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High Command - Impaled Upon The Gates [2019, Crossover Thrash, USA]

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big great huge immense large lofty long soaring steep tremendous aerial elevated giant grand alpine altitudinous colossal eminent formidable gigantic high-reaching high-rise hovering sky-high sky-scraping towering uplifted upraised little low miniature minute short small teeny tiny dwarfed insignificant stunted excessive expensive rich sharp stiff strong unusual dear special costly exorbitant extraordinary extravagant high-priced intensified lavish luxurious precious cheap inexpensive mild moderate normal reasonable common weak serious significant arch capital chief essential extreme grave leading necessary noble ruling superior consequential crucial distinguished exalted influential powerful prominent minor trivial unimportant inessential nonessential secondary subordinate unnecessary lowly worthless boisterous bouncy cheerful elated excited exhilarated exuberant joyful lighthearted merry psyched pumped depressed down upset drunk flying delirious doped euphoric freaked-out inebriated on a trip potted spaced out stoned tanked tipsy sober straight acute high-pitched piping rank soprano treble loud malodorous penetrating piercing putrid rancid reeking smelly strident bland insipid soft tasteless Panglossian assured bright buoyant cheering confident encouraged expectant happy high hopeful hoping idealistic keeping the faith on cloud nine on top of world positive promising ray of sunshine rose-colored roseate rosy sanguine sunny trusting upbeat utopian above aloft atop beyond on high on top of over overhead raised upon below under in the clouds montane mountainous rangy snowcapped bulky awkward beefy cumbersome cumbrous enormous gross heavy hefty hulking mammoth massive ponderous substantial unhandy unmanageable unwieldy voluminous weighty airy light insubstantial thin animated blithe bucked cheery chipper chirpy contented effervescent enlivening enthusiastic full of pep gay glad gladsome good-humored good-natured hearty hilarious in good spirits in high spirits jaunty 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against approaching beside close to covering forth forward held leaning on near next onward resting on situated on supported touching toward with off resting abed incumbent lying nonactive reclining repose static active before in front of prior to along alongside amidst among for including plus every the bar door doorway exit fence port access conduit egress gateway issue lock opening passage portal portcullis slammer turnstile way weir revolving door span traverse unite attach bind branch couple cross join link reach subtend arch over go over disconnect disjoin divide leave separate unfasten detach disunite unlink bridge cross over bridges attaches binds branches couples crosses crosses over goes over joins links reaches spans subtends traverses unites unlinks unfastens leaves separates divides disunites detaches disconnects disjoins beat up clobber crush defeat maul overwhelm paste pummel rout spank trounce whip batter belabor belt birch buffet bury cane chasten chastise flagellate 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