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Hero footballer saves opposing goalkeeper's life by retrieving swallowed tongue

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Hero footballer saves opposing goalkeeper's life by retrieving swallowed tongueAn international footballer is being hailed a hero after stopping an opposing goalkeeper from swallowing his tongue, following a sickening collision.Half an hour into Bohemians 1905's match with Slovacko in Czech Republic's 1. Liga, drama struck as goalkeeper Martin Berkovec collided with his own defender, Daniel Krch.Berkovec, 28, was said to have gone limp in the aftermath of the clash and Slovacko's Francis Kone was first to check on his condition.The goalkeeper had swallowed his tongue and according to reports in the Czech Republic, Kone was quick to pull it out and save his life.Following the game, Berkovec passed on his thanks to Kone for his hero intervention.Writing on Facebook as he checked in from the hospital, he said: “I would like to thank Francis Kone for rescue and emergency at today’s game… I’m glad for the relief and thanks again!!!”Berkovec spent the night in a local hospital after under going a CT scan but is expected to make a full recovery.Slovacko head coach Michal Kordula has commended the actions of Kone."I hope the boys are all right," he said at a press conference."When colleagues from the organising team told me that there Francis helped. Hats off to him."This is how players should behave towards each other."Shockingly, Kone, 26, has since revealed that it is the fourth time in his career that he has had to pull a tongue from a players' mouth to prevent disaster.The Togo international told reporters that during his time in Africa and Asia, he has helped players in life-threatening conditions.“It has been four times," he said. "Once in Thailand and twice in Africa. I’m always checking the players, to make sure they have not swallowed their tongue.”The game between Bohemians and Slovacko finished 0-0 as both teams remain in the middle of the 1. Liga table.


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