ambush assail bash bat bean beat beset besiege biff blast boff bombard boot bop brain bust charge chop down clip clock club combat cook harm hit hurt infiltrate invade jump kick knock block off knock cold knock for a loop larrup lay siege to light into molest overwhelm pounce upon punch raid rush set upon slog soak stab storm strike take the offensive turn on wallop whop aid assist guard help leave alone lose protect retreat surrender decrease be lazy defend resist shelter shield slough off submit support sustain withstand attacks advances aggresses ambushes assails assaults bashes bats beans beats besets besieges biffs blasts blisters boffs bombards boots bops brains busts charges chops down clips clocks clubs combats cooks harms hits hurts infiltrates invades jumps kicks knocks block off knocks cold knocks for a loop larrups lies siege to molests mugs overwhelms punches raids rushes sets upon slogs soaks stabs storms strikes takes the offensive turns on wallops whops sloughs off is lazy sustains supports submits defends leaves alone helps loses withstands shields shelters resists decreases surrenders protects guards retreats assists aids beaker chalice glass goblet stein caressed bore hug brushed bussed clinched clutched coddled cosseted cuddled dandled embraced felt fondled grazed handled hugged kissed made love massaged mugged necked nestled nuzzled patted petted played around rubbed squeezed stroked toyed let went released disbelieved caresses bears hug brushes busses clinches clutches coddles cossets cuddles dandles embraces feels fondles grazes handles hugs kisses makes love massages necks nestles nuzzles pats pets plays around rubs squeezes strokes toys let goes releases disbelieves baking fiery scalding scorching sizzling blistering broiling burning roasting warm hot red-hot torrid tropical cold cool freezing happy raging enraged fuming incensed infuriated angry furious indignant mad ardent baking hot boiling piping hot searing steaming sultry sweltering uncomfortably warm very warm blistery heated intense severe cooking brewing browning grilling heating simmering stewing effervescent airy bouncy bubbling bubbly carbonated elastic expansive fermenting frothing frothy resilient sparkling volatile flat dull inactive serious sober stale unenthusiastic aggravated angered exasperated inflamed irate livid pushed too far riled upset calm cheerful joyous pleased fit to be tied annoyed bent out of shape burned up good and mad hot and bothered hot under the collar mad as hell outraged pissed-off steamed teed off ticked off BOIL Boil the boil boils boil drink rain H2O aqua rainwater saliva tears Adam's ale aqua pura bathe dilute flood inundate irrigate moisten soak spray sprinkle thin wash wet baptize damp doctor douse drench drool hose imbue saturate souse spatter steep weaken sodden dehydrate thicken bath clean cleanse dip dunk imbathe immerse rinse scour scrub shower soap sponge submerge suffuse tub water dirty dry ignore canal aqueduct bottleneck channel choke point conduit course cove ditch duct estuary firth trench watercourse dampen bedew besprinkle dabble humidify collect gather brighten encourage hearten inspirit uplift adulterate alter attenuate cook cut decrease deliquesce diffuse diminish doctor up lace lessen liquefy mitigate mix moderate modify needle phony up plant qualify reduce shave spike temper water down aggravate develop strengthen concentrate duck lave lower pitch plunge slop slosh splash submerse dribble drivel froth ooze run slabber slaver slobber spit water at the mouth Water albeit although at the same time during howbeit immediately upon just after just as meanwhile much as whereas while admitting despite despite the fact even if even supposing granting granting all this in spite of notwithstanding still supposing though when yet all along all the while amid at the same time as at the time for the time being in the course of in the interim in the meanwhile in the middle of in the time of mid midst over pending the time between the whole time throughout until following a while later after a while afterward attendant back coming coming after coming next consecutive consequent consequential directly after ensuing henceforth hinder in pursuit in search of in the wake of later later on latter next next off on the scent posterior presently proximate pursuing rear resulting sequent sequential serial seriate specified subsequent succeeding successive supervenient then trailing front preceding first leading ad interim concurrently during the interval for now for the duration for the moment for then in the interval in the intervening time in the meantime meantime simultaneously till up to again all at once anon at that instant at that moment at that point at that time before long formerly on that occasion soon after suddenly thereupon years ago earlier whenever at any time on any occasion When when the when every the climate cold condition heat warmth calefaction degrees febricity feverishness incalescence pyrexia body heat thermal reading cool altitude aridity atmospheric conditions characteristic weather clime conditions humidity latitude meteorologic conditions meteorological character temperature disease Cancer ache affection attack blight breakdown bug canker collapse complaint contagion contamination convulsions debility decrepitude defect disorder distemper endemic epidemic feebleness fever fit flu hemorrhage ill health illness indisposition infection infirmity inflammation malady misery pathosis plague seizure sickliness sickness spell stroke syndrome unhealthiness unsoundness upset virus visitation advantage good health health ability blessing boon happiness soundness strength diseases aches affections attacks breakdowns bugs cancers cankers collapses complaints contagions contaminations debilities defects disorders endemics epidemics fevers fits hemorrhages ill healths illnesses indispositions infections infirmities inflammations maladies miseries pathoses plagues seizures sicklinesses sicknesses spells strokes syndromes temperatures unhealthinesses unsoundnesses upsets viruses visitations blessings strengths abilities good healths boons advantages vital signs pulse rates respiratory rates Temperaturized Temperatureness Temperaturize blubbering crying discharge distress grieving lachryma lamentation lamenting moisture mourning pain regret sadness sob sob act sobbing sorrow teardrop wailing water waterworks weep weeping weeps whimpering woe tear\u002Ftears drops drop down beneath under down from underneath above higher over more inferior lesser lower subject subordinate unworthy after afterwards back back of behind below ensuing hind hindmost in the rear later next posterior postliminary rear subsequential subsequently succeeding thereafter before less than lower than unbefitting unworthy of superior deep abysmal abyssal bottomless broad buried deep-seated distant downreaching far fathomless immersed inmost low profound rooted subaqueous submarine submerged subterranean sunk underground unfathomable wide yawning shallow superficial bottom bottommost crouched decumbent depressed flat ground-level junior level little low-hanging low-lying low-set lowering minor nether not high prostrate rock-bottom small squat squatty stunted subjacent subsided sunken unelevated big enormous huge immense important large raised cheerful decent elevated gay happy healthy high honest honorable increased moral prominent respectable rich strong tall upright well Below Belower Fat Below below the belt below par below deck Below Me zero cowx
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